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ThePigSite Newsletter - 19 April 2010
Monday 19th April 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - US Says Farewell to the 1,200-Sow Farm

The latest count shows that the US breeding herd has fallen from 6.23 million head in December 2007 to 5.76 million head on 1 March 2010. That decline of 473,000 breeding animals amounts to 7.6 per cent. The question is whether the herd will continue to decline. The answer depends on what kind of decline you are considering – actual numbers or year-on-year, writes industry analyst, Dr Steve R. Meyer of Paragon Economics.

In actual numbers, he expects the breeding herd to stop falling pretty quickly. The previous 'loss' cycle in 2003-2004 ended with a profitable February 2005 but this one is different, he says. Sow numbers are down 7.6 per cent since December 2007 and down 3.9 per cent compared with March 2009. It will take a while to overcome those cuts even if numbers start to grow quickly.

Another effect of the current situation is the changing profile of US breeding farms, according to Dr Meyer. He thinks that empty places on many farms are unlikely to be filled again, and he admits to being shocked to hear reports that the 1,200-sow, farrow-to-wean or, especially, farrow-to-nursery farms are obsolete. These farms do not fit the optimal flow patterns of today's industry, he concludes.

On a positive note, Ireland's Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Brendan Smith TD, has to announced that his country has achieved an important EU milestone in receiving official recognition of the country's Aujeszky's disease control and eradication status.

He said: "We are now at the stage where Aujeszky's Disease has been practically eliminated from Ireland."

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

Brazilian Export Values Falter (April 2010)
By Chris Harris, Senior Editor, ThePigSite. Our snapshot of the ongoing global pig industry trends as reported in April 2010 Whole Hog Brief. To read the full detailed analysis including all the commentary and graphical data, subscribe to the publication.
Developing Nations Lead Way Out of Recession
The growth of biofuels and their importance on food prices will be one of the major factors as the world emerges from the effects of the banking crisis and recession, writes ThePigSite editor Chris Harris.
Pleurisy could be costing the producer £2.30 per pig if the conditions affects around 10 per cent of pigs in the herd. Action for Productivity no. 28 from BPEX describes the costs and control methods.
Available Solutions for Mycotoxin Binding
The development of a new mycotoxin binder that adsorbs mycotoxins into highly stable neutral complexes without compromising nutrient adsorption whilst at the same time de-activating and eliminating the causative mycotoxin producing fungi organisms is reported by Matt Pearce, Dr Inga Shahin and Daniel Palcu for Meriden Animal Health.
US Feed Outlook - April 2010
Corn ending stocks for 2009/10 are projected higher this month as 1 March stocks indicated lower feed and residual use in the second quarter than forecast earlier, according to the USDA Economic Research Service.
Ingelvac PRRS KV is indicated for the control of Porcine Reproduction and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in breeding sows and gilts.
* Company News

Boehringer Opens Asia's Largest PRRS Forum
SOUTH KOREA - The Fourth Asian PRRSpective opened yesterday in South Korea's Jeju Island to update Asian pig farmers on the latest scientific research on PRRS and effective solutions in keeping it under control.
JSR Sets Sights on Taiwan
TAIWAN - JSR, one of the world’s leading pig genetics businesses, has reaffirmed its keen interest in working with pig producers in Asia by signing a franchise contract with Evabiotech Ltd of Er Lun County in Taiwan, at Pig Focus Asia in Bangkok.
BPEX Passing on Practical Skills
UK - Many pig managers may be good at their job, but can they show somebody else how to be just as good? BPEX is running a free event near York to help farm managers and supervisors pass on their skills to other staff.
Biomin Showcases Product Innovation at VIV Europe
AUSTRIA - Besides unveiling the newest product in its phytogenic line, Biomin gears up for VIV Europe 2010 with two keynote lectures.
* Global Pig Industry News


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SowComfort - Never before has standing been so easy!
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 » Pork Prices Go Up; Price Rise Causes Anger
 » Move to Stabilise Price of Pork
 » Malaysia Considers Relaxing Pork Import Rules


 » Work on Pig Rearing Centre on Hold for 11 Years
Never Stop Improving

 » Berkshire a Triticale Treat for Pigs


 » Manitoba Pork Council Downsizes Board of Directors
 » Improve Monitoring of Foodborne Illnesses
 » Manitoba Pork Producers Call for Provincial Help
 » CPC Requests Reallocation of Unused Funding
 » Genomics Has Potential for Canadian Pig Industry
 » Tips on Saving Money on Energy in Pig Houses
 » Government Invests in Emergency Response System
 » China Lifts Last H1N1-Related Ban on Swine
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 » Challenge to Protect Livestock Sector from Disease


 » Pig Disease Control and Eradication Programme
 » Ag Minister Calls for 'Coherent Animal Health Policy'
 » Increased Checks on Mechanical Classification Urged
 » Aujeszky’s Disease ‘Almost Eliminated’ in Pigs
 » IFA: Tesco Commits to Country-of-Origin Labelling


 » Discussing CAP Post 2013
Circovac - Nothing protects earlier
   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Trend Unchanged Throughout Europe
 » IPPC Changes Threaten Pig Farm Viability
 » Future of EU's Farming Policy Under the Spotlight
 » Human and Animal Health Sectors Must Co-operate

   Viet Nam

 » PRRS Hits Northern Vietnamese Province


 » Zhongpin's Lab Devoted to Meat Safety Research
 » Latest Pig Prices from China
 » AgFeed Invests in Five New Pig Farms
 » Pork Price Slumps for 14 Consecutive Weeks

   United Kingdom

 » Labelling and Supermarkets Part of To-do List
 » Switch Enables Salmonella to Sabotage Host Cells
 » DAPP Nudging Ahead to Stand at 143.9p
 » Consultation on Draft Animal Health Bill

   Russian Federation

 » New Case of ASF in Russia
Intervet - Research makes the difference

 » New IPPC Proposals Would Harm EU Producers


 » Brazilian Pork Export Volume Down 10 Per Cent




 » Pig Farms Blamed for Typhus in Cypriot Village

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