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ThePigSite Newsletter - May 5 2009
Tuesday 5th May 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: World's pig industry plays a waiting game over H1N1

'Swine flu' has officially been renamed 'Influenza A H1N1' to reflect the absence of any direct link of the virus to pigs, which must come as some relief to producers and processors.

The disease in humans may technically be described as a pandemic - based on the number of countries reporting human patients infected - but thankfully, relatively few people have caught the virus, the symptoms are generally mild and anti-viral medications are effective.

In his latest Pork Commentary, Jim Long draws a comparison with experience during the last significant flu epidemic in the US, which was in 1976. It had no significant impact on pig prices so there are grounds for optimism in the industry this time too. He strikes a warning note, however, by adding, "The big difference in 2009 is we now depend on export market access. Let's hope WTO regulations are honoured as there is no health danger in pork exports."

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 8 new features this week:
FarrowSure Gold - Count on it
UK/EU Pig Populations - April 2009
Although the figures for the November/December 2008 census of pig numbers in EU countries are not yet complete, it is likely that the pig population will be markedly lower at the end of last year than a year previously, writes ThePigSite editor, Jackie Linden.
UK/EU Pig Statistics - April 2009
This article provides a summary of the latest statistics relating to pigs in the UK and Europe by ThePigSite editor, Jackie Linden.
Canadian Hog Statistics - First Quarter 2009
By Statistics Canada. As a result of high feed costs, lowered slaughter prices and the implementation of COOL in the US, there has been some restructuring and closure of farms in Canada.
Using the Net Energy Concept in Commercial Pork Production
The Net Energy (NE) concept for diet formulation may not be the final advancement to be made in energy evaluation systems but it is definitely a step in the right direction, according to Robert L. Payne (Evonik-Degussa Corporation) and Ruurd T. Zijlstra (University of Alberta). Their paper was presented at Manitoba Swine Seminar 2008.
New Study Overturns Orthodoxy on How Macrophages Kill Bacteria
Immune cells in animals kill bacteria and other pathogens by secreting poisons known as reactive oxygen species, according to new research at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
PRRS Intervention Study
Initial findings of a project examining different intervention strategies for porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome (PRRS) show that no intervention leads to the worst outcomes, Dr Zvonimir Poljak told delegates at the 28th Centralia Swine Research Update at the University of Guelph on 28 January 2009.
Understanding Consumer Support for a Gestation Crate Ban
A survey of consumers was conducted aimed to give the pig industry a greater understanding of their opinions on a possible future ban on gestation crates for sows. Dr Glynn Tonsor of the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State University summarised some of the findings in the latest issue of MSU Pork Quarterly (volume 13, number 4).
Culling Sows: Are We Looking at All the Factors?
The best predictors of future performance of sows are age and appearance (conformation and lameness score), writes Dr John Deen, Associate Professor of Veterinary Population Science at the University of Minnesota.
Novartis Animal Health
* Company News

Open Day Attracts Many Visitors
GERMANY - The new barn for finishing pigs of the Driever family who live in Freren, northern Germany, was recently inaugurated with an Open Day.
TOPIGS Hellas Success in Fair Zootechnia
GREECE - TOPIGS Hellas has participated in Zootechnia, the biannual fair held in Thessalonica.
Pig Equipment Group Unveils Global Team Approach
GLOBAL - The PigTek Pig Equipment Group has introduced organizational changes and a global team approach as part of the company’s plan for better serving customers and enhancing its product offerings.
* Global Pig Industry News


 » Israel to Raise Readiness Level for Human Flu

   United States

 » AFBF Allays North American Influenza Concerns
 » NPB Joins USDA and Others, Calling Flu H1N1
 » North American Influenza Hits US Pork Sector
 » US Pork Industry Important Economic Driver
 » There’s Money in Managing Manure if Done Right
 » NPPC Expects Export Restrictions to be Temporary
 » Market Access Part of Struggle to Maintain Trade
 » NPB Reinforcing 'Pork is Safe' Message
 » NPPC Calls For Accurate Reporting On Influenza
 » Second Quarter Was Better for Tysons
 » Weekly Review: High Pork Demand at Consumer Level
 » Market Preview: H1N1 Influenza A Fallout Assessed
 » Weekly Outlook: Corn and Soyabean Prices Diverge
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » US and Canadian Hog Inventory Down Four Per Cent


 » Minister Expected to Act on Fallen Animal Commitment
 » AFBI and Teagasc Sign Scientific Collaboration MoU


 » Future Ban on GM Products Would Threaten Farming
 » Philippines Province GM Feed Ban to Stay

   United Kingdom

 » No Evidence of Mexican Influenza in UK Pigs
 » Flu? What Flu? This Minor Hiccup is Only Temporary

   Russian Federation

 » Russians Eating, Producing More Meat


 » Indonesia Will not Ban Pork Derivative Products


 » Smithfield Global Operations Unaffected by H1N1 Virus
 » World Takes Drastic Steps to Contain H1N1 Flu
 » Russia Widens Ban on Meat Imports
 » Japan - Agricultural Situation - 2009
 » Global Hog Markets Suffer from Unfair Concerns
Hampshire Boar from JSR Genetics

 » COOL Expected to Result in Contract Renegotiations
 » 0Pork Commentary: Flu Damage
Adherence to Biosecurity Protocols Urged
 » Maple Leaf Sees Sales Rise
 » Safety of Pork Stressed Amid H1N1 Concerns
 » Alberta Swine Herd Investigated for H1N1 Flu Virus

   New Zealand

 » Gov't Assures Public about ‘North American Influenza’


 » Nutreco First Quarter Revenue Down


 » What Promise Do Pigs of the Future Hold?


 » Chinese Feed Output Increasing Year-on-Year
 » Mixed Feelings Toward Pork Voiced as Flu Spreads

   European Union

 » Measures to Cut Risk of Importing Animal Diseases
 » EU Pig Prices: German Companies Cause Uncertainty


 » Danish Crown: Interim Results Meet Expectations
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