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ThePigSite Newsletter - 15 February 2010

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 15th February 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - Mixed Fortunes Reported for World's Pig Industries

Following the publication at the end of January of the EU pig populations by Defra, which were reported by ThePigSite last week, Whole Hog has this week published its analysis of the significant trends.

It reports that figures released by Danish Statistics at the end of January show the Danish breeding herd numbers to be rising compared to last year: total pig numbers were 12.873 million head – an increase of 5.6 per cent year-on-year while the breeding herd is up by 6.6 per cent on January 2009.

However, the German pig numbers released at the end of last year were 26.6 million head down by 0.4 per cent on the November 2008 census. The breeding herd in Germany is also down – by 3.5 per cent to 2.2 2 million head. The number of market pigs, on the other hand, has gone up by 0.3 per cent.

The latest figures from Poland show a significant increase in breeding herd numbers of 6.4 per cent, while total pig numbers were stable at 14.25 million.

The Whole Hog reports the pig price cycle has moved into its upward phase during the first four weeks of 2010, and that the rapid change has been driven by events in the North American market – structural changes in Canada, US cut backs, H1N1 flu in Mexico – as well as the global credit crisis.

In the EU, there are no signs of relief on the pig price front. Only the UK, where prices have been kept up by the exchange rate, and Spain showed positive trends. Whole Hog adds that continuing falling prices have led the European Commission to approve special aid for French, Italian, Hungarian and Lithuanian farmers.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Danish Herd and Total Pigs Move On Up (February 2010)
By Chris Harris, Senior Editor, ThePigSite. Our snapshot of the ongoing global pig industry trends as reported in February 2010 Whole Hog Brief. To read the full detailed analysis including all the commentary and graphical data, subscribe to the publication.
Vaccination Strategies to Control PCV2 and MHyo Compared
Vaccinating pigs for porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (Mhyo) with different vaccination strategies resulted in differences in growth rate in the nursery and finishing phases but equal performance overall, according to Bergstrom and co-authors at the Kansas Swine Day 2009.
BPEX Export Bulletin - January 2010
The British Pig Executive's (BPEX) Export Bulletin for January 2010 reports that while its exports of live pigs are at record levels, not all is well in the Danish pig industry. Pig prices are lower than the previous year, and the management of Danish Crown has come in for criticism.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - February 2010
Pork production has gone down as slaughter has been lower than expected, according to the USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates for February 2010.
Banff Pork Seminar 2010
A series of reports from the Banff Pork Seminar 2010.
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* Company News

ACMC Tip: Beware ‘Parity Drift’
UK - In the last few years a significant number of producers have restocked or expanded their herds through organic growth.
Hermitage's New AI Stud Brings it into Top Ten
IRELAND - Kilkenny-based pig breeding company, Hermitage, last week officially opened its new state-of-the-art pig AI stud at Callan in the county of Kilkenny, bringing the company into the Top 10 global pig genetics companies.
Hermitage Reports Outstanding Genetic Progress
IRELAND - Pig breeding and genetics company Hermitage reports that genetic progress is outstanding. For the dams of the Large White boars standing at stud, the average number of pigs born alive per litter has increased from 13.7 in 2001 to 16.05 in 2008.
HIPRA Launches New Combined Vaccine
SPAIN - Hipra has now launched Suiseng, a combined vaccine against neonatal piglet diarrhoea and sudden death in sows.
De Beucker Joins Kemin Agrifoods
BELGIUM – Kemin is pleased to announce that Jan-Jeroen De Beucker has been appointed Marketing Director of Kemin Agrifoods worldwide, based in Herentals.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United States

 » State Environmental Regulations Compiled
 » NPB Still in Support of Premises Identification System
 » Weekly Outlook: South American Production Prospect
 » Market Preview: Rehashing Hog Pricing Categories
 » New Framework for Animal Disease Traceability
 » Call for Stronger Animal Disease Traceability System
 » Weekly Roberts Report
 » HBO Movie 'Temple Grandin' Applauded
 » CME: Pork Production Estimate for 2010 Lowered
 » NPB: Strategic Antibiotic Use Remains Top Priority
 » 2009 Pork Exports Down Compared to 2008
 » Pork Competes Through Promotion and High Quality
 » Industry Working Toward a PRRS-free Minnesota
 » AVMA Seeks Input to Strategic Plan
 » Hormel Forecast on Bump in Hog Prices Lowered
 » No H1N1 Flu Virus Found in Pork Intervet - Research makes the difference

 » Pork Commentary: Better but Not Good Enough
 » Ag Ministers Focus on Global Market Opportunities
 » More Than Four in Ten Canadians Choose Bacon
 » Swine Producers Encouraged to Monitor Water Use
 » Farm to Farm Swine Movement Tracking Trials Set
 » Water Quality Influences Swine Herd Productivity
 » Pig Trace Expected to Provide Benefits
 » Final Tender Under Hog Programme Set for March
 » Workshops to Address 'Men and Depression'
 » Gene Identified in Strep suis Virulence
 » BPS Celebrates 40th Anniversary in 2011
 » Settling Tanks Effective in Removing Phosphorus

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Quotations Rising Throughout Europe


 » OIE Introduces New Online Technical Disease Cards Never Stop Improving

 » Classical Swine Fever Breaks Out in Guatemala


 » Rovabio Marks 10th Anniversary


 » Smooth Production for Zhongpin at New Tianjin Plant
 » 'Diseased Pork' Being Sold in Some Regions


 » Aussie Research Paves Way for Pig Lung Transplants
 » Campaign against Intensive Farming Initiated
 » PITWA Introduces Pork Industry Skills Passport
 » Burrangong Meat Closes Plant


 » More Weaner Exports to Germany This Year
 » New Funding for Research into Antibiotic Resistance The first and only vaccine for the control of Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy.
   United Kingdom

 » Water Boosts Weaning Weights
 » Meat Industry Challenge on Flawed “Cancer” Report
 » Free Pork Recipes to Rustle Up Romance
 » All Eyes are On the Euro...


 » Germany's Swine Infected with Brucellosis


 » Meat Exports Up 10 Per Cent Last Month


 » GD Organises Ring Test for PRRSV
 » Nutreco Reports Strong Second Half-Year 2009


 » No Rise in Pork Prices During Chinese New Year


 » Pig Sales Increase Ahead of Chinese New Year


 » US DDGS Success in Canada Trickles Down to Mexico Circovac - Nothing protects earlier

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