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ThePigSite Newsletter - 15 June 2009
Monday 15th June 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: H1N1 Flu Now a Pandemic but May Not Originate in Pigs

Last week, the World Health Organization raised the alert for human influenza A (H1N1) to level six, indicating a pandemic. One farmer in Alberta, Canada, had his herd destroyed after they were quarantined due to H1N1 infection, and the industry in Trinidad and Tobago has been hard hit as consumers have been frightened off eating pork by the publicity. Yet we know that the infection cannot be caught from eating pork

Now the evidence that the H1N1 virus originates in pigs is looking shaky. The president of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, Rodney B. Baker, has said that the theory of the involvement of the pig as a 'mixing vessel' for the H1N1 virus is based on incomplete data. He added that historically, the pig has never served as a mixing vessel, unless the current virus actually came directly from a pig and if this were the case, it is more likely to have happened in village backyard herds than large intensive farms.

There has been some positive news in the last week on the topic of pig health. Firstly, Dr Scott Dee of the University of Minnesota says that herd monitoring and air filtration could eventually lead to the eradication of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) from US swine herds.

And finally, researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover have come up with a novel Respiratory Health Score (RHS) for the diagnosis of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae infection in live pigs. It is as effective as the lung lesion score – long considered to be the 'gold standard'.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Pig Price Cycle Turns Down (June 2009)
By Chris Harris, Senior Editor, ThePigSite. Our snapshot of the ongoing global pig industry trends as reported in June 2009 Whole Hog Brief. To read the full detailed analysis including all the commentary and graphical data, subscribe to the publication.
Digestive System of the Pig: Anatomy and Function
An overview of the pig's digestive system - mouth, stomach, small and large intestines by Joel DeRouchey and colleagues at Kansas State University's Applied Swine Nutrition Team, presented at the Swine Profitability Conference 2009.
Excess Dietary Crude Protein from Soybean or DDGS in Diets for Finishing Pigs
Finisher diets with 40 per cent dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) decreased growth performance and economically important carcass measurements but the effects were not caused by the high level of crude protein in the diet. These were the conclusions drawn from an experiment by S.M. Williams and co-authors and reported at the Kansas Swine Day 2008.
Teething in Baby Pigs
Researchers from the University of Guelph and Iowa State University have studied the eruption of the deciduous teeth of piglets up to 27 days of age, and how teething affects their feeding behaviour. A.L. Tucker and colleagues presented their paper at the 2009 Centralia Swine Research Update.
Swine Dysentery
Swine dysentery is one of the most economically damaging diseases a farm can experience in terms of medication, mortality, non-marketable pigs and extra feed costs. BPEX offers tips on the control of this costly disease in its Action for Productivity series (number 23).
Functional Underline Sections Affect Pig Weight at Weaning
The term 'functional underline' refers to a teat and its associated section of the mammary gland. This report in the June issue of North Carolina State Extension Swine News was submitted by Justin Fix and Todd See, and describes an experiment demonstrating the importance of the sow's functional underline on piglet growth and survival to weaning.
SowComfort - Never before has standing been so easy!
Other new reports out this week

US Feed Outlook - June 2009
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - June 2009
UK Pig Disease Quarterly Surveillance Report: January - March 2009

* Company News

$100,000 for 2009 PRRS Research
US - Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica has presented its annual Advancement in Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Research Awards.
JSR Strengthens UK Sales Team
UK - The UK pig industry is witnessing a renewed resurgence in the south of the UK, according to JSR’s latest employee Len Phoenix.
World Pork Expo Highlights Challenges, Optimism
IOWA, US - In the face of unprecedented challenges, thousands gathered last week for the National Pork Producers Council's 21st annual World Pork Expo.
Boar Taint Prevention Vaccine Launched in Europe
EUROPE - A vaccine that could spell the end of boar taint in pork was launched in Europe this week by pharmaceutical company Pfizer.
More Visitors Attended VIV Russia 2009
RUSSIA - Visitor numbers were up VIV Russia 2009 despite the worldwide recession.
VIV China Now Annual, to Focus on Meat in 2009
CHINA - This year's VIV China will focus on presenting quality and innovations in the Chinese meat industry.
Ingelvac PRRS KV is indicated for the control of Porcine Reproduction and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in breeding sows and gilts.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United States

 » New FDA Guidelines on Veterinary Feed Directive
 » Antibiotic Ban in the News
 » Nineteen Digesters Operating on US Pig Farms
 » AMI Concerned Over Food Safety Enhancement Act
 » Flu Researchers Call for Enhanced Swine Surveillance
 » EPA Plan is Not Well Thought Out, Says NPPC
 » NPPC: Cap and Trade Preferable to Carbon Tax
 » Taiwanese Producers Get Eye-opening Experience
 » Meat and Poultry Sectors Contribute Billions Annually
 » Antimicrobials in Livestock Debated
 » Producers Concerned About Food-Safety Bill
 » April Pork Exports Reflect Tough Economic Climate
 » Weekly Review: Producer Program Announcement at World Pork Expo
 » Market Preview: Producer Retirement Program
 » CME: Crops Struggling to Make Up for Lost Time


 » No Food Scraps to Pigs Campaign

   New Zealand

 » Demand for Free-range Pork Soars After TV Expose
Never Stop Improving

 » Pork Commentary: World Pork Expo Report
 » Promising First Step on Journey to Food Traceability
 » Sow Herd Reductions Could Improve Profitability
 » Advances Raise Hope for Eradication of PRRS
 » Liability Risk Increases Under Enhanced Traceability
 » Consumer Prioritised in Listeria Aftermath
 » Strategy to Achieve Traceability May be Complex
 » Alberta Farmer Culls H1N1-Quarantined Pigs
 » Export Demand Key to Improving Hog Prices
 » Swine Health Forum to Deal with Emerging Diseases

   United Kingdom

 » NADIS Veterinary Report & Forecast - May 2009
 » NFUS Welcome Government's Vision for Livestock
 » Prices Hold (Just)
 » Health Service for Pigs to be Launched

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Market Situation Well Balanced

   Trinidad and Tobago

 » A(H1N1) Kills Pork Sales in Trinidad and Tobago
Ivomec Premix - Better products mean better results
   Russian Federation

 » End of ASF in Russia
 » AgroFarm Shows Highly Satisfactory Results


 » ASF: Delta Discovery Affects Only Pigs, Says FG


 » DLG Inaugurates New Office in China
 » China Plans to Purchase Pork for State Reserves


 » Sabah Pig Farmers Need a Licence
 » Farms' Future Rests with Courts
 » Farmers at Odds with Pork Sellers


 » Influenza Pandemic Alert Raised to Phase 6
 » CPF Plans Large Overseas Investments


 » Novel Respiratory Health Score for APp Infection


 » Weaners Pouring Out of Denmark

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