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ThePigSite Newsletter - 21 September 2009
Monday 21st September 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - A Week of Mega-Mergers in the Meat Sector

It has been an outstanding week of news on meat company acquisitions and take-overs. Ailing US poultry company, Pilgrim's Pride, has been acquired by JBS, which then went on to announce that it had also purchased Brazilian beef company, Bertin.

For the pork sector came the news that Brazilian meat processor, Marfrig, had bought the entire business of Seara Alimentos Ltda from Cargill Inc. – its poultry, pork and processed meat operations, including subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, and the brand, Seara, in Brazil and abroad. The deal includes 12 plants in the processed value-added and processed poultry and pork sectors and a port terminal, with net sales of about US$ 1.7 billion.

As the weather cools in the northern hemisphere, the first European pigs were found to be infected with the H1N1 influenza A virus on a farm in Northern Ireland. As autumn progresses, we can expect to see the spread of the virus in the human and pig populations.

Let us hope that the infection remains mild in both species and that the fears of 'worst-case' scenarios do not come to pass.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

EU Pig Meat Industry Contracting
Pig meat production across Europe has been contracting over the last three years, with the new member states seeing a reduction of five per cent in two years, writes ThePigSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
Economic Impact of the 'Swine Flu' Misnomer
What was believed to have started in April at a pig farm in Mexico and in the United States has now taken its toll across the globe. Countries around the world are negatively impacted by what is known as 'swine flu', a name misleading enough to affect pork markets everywhere. Rachel Ralte, reporting for ThePigSite, writes about the negative impact of referring to the novel A/H1N1 pandemic as 'swine flu'.
Nutrition During Gilt Development and Genetic Line Affect Reproduction
Twenty-five per cent energy restriction during development delays sexual maturity of gilts but has no effect on reproductive rate to parity 1 of those reaching sexual maturity, according to Rodger K. Johnson and co-authors in a paper published in the 2009 Nebraska Swine Report.
Banff Pork Seminar 2009
The 38th Banff Pork Seminar 2009 was held in Banff, Canada, in January 2009. The proceedings comprises five plenary papers plus break-out sessions and abstracts.
US Pork Outlook Report - September 2009
Both production and prices are expected to remain low for the rest of this year, according to the USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) September 2009 Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook.
US Feed Outlook - September 2009
US grain production has increased both over last month and also year on year, according to the USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) Feed Outlook for September 2009.
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* Company News

The Science Behind Meat Quality
UK - An interview with Caroline Mitchell, meat scientist with JSR Genetics, which includes details of a trial she has recently conducted for one of the company's customers.
TOPIGS and SNW Collaborate on Piétrain Breeding
GERMANY - Breeding organisations TOPIGS and SNW will now collaborate in the breeding of Piétrain terminal boars. The merging of the two breeding programmes will result in more rapid genetic progress.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United States

 » Weekly Outlook: Corn and Soybean Supply Prospects
 » Market Preview: Exports Can’t Compete with 2008
 » CME: An Awful Year for Pork Exports
 » Smithfield Offers $250 Million in Shares
 » Input on Use of 'Natural' in Labelling Products Sought
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » CME: Corn, Soybean Crops Short on Maturity
 » NPPC Briefs US Trading Partners on H1N1 Flu
 » CME: JBS Swift Confirms Purchase of Pilgrim's Pride
 » Smithfield Director Quits over Equity Offering
 » New Study Explains Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria
 » CME: Retail Pork Prices in August Lower
 » Weekly Review: Increase in 2009 Corn Yield
 » US DDGS Quality Impresses Major Korean End-users
Ivomec Premix - Better products mean better results
   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Further Reductions in Prices
 » European Agricultural Commissioner Steps Down
 » EFSA Proposal: Feed Vitamin A Could Risk Deficiency


 » Years of Poor Maize Harvests Hits Pig, Poultry Sectors


 » More Toxic Fusarium Graminearum Chemotype
 » Innovative Marketing Key to Success in Japan
 » Japan Remains Priority Market for Canadian Pork
 » Manitoba Live Hog Shipping Patterns Adjust
 » Manitoba Pork Market Fees Expected to Hold or Fall
 » Pork Commentary: Huge US Corn and Soybean Crop
The first and only vaccine for the control of Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy.

 » Marfrig Acquires Seara from Cargill
 » JBS Buys Bertin
 » BRF Profit Grows by 70 Per Cent

   United Kingdom

 » PCV2 Vaccines Reduce Time to Slaughter
 » New KT Manager for BPEX
 » Animal Transport Proposals Off the Table... for Now
 » UK Slaughter Statistics - September 2009
 » Scottish SPCA Approves Launch of Pioneering Brand
 » Europe's First H1N1 Virus in Pigs
 » A Sweet and Sour Pork Day
 » Positive Signs for English Pig Sector
 » UFU: Pig Industry will Effectively Deal with H1N1
 » Public Consultation on Pig Carcase Classification
 » Positive Outlook for English Pig Industry
 » PCV2 Vaccines Perform Well


 » Bulgaria Reports CSF in Wild Boar


 » Piglet's Posture is Best Guide to its Comfort
Never Stop Improving

 » Reduced Response to Pneumonia Vaccination


 » Pork Goes Pink to Show Local Production

   Korea, South

 » Pork Exports to Japan Set to Resume


 » Pork, Egg Prices Not Triggering Inflation
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