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ThePigSite Newsletter - 14 December 2009
Monday 14th December 2009
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - Castration Without Anaesthesia Still the Norm in Europe

Three out of every four male pigs in Europe are castrated, according to a newly published paper in scientific journal. The researchers, who came from across Europe, found that just 20 per cent of boars are kept entire. Only three per cent of castrated pigs are given anaesthetic before the surgery, which may fuel widespread animal welfare concerns in future. Could we see an end to this procedure without pain relief in Europe before long?

Continuing on the theme of castration of pigs, the Europe-based Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists has studied the castration of piglets using carbon dioxide (CO2) anaesthesia and has issued a position paper against the procedure. It says: "With respect to animal welfare and the aim of alleviating pain during and after castration of piglets, carbon dioxide anaesthesia would not seem to be an appropriate or advisable technique."

A recent survey by the Animal Health Institute has revealed that US spending on products used to treat and prevent disease in companion and farm animals declined slightly in 2008. Without adjusting for inflation, the total came to $6.7 billion, according to the Market Sales Report. The three product categories for animal health products are biologicals, which increased two per cent, pharmaceuticals, with a sales decline of one per cent and feed additives with a 12 per cent decline in 2008.

In the last week, reports have been received of outbreaks of influenza A H1N1 in pigs in Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea, as well as three more cases of African Swine Fever in Russia.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Case Studies Show PCV2 Vaccination Improves Finisher and Breeding Performance
At the most recent PCVD Forum sponsored by Merial, leading pig veterinarians explained how vaccination against porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) improved performance and reduced antibiotic use in finishing herd, and boosted health in the breeding herd, writes Jackie Linden for ThePigSite.
Improving Carbon Footprint of Pig Meat Production
There are many different drivers that affect meat production ranging from government policies through to oil and commodity prices and food security as well as consumer demands, writes ThePigSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
Production Efficiency of Specialised Swine Producers
Whatever their type of enterprise, US producers should aim to maximise their output saleable pigs, according to Dr Glynn Tonsor at Michigan State University's Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics. This is more important to the bottom line than changing the mix of inputs or scaling up production.
Improving Key Performance Indicators: Rearing Herd
BPEX offers advice on ensuring pigs utilise feed efficiently and grow quickly through the weaner and finisher stages in number 25 in its series Action for Productivity.
Republic of Korea - Livestock and Products Annual 2009
Swine production is projected to contract next year due to higher feed and manure management costs. Also, pork imports are forecast to increase as the local economy and Korean won continue to strengthen, according to the latest GAIN report from the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - December 2009
US pig slaughter numbers have been reduced due to lower-than-expected imports from Canada, while forecasts for pork exports and prices have been increased, according to the latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates from the USDA.
Pig Signals Training Books
* Company News

JSR in the Ukraine
UKRAINE - The UK-based international pig breeding company JSR Genetics Ltd have secured an agreement to supply two of the Ukraine’s largest pig producers with high-health breeding stock.
Vote Early and Vote Often
US - After countless hours spent taping, editing and producing videos, students from seven universities have submitted videos to the Reach Teach Learn Student Video Contest.
ACMC Bringing Home the Silver
UK - An armful of trophies was taken by ACMC pigs at Yorkshire’s Hull Market Christmas Show. They were awarded for the Supreme pen of pigs, Reserve pen of pigs, Best pen of cutter pigs, Best pen of bacon pigs and the Best pen of commercial pigs.
Ractopamine Improves Growth and Leanness in Males
AUSTRALIA - Ractopamine improved growth performance in entire and immunocastrated male pigs without affecting meat quality, according to researchers based in Western Australia.
New pH1N1 Vaccine Available for Swine
US - Pfizer Animal Health is the first company to develop, manufacture and receive USDA approval for its swine vaccine against influenza A H1N1.

* Global Pig Industry News

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Prices Range from Steady to Falling
 » AVA Speaks Out Against Castration with CO2
 » Most EU Pigs Still Castrated Without Anaesthetic
 » Three out of Four EU Male Pigs Castrated

   United States

 » Market Preview: Good Market News Always Welcome
 » USDA Launches Help Desk for Small Processors
 » Weekly Review: Soft Red Winter Wheat Basis
 » AFB Comment on EPA's Climate Change Finding
 » New Cottonseed Variety Has Potential as Feed
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » Russia Bans Pork from Five US plants
 » NC State Vets Trained to Respond to Disasters
 » CME: First Snow Storm Impacts Livestock Prices
 » New Deal for Better Feed Corn
 » FSIS Updates Humane Handling Directive
 » CME: Blizzard Conditions Hamper Meat Production
 » Smithfield Attributes Losses to Poor Hog Market
 » Consideration Given to Improvements in Traceability
 » EU Approval of GM Feeds Welcomed by US Growers
 » Feed Additives Sales in US Down by 12 Per Cent
 » Weekly Review: Smaller Pork Exports Bring Down Live Hog Demand
 » October Pork Exports Highest Since March
 » CME: Trade to Continue to Impact Pork Market in 2010
 » AMI Reacts on Russian Ban on US Pork
 » New Biological Route for H1N1 Flu to Human Infections
 » Novus Intends Acquisition of Albion

Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae information centre

 » Pork Commentary: 90 Cent Lean Hogs?
 » Focus on Diet in Managing Phosphorus Advised
 » H1N1 Delays Pork Market Recovery by One Year
 » Livestock and Poultry Health Legislation Passed
 » Maple Leaf Announces Food Safety Advisory Board
 » Bilateral Trade Agreements Crucial for Pork Industry
 » Efforts Behind Bilateral Trade Agreements Applauded
 » Influence of Anaerobic Digestion Efficiency on Manure
 » Alberta Charity Receives $3500 in Pork Products
 » Low Stress Pig Handling Techniques Save Time

   Russian Federation

 » Award for Cherkizovo Group
 » Russia Holds Crisis Meeting on ASF
 » Three New ASF Outbreaks Reported in Russia
 » Continued Expansion in Russian Meat, Dairy Output
 » Inspectors Widen Ban on US Pork Imports


 » Hainan is China's First Disease-Free Province
 » Zhongpin to Open New Pork Plant in January 2010
 » China Bans Trade in Ractopamine

   United Kingdom

 » Olympic Award for Red Tractor
 » Diseases of Animals Bill Agreed
 » Pig Health: Key Role for Abattoir Lorry Washes
 » British Pigs Fly the Flag
 » More Weaner Buyers than Sellers

Intervet - Research makes the difference

 » Danish Food Safety Standard Wins Recognition
 » UK Butchers Offered Management Course
 » Pigs Eat Bread to Help with Human Health


 » Trials Involving Animal to Human Transplants Banned


 » Germany Reports New Outbreak of H1N1 in Swine


 » Lower Demand Pulls Down Processing Industry

Never Stop Improving

 » EFSA and Japan Sign a Memorandum of Cooperation

   Hong Kong

 » H1N1 in HK: Consumers Assured of Pork Safety


 » Pork Festival Ends with High Expectations

   Korea, South

 » S Korea Reports Pigs Infected with A/H1N1


 » Taiwanese Pigs Potty-Trained to Curb Pollution

Circovac - Nothing protects earlier

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