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ThePigSite Newsletter - 20th October 2008
Monday 20th October 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter This week's Book Focus

Gaining the Edge in Pork and Poultry Production
Author(s): Edited by: J. Taylor-Pickard and P. Spring

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Buy Paradigms In Pig Science Paradigms In Pig Science
Author(s): Edited by J Wiseman, M Varley, S McOrist & B Kemp

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 9 new features this week:

Amino Acid Boosts Litter Size and Piglet Growth
Research at North Carolina State University shows that feeding extra arginine to young sows during pregnancy and lactation can increase litter size and piglet growth, writes Jackie Linden, editor of ThePigSite.
Greenhouse Gases and Environmental Impacts of the Livestock Industry
The livestock sector is not only contributing to global warming, it is suffering from it as well, writes Chris Harris, Senior Editor, for ThePigSite.
Country of Origin: What's in a COOL Label?
Country of Origin Labelling is the next step to an entirely open marketplace for the US. In an ideal supermarket, consumers can understand as well as see the product that they are purchasing and they can monitor the system of production which has brought it to their aisles, but what are the real issues that follow this dream, asks Adam Anson, reporting for ThePigSite, and what implications does COOL bring back to the producer?
Torque Teno Virus - a New Threat to Pigs?
Torque teno virus has recently been identified as an emerging disease in pigs, and appears to interact with both PCV2 and PRRSV, says DuPont Animal Health Solutions in the latest DAHS Swine Technical News Bulletin.
Optimum Drinker-to-Pigs Ratio in the Nursery
More generous provision of drinkers tended to improve the growth of weaned pigs although the differences were not significant, according to research at Iowa State University reported by JoAnn Alumbaugh of Farms.Com. The work highlighted the need for more research into the effects on behaviour.
UK Pig Disease Quarterly Surveillance Report - April-June 2008
NADIS Pig Health Bulletin - Savaging of Piglets
US Feed Outlook
US Pork Outlook Report - October 2008
Alphamune G - Shielding, Earning
* Company News

Schering-Plough Announces Transition of Animal Health Leadership
US – Schering-Plough Corporation has announced the transition of leadership of its Animal Health unit from Ruurd Stolp, D.V.M., Ph.D., to Raul E. Kohan, who was previously the Deputy Head of the Animal Health unit.
Alpharma Sponsor Ag in the Classroom Project
US - Alpharma Inc., Animal Health has been recognized as the sole sponsor of the Agriculture in the Classroom 2008 Book of the Year program.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United Kingdom

 » Pig Farms Put "in a Spiral of Decline"
 » Reverse Underspend for R&D, Says Science Campaign
 » QMS: Specially Selected Move for Sainsbury’s
 » VLA Publishes Annual Review 2007/08
 » 'Contradictions and Overlaps' in Regulations
 » NFUS Echoes Call for Suspended Vet Charges
 » Task Force for England Being Considered
 » United Kingdom Slaughter Statistics - October 2008
 » 'Vive la France!' say Scottish Producers
 » TV Chef Turns to Protecting Pigs
 » FMD Legal Case Launched
 » Development of Two-Tier Trade
 » Pig Farmers Press for Drop in Feed Prices
 » Industry Re-Engages in Animal Health Talks

   United States

 » Global Markets Volatile but US Meat Exports Strong
 » US Grain Production Forecasts Up Across the Board
 » 15,000-Hog Plan Given the Green Light
 » AMI: Consumer-Focused COOL Brochure Released
 » Nearly 7,000 Lbs of Pork Donated to CIFB
 » NFU Comments on Tyson's COOL Labeling Measure
 » Cargill Reports Income Up 62 Per Cent in Q1
 » Swine Expertise Ramped Up
 » COOL Web Site to Help Educate All
 » Joint Effort in Swine Waste-to-Energy Projects
 » Weekly Review: Substantial Decline in Growth Rate
 » Weekly Outlook: Where is the Trough?
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Market Preview: Labeling Law Creates Confusion


 » Teagasc Pig Conference to Strike Upbeat Note
 » Minister Lays Emphasis on Value of Meat Sector

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Fear of Financial Crisis
Novartis Animal Health

 » Slow Recovery for Australian Pork Industry
 » Pigs Finally Make a Profit


 » Pork Commentary: Road Trip to Russia - Continuation
 » Limiting Access to Canadian Pigs a Potential Threat
 » Canadian Pork Label Well Accepted by Grocers
 » Maple Leaf Achieves Full Double Shift Capacity
 » Research Key to Solving Fusarium Head Blight


 » China Evaluates Brazilian Pig Sanitation System


 » Pig-Rearing Project Location Still Under Study


 » P500M Allotted for Integrated Meat Plants
 » DA and Pork Industry to Tame Prices
 » Hog Farmers Welcome New Prices

   Russian Federation

 » Cherkizovo Reports Half-Year Turnover up 63%
 » Belarus Interested in Supplying Animal Products
 » No New Outbreaks of CSF, PRRS Reported


 » Financial Crash Could Deepen Food Crisis
 » FAO: Political, Financial Push Urged to End Hunger


 » Interest of Farmers Protected


 » EuroTier 2008 is Coming Soon
 » EuroTier 2008 More International than Ever Before


 » Sale of 'Castrated' Pork to be Stopped

   Viet Nam

 » Imported Meat Price Stuck
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