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ThePigSite Newsletter - 6 July 2009
Monday 6th July 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial: USDA Quarterly Report Was as Bad as Expected

The USDA published its latest Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report last week. It revealed continued contraction in the US pig population. Experts commented that it contained no surprises, and that the figures were in broad agreement with predictions. There can be no doubt that the US industry is facing many challenges right now.

One of those challenges is influenza A H1N1 - a pandemic in the world's human population that has little to do with pigs yet it is hitting the industry hard as demand for pork falls. Argentina is the second country - after Canada - to have declared an outbreak of H1N1 flu in pigs. A government official there announced that workers on the farm are the suspected source of the virus. This was followed by the results of another investigation, which suggest that the virus may have jumped back to pigs, providing a hidden virus reservoir among the porcine population.

On a positive note, American Humane Certified is working to develop more animal-friendly livestock transport standards, focussing initially on pigs.

And in company news, Marfrig Alimentos S.A has announced it is investing in the Diamantino industrial complex to boost output of processed and value-added products from its Poultry, Pork and Processed Food Division in Brazil.

Last but not least, we welcome Meriden Animal Health as a Supporting Partner on ThePigSite.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

USDA Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report - June 2009 (Updated)
This quarter's quarterly Hogs and Pigs report from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).
H1N1 - an Economic Impact on the Pig Industry
Apart from economic events and challenging feed prices, one of the most important events this year to hit the US pig meat industry has been the outbreak of H1N1 influenza in Mexico and then in the US, writes ThePigSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
Feeding to Ensure Healthy Pigs
Joel DeRouchey and colleagues at Kansas State University's Applied Swine Nutrition Team discussed the influence of weaning age and weight, matching formulation to nursery pig maturity, maximising feed intake and growth-promoting nutrient levels. The papers was presented at the Swine Profitability Conference 2009.
Evaluating and Correcting Lameness in Sows
Dr Mark Whitney, Associate Extension Professor at the University of Minesota Extension Service offers practical tips to assess foot and claw health of sows and to correct some of the underlying causes by mineral supplements and improving the floor condition.
Strep. Suis – An Update
Pork producers need to be aware that a low but real risk may be present during manipulation of Streptococcus suis-diseased animals, Robert M. Friendship and Janet I. MacInnes of the University of Guelph warned delegates at the 28th Centralia Swine Research Update.
Fine-Tuning Feed Additive Management
Marnie van Barneveld, Product Application Manager for Biomin Australia Pty Ltd, explains that farmers should focus on efficiency indifficult economicconditions, not just cost-cutting.
* Company News

Getting Gilt Integration Right
UK - With good returns on finished pigs, attractive cull sow prices and a contracting EU pig herd, many producers are building up their breeding herds again, says ACMC.
Pfizer Updates its Pig Health Educational Tool
US - There is a new assignment for Pfizer Animal Health's 'Virtual Walk the Pen' simulator.
Nedap Starts Sales Force in Asia
CHINA - Since 2007 Nedap made a successful introduction of Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) into the important pig producing countries in Asia.
Inspiring International Innovations at VIV Europe 2010
NETHERLANDS - VIV Europe 2010 will be packed with inspiring international innovations for future farming, says the show organiser.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United States

 » Voluntary 14-day Antibiotic Withdrawal Period
 » Call for Abstracts for AASV 2010 Meeting
 » New Theory: Flu Virus May Have Come from Asia
 » Swine Industry Continues to Retract
 » Livestock Transport Standards Being Developed
 » Camelina Meal Has Potential as Feed
 » Small US Slaughterhouses Continue to Decline
 » FSIS Issues New Directive for Imported Meat
 » Ag Guide Open for Comment
 » CME: USDA Acreage Report Contained Surprises
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » June Quarterly Hogs & Pigs Report Summary
 » US Swine Economics Report
 » Market Preview: No Relief in Pig Crop Report
 » Weekly Review: Hogs & Pigs Report Brings Surprises
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust

 » Pork Commentary: June Pigs and Hogs Report
 » M-COOL Negotiations Yield Little Progress
 » Positive Signs on the Multilateral Free Trade Front
 » Pork Producer Issues Appeal to Consumers
 » Expansion of Food Borne Illness Monitoring Urged
 » Russia Partly Lifts Ban on Canadian Pork
 » Herd Health Key to Edge in Global Pork Markets

   United Kingdom

 » BPEX Seeks Ideas and Entrepreneurial Spirit
 » Pig Assurance Scheme Endorsed by Welfare Charity
 » Severe Outbreak of Glasser's Disease in VLA Report
 » FSA Backtracks on Meat Hygiene Charges
 » MSP Report Welcomed Depending on Price to Survive
 » To Dry or Not to Dry: That is the Question
 » Optimising Returns from the Finished Pig
 » NFUS Wary of Creation of Independent Defra Body
 » High Contract Prices Take the Shine Off Spot
 » Weekly Outlook: Corn Acreage Jumps, Large Stocks


 » New Training Course for Pig Producers Launched

   European Union

 » News from European Pig Producers
 » EU Pig Prices: Further Rise in Prices
 » Wild Boar and Porcine Brucellosis Spreading


 » H1N1 Virus May be Hiding in Argentina's Pigs
 » Argentine Workers Suspected of Passing Flu to Pigs


 » Australians Eat More Pork and Poultry
 » RSPCA Speaks Out Against Live Export Trade
 » Meat Production Shifts Away from Mutton and Pigs


 » Official Complaints to WTO over India's Import Ban


 » Welfare Issues Raised over Spain's Iberico Pigs


 » Marfrig Invests in Diamantino Industrial Complex


 » First Agromek-Livestock Show in November

   Russian Federation

 » Imported Pigs Crowd Out Local Pork
 » Russia Bans Imports from Chile and Argentina
 » Producers to Found National Union of Hog Breeders
Novartis Animal Health

 » EAC Secretariat and ILRI Unite Over Livestock


 » Supply to Continue to Exceed Demand for Live Pigs
 » China to Use Harvard Gene Pigs for Transplant Test

   New Zealand

 » Welfare Laws Fail Pigs Miserably

   Trinidad and Tobago

 » Pig Industry Monitored to Ensure No H1N1 Effect


 » District Office Rejects Site For Pig Abattoir

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