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ThePigSite Newsletter - 20 April 2009

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 20th April 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Hot Tips on Pig Farm Management

Our new articles for this week include four excellent tips to lower medication costs. At the latest Banff Pork Seminar, veterinarian Doug MacDougald offered the following advice for producers: focus on the most important pathogens on your farm; carefully manage medication usage; take special care of smaller pigs; and do not take all marketing literature at face value.

Special care of smaller pigs was also one of the keys to success offered by Roger Meadows at a recent BPEX meeting. Attention to detail in this area has helped to raise performance on the farm he manages. He also passed on an important lesson from the poultry industry - where he had a great deal of recent experience: the importance of recording and reporting farm data, and using the information to set targets and identify problem areas.

And in the news, the California Senate is scheduled to discuss a ban on the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics in animal feed. With the state's recent record on banning the more intensive housing systems for calves, poultry and pigs, could this initiative also become law? And if it does, what future is there for food animal production in the Golden State?

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Managing By Numbers
"You can't manage what you don't measure," said Roger Meadows at the opening of his presentation at the BPEX Knowledge Transfer Event 'Change for Success' last month. ThePigSite Editor, Jackie Linden, summarises his highlights to demonstrate the benefits of keeping good records.
Cut Animal Health Costs, Urges Vet
Veterinarian Doug MacDougald offered delegates at the 2009 Banff Pork Seminar four pieces of advice on how to trim animal health costs.
What to Look for in Gestation Systems for Group-Housed Sows
Productivity was similar in sows housed in stalls and group systems, providing sows were not mixed before implantation had occurred, and aggression at feeding time was controlled. Level of stockmanship and floor type were also important factors, according to Dr Harold Gonyou of Prairie Swine Centre in his presentation at the 2008 Manitoba Swine Seminar.
Changes in Manure Management in the Hog Sector: 1998-2004
Over the study period, the number of US pig farms fell by about 40 per cent, and the average inventory grew from around 2,600 to 4,600 head per farm. Data from survey indicate that larger producers are altering their manure management practices to mitigate the environmental effects of increased concentration.
Foot and Mouth Disease: Novel Technologies Improve Detection and Control
Scientists at the USDA Agricultural Research Service are using infra-red technology to identify cattle infected with foot and mouth disease (FMD) virus. The same group has developed the world's first molecular-based FMD vaccine, which has been effective in pigs.

This week's other features are:

US Pork Outlook Report - April 2009
USDA Feed Outlook April 2009
Mexico - Livestock and Products - Semi Annual - 2009
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - April 2009

Intervet - Research makes the difference
* Company News

Chinese Deal Lifts Off for ACMC
CHINA - International pig-breeding company, ACMC, has delivered 525 genetically-advanced breeding pigs to China, in a deal, including technical support, valued at one million pounds Sterling.
Big Dutchman Appoints New Distributor
AUSTRALIA - Big Dutchman Asia has appointed Stockyard Industries as its new distributor.
Big Dutchman Again Awarded 'Best Exhibitor'
BANGKOK, THAILAND - At VIV Asia 2009 Big Dutchman once again succeeded in transforming several containers of show exhibits into an optically very appealing stand.
Search for Top Pig and Poultry Trainees Begins
UK - The search for the top trainees in the pig and poultry industries has begun with the launch of the 2009 Pfizer Trainee of the Year Awards.
TOPIGS Helps Achieve 27.3 Weaned Piglets/Sow/Year
THE NETHERLANDS - Pig farmers with TOPIGS sows achieved an average production of 27.3 weaned piglets per sow per year in 2008.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United Kingdom

 » QMS Welcomes Assurance Support in SRDP
 » Mayne Elected BSAS President
 » Top Welfare Award for Dr McGreevey
 » 2009 BSAS Hammond Prize for Professor Bishop
 » UK Pig Industry May be Lacking Confidence
 » UK Food Standards Agency Cracks Down on Fraud
 » UK Slaughter Statistics - April 2009
 » From Russia with Love...
 » Yorkshire Producers 'Up for Something Big' Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae information centre

 » Variations in Antibiotic Resistance in E. coli Uncovered
 » Scientists Find Key to Combating Odour Issues

   United States

 » Biofuel Byproducts Both Economic and Environmental
 » Ethanol Super-Plant Can Clean Up Hog Farms
 » NPPC Insists that Ethanol Expansion be Studied
 » Foodborne Illness Prevention Reaches Plateau
 » Weekly Outlook: Pressure for 2009 Growing Season
 » CME: Meat and Poultry Exports Surprisingly Strong
 » Chance for Pork Producers to Get Certified in 2009
 » February Pork Exports Maintain Strong Momentum
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » CME: Output Reductions No Help at All in 2009
 » Ag Secretary Vilsack Seeking Dialogue on NAIS
 » Cargill Expands Animal Welfare Policies
 » CME: Retail Price Decline for All Meat Sectors
 » Murphy-Brown Announces PQA Plus Certification
 » Weekly Review: Japan Contributor to Increased Value
 » Market Preview: Canadian Hogs Confound Market Reports
 » AFBF: EPA's GHG Finding Cause for Much Concern
 » California Senate to Discuss Feed Drug Ban
 » Swine Nutrition Research Meets Economic Value HYGIENIC FLOOR SYSTEMS FOR FARROWING AND REARING PENS from Big Dutchman

 » Input Provision by Swine Producers Encouraged
 » Public Release of Low Phytate Barley Applauded
 » Will the New Low Phytate Barley Benefit Producers?
 » Wastewater Treat Plant Upgrade Moves Forward
 » Expert Calls for Action Against Pathogens in Feed
 » Approach to Wastewater Treatment Applauded
 » Pork Commentary: Now or Never for Market Move

   European Union

 » Stricter Transport Rules Equal More Expensive Meat
 » EU Pig Prices: Steady Trend, Positive Prospects
 » Completion of Animal Feed Assessment by EFSA


 » Profitable Pig Production Never Stop Improving

 » Researcher Turns Harmless E Coli Dangerous


 » Pork in Halal Products Considered Public Deception


 » Disease Management Key to High Corn Demand


 » Japan Lifts Restrictions on Chilean Pork Export

   Russian Federation

 » Ban Lifted on Five Out of Eight US Pork Plants
 » Massive Financial Injection for New Projects Ivomec Premix - Better products mean better results

That's all for this week!

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