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ThePigSite Newsletter - 16 November 2009
Monday 16th November 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - Price Prospects Positive While Pig Population Falls in Europe

For most countries in the European Union, pig prices are on the rise, at last. Price increases ranging from a corrected 2.7 to 5.0 cents were reported for quotations in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. The news was less positive in Spain and France, where prices were unchanged, or for the UK and Sweden, where there was slight downward pressure.

The figures have been published for the latest pig count across all 27 EU countries. In the November/December 2008 census, there were just over 153 million pigs, almost seven million or 4.4 per cent fewer than the year previously, and there was also a fall of 931,000 in the number of breeding sows to 13.951 million (-6.2 per cent).

Germany maintained its top position in terms of pig population, despite a fall of 394,000 in total pigs (-1.5 per cent) and 121,000 (-5.0 per cent) fewer sows. Still in second position in the EU-27 rankings and challenging for the top slot, Spain had 228,000 (0.9 per cent) more pigs than the previous year although there were also fewer sows (121,000 or 4.5 per cent).

The pig industry in Poland appears to be in near-collapse after further huge falls in pig numbers during 2008, and it has lost its third slot in the EU rankings to France, which also recorded reductions of 1.2 per cent (173,000) in total pigs and 2.7 per cent (33,000) in breeding sows. The Polish pig population is down by 3.379 million (19.2 per cent), while sow numbers fell by 19.4 per cent or 309,000.

Most of the other pig-producing countries in the EU recorded modest reductions in their pig herds. One exception is Romania which, like Poland, is experiencing a downward spiral in pig numbers.

Economic conditions are beginning to hit home in North America as two companies look to be heading for bankruptcy: Coharie Hog Farm in the US has declared bankruptcy, and Canada's Big Sky Farms has filed for creditor protection.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 9 new features this week:

UK/EU Pig Populations - October 2009
The figures for the November/December 2008 census of pig numbers in EU countries are now complete and are tabulated by Jackie Linden, editor of ThePigSite. There were just over 153 million pigs registered in the EU-27 census, almost seven million fewer than the year previously, and there was a fall of 931,000 in the number of breeding sows to 13.951 million.
UK/EU Pig Statistics - October 2009
This article provides a summary of the latest statistics relating to pigs in the UK and Europe by ThePigSite editor, Jackie Linden.
Danish Breeding Herd Marks Time
By Chris Harris, Senior Editor, ThePigSite. Our snapshot of the ongoing global pig industry trends as reported in November 2009 Whole Hog Brief. To read the full detailed analysis including all the commentary and graphical data, subscribe to the publication.
Meat Tenderness and Muscle Development
Several studies have shown that some events in muscle development and postnatal growth are related to meat quality traits, according to Niels Oksbjerg, M. Therkildsen and P.M. Nissenn from the University of Aarhus in Denmark. By ThePigSite Senior Editor, Chris Harris.
Neonatal Colibacillosis
For each month of an outbreak, neonatal colibacillosis costs a typical 500-sow herd more than £7,000, according to pig veterinarian, Mark White, in the latest Health Bulletin from NADIS.
Tendering Feed Ingredients
Producers can reduce feed costs by taking various other factors into consideration, according to Greg Simpson, swine nutritionist at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).
Effect of Birth Weight on Subsequent Pig Performance
There is a direct relationship between piglet birth weight and subsequent performance to market, including carcass quality and meat quality, according to PIC research conducted by N. Matthews and co-authors.

Two reports:
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - November 2009
United Kingdom Pig Meat Market Update - November 2009

Intervet - Research makes the difference
* Company News

Romanian Deal Tops Landmark Year for JSR
ROMANIA - JSR Genetics has made another major advance into the key Eastern European market. Agro Expert of Cluj Napoca, Romania has been signed to distribute JSR’s superior genetics to pig producers throughout the country.
ACMC Tip: Mycotoxin Dilemma
UK - Mycotoxins are frequently implicated in cases of poor reproductive performance in pig herds, though it can be difficult to prove their involvement in individual cases, says Paul Thompson, veterinary consultant to pig-breeding company ACMC Ltd.
Pfizer Trainee Awards for Pig and Poultry Industries
UK - Employees on pig and poultry farms in North Lincolnshire — Georgina Cherrill and Andrew Hall — are the 2009 winners of the Pfizer Trainee of the Year Awards.
First Imports of Pigs from Ireland to Japan
JAPAN - In February 2009 the health certificate facilitating trade in porcine species was officially agreed between the Irish and Japanese veterinary authorities.
Hermitage Appoints Sales Manager in Ukraine
UKRAINE - Hermitage has appointed Gennadiy Chernetskyy as sales manager for the Ukrainian market.
Technology Leader to Install 70-Station TEAM System
CHINA - Yangling Besun Agricultural Industry Group Corporation Limited has announced the installation of a 70-station TEAM® System in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, China.
VIV China: Another Successful Year and VIV Event
CHINA - Meriden (Guangzhou) Biotech Co Limited would like to thank all of those customers that visited the stand at the recent VIV CHINA.
* Global Pig Industry News


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Never Stop Improving
   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Prices Rise Almost All over Europe
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 » Taiwan's Pigs No Longer Under H1N1 Flu Threat


 » Teschovirus Encephalomyelitis Cases in Haiti Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae information centre

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