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ThePigSite Newsletter - 3rd November 2008
Monday 3rd November 2008
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

This week's Book Focus

Gaining the Edge in Pork and Poultry Production
Author(s): Edited by: J. Taylor-Pickard and P. Spring

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Buy Paradigms In Pig Science Paradigms In Pig Science
Author(s): Edited by J Wiseman, M Varley, S McOrist & B Kemp

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Defining Sow Productivity: Diseases Contributing to Poor Productivity and Profits
This article is a transcript of a teleconference between five pig veterinary specialists organised by Alpharma. The topics covered include PRRSV and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae; Clostridium perfringens type A; and circovirus (PCV2)-associated disease.
Focus on Feed Conversion
One of the top pork producers in the US has found a new way to meet the challenge of rising feed prices. In his paper at the 2008 Australian Pan-Pacific Pork Expo, Dr Dean Boyd of The Hanor Family of Companies shows how removing some pigs from the pen (pen unloading) can improve overall margin.
Practical Ideas to Address High Feed and Production Costs
Pork producers are facing a period of rapidly increasing feed and production costs. The following management tips and resources have been compiled by the Pork Checkoff to assist producers in identifying opportunities to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
UK/EU Pig Statistics - October 2008
This article provides an overview of the latest statistics relating to pigs in the UK and Europe and includes Slaughter figures, Carcase weights, Pigmeat production, trade and supplies and UK and EU Prices and value of pigs. Extracted from the quarterly pig bulletin published by Defra.
Canadian Hog Statistics - Third Quarter 2008
By Statistics Canada. On 1 October, there were 12.8 million (11 per cent) fewer pigs on farms, and 8 per cent fewer sows than one year ago.
Processing Piglets Properly
Improving well-being during piglet processing: time is what matters most, writes Ed Pajor for Pork Information Gateway.
Managing Respiratory Disease
Respiratory disease in grow-finish pigs is more challenging than ever, but good management strategies can minimize the effects. By Paul Yeske, veterinarian with the Swine Vet Center in St. Peter, Minnesota
Novartis Animal Health
* Company News

Success for JSR's 19th Annual Technical Conference
UK - The long and proud history of JSR within the pig industry, both locally and internationally, was strengthened at this year's JSR Genetics' Technical Conference.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United States

 » NPPC Urges Priority Review of Mexican Industry
 » Climate Change and World Agriculture
 » Manure is More Valuable than Pigs
 » US Pork Celebrates Another Year of Success
 » Niche Markets Offer New Opportunities for Producers
 » Pork Checkoff Announces Scholarship Recipients
 » Hog Farmers Devastated by Co-Op
 » USMEF to Present Honour at Conference
 » 'Pork Power' Program Exceeds Expectations
 » Store-bought Pork Found to Contain MRSA
 » NPPC: EPA CAFO a 'Tough but Fair Rule'
 » Weekly Review: Cold Storage Stocks Go Up
 » Market Preview: Canadian Sow Cuts are Sizable
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Weekly Outlook: Corn, Soy Basis Strengthens
 » September Hog and Pig Report Summary
 » US and Canadian Hog Inventory Down Slightly
 » Commentary: USDA Hogs and Pigs Report
Aurofac / Aureomycin - Justified, Reliable

 » Lower Dollar Improves Canadian Export Outlook
 » Pork Commentary: Reprieve in Grain, Oilseed and Energy Prices
 » Strengthening of Relationships Encouraged
 » COOL Legislation Brings About Uncertainty
 » Hog Farmers Claim Provincial Govt. Unfair
 » Bright Future for Solid Manure Injection
 » Beef and Pork Producers Assail COOL Legislation
 » Streamlining of Food Safety System Recommended


 » Acidic Slurry More Climate-Friendly
 » Pigmeat Exports to Be Hit By Global Downturn

   United Kingdom

 » Defra Announces UK Export Certification Partnership
 » Dozens Come Forward to Join NFU Fodder Bank
 » Ian Campbell Wins David Black Award
 » Minister Recognises Plight of Pig Industry
 » Documentary on Industry Hardships Launched
 » How to Calculate the Carbon Footprint of your Product
 » RSPCA Say Welfare is a Healthy Investment
 » Input Cost Survey Highlights Uncertain Times
 » Consumers Trading Down on Processed Pork
 » A Lethal Combo: Imports, Demand and Weaker Pound
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust

 » Carbon Financing Would Boost Sustainable Farming


 » Pork Prices Drop Down to Bt5/ kg


 » Pig Farmers' Suit Against Govt. Thrown Out

   Russian Federation

 » ASF Grips Russia
 » Over 12,000 Pigs to Be Culled in South Russia

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Markets in a State of Shock
 » Smithfield and CampofrĂ­o: Merger of Equals Approved


 » VIV China 2008: A Bright Future
 » Melamine Confirmed in Feedstuff
Draxxin - Treat em' once. Treat em' Right

 » Hog Cholera No Threat to Humans
 » DA Assures Consumers of Sufficient Pork Supply


 » International Visitors' Lounge at EuroTier 2008
 » Successful Worldwide Promotion for EuroTier 2008
 » EuroTier 2008 Previews in China


 » Extension of Manure Spreading Period Confirmed

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