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ThePigSite Newsletter - 27th October 2008
Monday 27th October 2008
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Gaining the Edge in Pork and Poultry Production
Author(s): Edited by: J. Taylor-Pickard and P. Spring

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 9 new features this week:

Torque Teno Virus in Pigs - a Review
Torque Teno Virus (TTV) was first mentioned in the scientific literature in 1997 and for several years, it was thought not to cause any disease. Early work focussed on its occurrence and prevalence, writes Jackie Linden in a review for ThePigSite. However, new research offers strong evidence of a link between TTV and those most problematical of pig diseases caused by porcine circoviruses (PCVs), including PMWS.
Pig Meat Export Bulletin - October 2008
The October 2008 Export Bulletin from the British Pig Executive (BPEX) reports high grain prices for Danish producers and confirms a swine fever outbreak on a Brazilian cattle farm.
Beware of Lazy Reporting on Antibiotics
Veterinarian David Burch (BVetMed, MRCVS) demonstrates that cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones from animal production have played a negligible role in the development of antibiotic resistance in human pathogens.
Thinking About Genetic Costs?
Production costs for three commercial breeding strategies are compared by Ronald O. Bates, State Swine Specialist at Michigan State University and published in MSU Pork Quarterly (volume 13, number 2)
Take Precautions Against Dust
A timely warning is given by Jaydee Smith (Swine Production Systems Program Lead, Ontario Minsitry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, OMAFRA) about dust build-up in pig houses when ventilation is reduced to conserve heat in the cooler months. Workers need to be protected by masks.
Infectious Encephalomyelitis in Post-Weaned Pigs
In its quarterly report covering the period April to June 2008, the UK's Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) reports its investigation into an unusual case of infectious encephalomyelitis, which involved the death of 30 weaned pigs. No definitive aetiology could be reached but the suspected cause is porcine enterovirus.
Optimise Parity Distribution
From Stephanie Rutten of the University of Minnesota explains the benefits of optimisation-based sow replacement programmes, and how to manage such a strategy.
New Device Measures Body Fat
Scientists at the USDA Agricultural Research Service have found a new magnetic resonance imaging system to be a promising tool to measure body composition in piglets. It is hoped that the technique can be applied to track changes in body composition of older pigs in order to optimise feed conversion, and also to identify superior breeding stock.
Russian Federation - Agricultural Situation - Feed Subsidies 2008
The Ministry of Agriculture has legislated for feed subsidies to be paid to pig and poultry producers, report Yelena Vassilieva, Mary Ellen Smith and Erik Hansen from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service GAIN. A link is provided to the full report.
Never Stop Improving
* Company News

Agricultural R&D Needs New Vision, Says JSR's Rymer
The Commercial Farmers Group, farmers and academics supporting the development of the UK agricultural industry, recently reported that a decline in agricultural R&D is compromising the competitiveness of the UK agricultural industry. Here Tim Rymer, Chairman of JSR Genetics, responds to questions to give his view.
JSR Sets Future Commercial Production Targets
JSR Genetics has developed a number of targets to drive its commercial herd in the coming years.
Winners of the 2008 JSR Press Release Competition
JSR Genetics' first ever Student Press Release Competition tempted students with a unique prize: the opportunity to present their work at the JSR Press Dinner on the eve of the 19th Technical Conference, entitled '50 Years of Excellence in Breeding'.
Big Dutchman Visits Kaluga, Russia
In the presence of the governor of Kaluga, Anatoli Artamonov, and the minister of agriculture Leonid Gromov, a group of five companies from the agro-industry laid the foundation for a technological centre in Detschino.
* Global Pig Industry News


 » EuroTier 2008 News
Ingelvac M. hyo - A proper vaccine and no mistake
   United Kingdom

 » Case of Antibiotic-Resistant Swine Dysentery
 »  Avoid Performance Drop
 » Quest for Quality Pork
 » Intensive Pig Production Intensely Green
 » Projects to Help Pig Industry Move On
 » Pork Has Potential to Dispel Financial Crises
 » New Antibiotic to Help Fight Respiratory Diseases
 » QMS to Coordinate Pig Industry Projects
 » Poor Demand Across Europe
 » Future for Chlamydia Vaccination

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Downward Suction for Quotations
 » The Big Question of Nanotechnology and Animal Feed

   United States

 » Ethanol Production Aiding Livestock Feed Supply
 » USDA Announces Agreement for NAIS Outreach
 » AFBF: Farm Outlook Positive for 2009
 » Cargill Moves to USDA's COOL Program
 » 'Swine Contractors' Subject to P&S Act
 » 4 Visual Identification Tags Approved for NAIS Use
 » NAIS Premises Registration Numbers on the Increase
 » Farm's Statement on Pig Cruelty Allegations
 » Food Prices and Ethanol Policy Concern Americans
 » NFU Learn of JBS Swift's COOL Compliance
 » Weekly Review: Industry Gains from Retail Prices
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Market Preview: Market 'Spasms' Spawn Uncertainty
 » September Red Meat Production at Record High
Nuflor - for long acting, broad spectrum activity

 » SIAL Report: Talks to Open New Export Markets


 » Recommendations to Avoid Problems with Fusarium
 » Pork Commentary: Iowa-Minnesota Averaging at 60ยข
 » Toxicity of Fusarium Head Blight Increasing
 » Lower Canadian Dollar Beneficial to Canadian Ag
 » Concern Among US and Canadian Pig Producers

   Russian Federation

 » Russia to Cut Import Quotas as Home Output Rises
 » Russian Producers Looking for US DDGS
 » Two ASF Outbreaks in Russia
 » 600 Pigs Culled to Prevent ASF Outbreak


 » Avesui 2009


 » Ukraine's Meat Production up 11 Per Cent
Progressis - PRRS Vaccine

 » Pork Profits Upped by High Cereal Supplies
 » Young Scientists Recognised for Achievements
 » Oceans Over-fished to Feed Livestock

   New Zealand

 » Green Light for Pig Tissue Transplants


 » Minister Smith Emphasises Need for Stability


 » OIE: Implementing a Global Animal Welfare Standard
 » Food, Energy and Financial Woes Linked
 » How the World Hungers for Disease Prevention


 » Possibilities of Pig Farm Being Looked Into


 » First Steps for Dutch Exports to China


 » Taiwanese Trade Team Explores Possibilities of DDGS
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