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ThePigSiteNewsletter - 10 August 2009
Monday 10th August 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - China is Top Dog in Pig Production

It is well known that China leads the race in terms of global pig production but some calculations released last week show just how far ahead they are of the rest of the field.

Steve Meyer and Len Steiner point out that China has nearly three times as many pigs as second-place EU-27 and produces more than twice as much pork. China has nearly seven times as many pigs as third-placed United States and produces nearly five times as much pork. The increase in China’s pig herd and pork production from 2008 to 2009 is larger than the total January 2009 inventory and total 2009 production of all but three of its competitors: EU-27, US and Brazil. China’s 2009 increase in output will be larger than the totals for Russia and Canada!

Following the publication of a report just two weeks ago into the Listeria outbreak in Canada last year and the assurances that all the failings have been rectified, the same company is in trouble again. Maple Leaf Foods has recalled nine wiener products produced at another of its plants – this time, Hamilton in Ontario – because they may contain Listeria monocytogenes. Two positive aspects about this episode: the company acted very quickly to recall the suspect products and no-one has reported becoming ill as the result of consuming them.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 8 new features this week:

New Feed Strategies Discussed by European Pig Producers
This year's European Pig Producers' (EPP) Congress was held in the city of Graz in Austria in June. The focus of the conference was meeting new challenges. Jackie Linden, editor of ThePigSite, summarises the session on new feed strategies.
PWMS and Circovirus Disease
In the new Health Bulletin from NADIS, pig veterinarian Mark White presents the latest information on post weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS) and other diseases involving circoviruses. Also covered are various methods of control, including the vaccines currently available in the UK.
Industry Statistics
The BPEX Annual Technical Report 08-09 compares costs of pig production in various countries (2007), performance trends in the British herds and retail pig meat purchasing trends (2004-2008).
Swine, Stress and Salmonella Infection
Researchers with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) are learning how pathogens like Salmonella communicate with their host – in this case, the pig. They hope to apply this knowledge to reduce foodborne infections in humans.
Effective Ventilation 1
Harry Huffman of Huffman Engineering explained to delegates at the 2009 London Swine Conference about the importance of good air quality in pig houses, how to achieve it and how to avoid common mistakes.
R&D - Keys Rules for Greater Return
By Dr Grant Walling, Director of Research and Genetics for JSR Genetics, explains how companies within the food production and retail sectors can get better value from their R&D, and target their spending in the most appropriate areas.
Pig Meat Export Bulletin - July/August 2009
The British Pig Executive's (BPEX) July Export Bulletin reports that the EU markets are affected by the holidays, with reduced trade, a low number of slaughterings and prices generally maintained.
Minnesota Pork Congress 2009
The Minnesota Pork Congress 2009 Producer Education Seminars were held on 21 to 22 January 2009.
* Company News

Swine Industry Calls for PRRS Research Proposals
US - Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., (BIVI) is again seeking research study proposals focused on one of the swine industry’s most devastating diseases - porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS).
Portuguese Pig Producers Choose UK Breeding Stock
PORTUGAL - UK pig genetics and breeding stock will soon be distributed throughout Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guiné Bissau and Cabo Verde, following the signing of a new contract between JSR and Portuguese boar stud, Sociedade Técnica de Investigação do Porco Lda.
Schering-Plough Shareholders Approve Merger With Merck
US - Schering-Plough Corporation has announced that its shareholders have overwhelmingly approved the merger with Merck.
Disinfectant Approved against H1N1 Influenza Virus
US - CID Lines' Virocid disinfectant has been approved against the influenza A/H1N1 virus.
Shipping to China: Overcoming H1N1 Concerns
CHINA - Hypor B.V. has announced that the recently acquired France-Hybrides has successfully shipped 315 GGP females and boars from their French nucleus farms to pig farms located in Shandong Province.
New Advances in Animal Reproduction
FRANCE - IMV Technologies is pleased to invite you at two conferences focused on the advancements in animal reproduction and their direct impact for semen production centres.
* Global Pig Industry News


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 » OIE Provides Guidance on Veterinary Legislation

Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae information centre
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Never Stop Improving
   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Price Level Steady for the Most Part


 » Australia Shuts Piggery After Flu Outbreak
 » Pig Industry Seeking Better Flu Checks on Workers
 » Outbreak Contained as Infected Pigs on the Mend
 » MLA Retrace Red Meat's Environmental Footprint
 » Industry: Piggery Workers Not Being Tested for H1N1

Intervet - Research makes the difference

 » Pork Commentary: If Misery Loves Company, We Have Lots of Friends
 » Market Access Key in Devising Traceability Strategies
 » Maple Leaf Starts Hot Dog Recall
 » On-Line Petition to Government Gains Momentum
 » NPPC Denounces Proposed Strategic Transition Plan
 » Ample Feed Grain Supplies Expected this Winter
 » CPC Strengthens Efforts on Traceability System

   United Kingdom

 » Shoppers Continue to Shun Beef for Pork
 » Influenza in Pigs: Code of Practice
 » Report of APP Causing 10 Per Cent Finisher Mortality
 » Defra Sees the Future of Farm Animal Vets
 » Dunbia Takeover Created Jobs
 » Calls for Rethink on Farm Veterinary Service
 » A Chill Wind Blew Through the Spot Market
 » Sign up for Swine Dysentery Charter
 » Warning on Lime Washing


 » Ukraine Bans Pig Imports Due to ASF


 » People with A/H1N1 Flu Should Keep Away from Pigs

   New Zealand

 » NZ Ministry Allows Review of Pork Import Rules


 » H1N1 Flu Alert Hits Pork Traders in Kendrapada

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