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ThePigSite Newsletter - 30th March 2009
Monday 30th March 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: Meat and Cancer

The media have been buzzing in the last week with news of the latest research in the US that links meat eating with poor health. But it seems that the link is not quite as clear as the headlines appear.

Other experts have urged caution regarding the type of experiment, the many confounding factors and the very high intake by the highest meat-consuming group. For a summary of the newly published paper and comments from the American Meat Institute and the British Pig Executive (BPEX), see our article 'Meat Intake and Mortality.'

A week ago, BPEX held its first one-day Knowledge Transfer event entitled 'Change for Success'. It was attended by one hundred industry leaders in the UK, and the varied programme was very well received. 'If My Business was a Pig Farm...' is a report on one of the papers.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Fibre for Gestating Sows
At the 2008 Manitoba Swine Seminar, Professor Peter Brooks suggested that ad libitum feeding of sows during pregnancy may now be a practical proposition, and that silages and root crops may have a role in sow diets. ThePigSite editor, Jackie Linden, summarises the evidence and ideas he presented.
Production Chains, Skills and Farming
The UK could suffer future food shortages unless the numbers of skilled people entering UK farming increases, writes ThePigSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
Persistence - the Active Ingredient against Boar Taint
Like many technological breakthroughs, the development of a vaccine to control boar taint has been far from simple.
Meat Intake and Mortality
A controversial new report has linked the consumption of red and processed meat with causes of death - in particular cancer, writes ThePigSite senior editor Chris Harris.
A Visit to a Modern Brazilian Swine Operation
Robert Chambers, swine and poultry structures and equipment engineer with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) describes his impressions of a visit to a new integrated pig operation in the mid-west of central Brazil.
Condition Scoring of Sows
Achieving an optimal average condition score of 3 throughout the breeding herd and minimising variation of condition scores should be the aims. Number 20 in the Action for Productivity series from BPEX is a practical guide on how to condition score sows and gilts.
USDA Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report - March 2009
This quarter's quarterly Hogs and Pigs report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).
Alphamune G - Shielding, Earning
* Company News

TOPIGS Exports from the Netherlands to Japan
NETHERLANDS - TOPIGS exported 355 gilts from the Netherlands to Japan in March. This is the first time that TOPIGS breeding material has been sent to Japan.
* Global Pig Industry News

   Russian Federation

 » Russia Reports Three More Cases of CSF
 » Meat and Poultry TRQ Mechanism Announced for 2009
 » Probe Launched into ASF Outbreak in South Russia


 » Dierkes Takes over Chair of ISN

   European Union

 » Update on Pig Welfare Quality Programme
 » EU Pig Prices: Northwest Sets a Positive Trend
 » VION Restructures
 » Help for Smaller Abattoirs Proposed
 » EC Ups Budget for Animal Disease Control
 » Council Makes Progress on Animal Welfare
 » Agreement Boosts EU-Canada Live Animal Trade
FarrowSure Gold - Count on it
   United Kingdom

 » Disinfection Problems Blamed for Salmonella Losses
 » Campaigners Urge Action on Antibiotic Use
 » Scots Shoppers Told to Look for SSP Label
 » Contract Sellers Will be Tempted to Send Fewer Pigs
 » Farm Unions Slam Meat Inspection Charge Proposals

   United States

 » US Industry Bolstered by Exports
 » Antibiotics Vital to Animal Health and Food Protection
 » New Red Meat and Cancer Report Criticised
 » Pork Industry Given a New Chance at Life
 » Joules Before Swine
 » USGC Reaches Out to Bump Up DDGS Demand
 » Union Slams FSA Proposal for Meat Inspection Charge
 » Overwhelming Support for PQA Plus
 » Weekly Review: Bigger Reduction for Healthier Industry
 » Market Preview: Pig Crop Projections and Long-Term Trends
 » Weekly Outlook: What’s Next For Soybean Prices?
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » US Swine Economics Report

   Viet Nam

 » Pig Hijackers Caught in PRRS Quarantine Zone
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust

 » Prospects Improve for WA's Producers


 » Yurun Sees Profits Rise
 » Market Rejects 'Tainted' Livestock


 » Pork Commentary: European Breeding Herd Plummets
 » Potential Approach to Phosphorus Management
 » Tools to Target DDGS to Swine Nutrient Requirements
 » DDGS Offers Potential in Swine Rations
 » Low Cost Manure Management Solution Offered
 » CPC Appreciates CBSP Eligibility Period Extension


 » OIE Confers on Animal Identification and Traceability


 » Microbial Ecosystems Affected by Antibiotic Spread
Novartis Animal Health
   Korea, South

 » Koreans to Get EU Pork Belly Strips Cheaply


 » Hog Cholera Behind Death of Zamboanga Pigs


 » Experimantal Trial on Pathogenesis of Thai Isolates


 » Salmonella Source in Finnish Feed Found


 » Danish Crown Gearing Up for the Future


 » DSM Commits to Safety with 'Quality for Life'

That's all for this week!

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