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ThePigSite Newsletter - 11 October 2010

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 11th October 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - Stress Can Be Passed to Next Generation

Research carried out at Scottish Agricultural Colleges (SAC) have found that sows subjected to stress when pregnant produce pigs that appear to be prone to stress themselves: they have lower resistance to disease, grow more slowly, are more fearful and show reduced mothering ability.

Researchers at SAC's Sustainable Livestock Systems Research Group studied the impact of pregnant sows' exposure to social stress, which may happen routinely on pig farms when unfamiliar pigs are mixed into new social groups or when competition between sows occurs when they are fed together. The offspring from stressed mothers were found to be more fearful and to react more strongly to stressful situations than those born to pigs that had not experienced prenatal stress.

The study also found evidence that the piglets' immune systems were affected, potentially making them more susceptible to disease; that they had a substantially slower rate of growth after being weaned; and that they showed poorer quality maternal behaviour with their own piglets, including a greater tendency to attack their young.

Dr Kenny Rutherford of the SAC group that led the study said: "Our findings showed that factors such as social stress on pigs during pregnancy had clear, negative effects on the way their offspring deal with stress, their growth and their behaviour."

On the Company News front, the business press last week reported that Sanofi and Merck appear to be preparing for the sale of their animal health assets, said to be worth about US$1 billion.

Jackie Linden

Big Dutchman

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Animal Welfare and the Veterinary Profession: 50 Years of Change
In his paper to this year's International Pig Veterinarian's Society (IPVS) Congress in Vancouver, Canada, Dr David Fraser of the University of British Columbia described the changing reality and perceptions of animal welfare, writes Jackie Linden, editor of ThePigSite.
Managing Boar Taint: Focus on Genetic Markers
E.J. Squires and F.S. Schenkel of the University of Guelph explain that significant progress has been made towards a genetic solution to boar taint in a paper presented at the London Swine Conference 2010.
Impact of Feeding Diets Containing Extruded Flaxseed Meal and Vitamin E in Finishing Swine
A diet containing five per cent flax seed, fed as a 50:50 co-extruded pea/flax seed blend increased the omega-3 content of pork fat, report A.D. Beaulieu, M.E.R. Dugan and M. Juarez in the Prairie Swine Research Centre Annual Report 2009.
Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Relationships of Valnemulin and Lawsonia intracellularis the Cause of 'Ileitis'
Effective concentrations of valnemulin (Econor®) were achieved in the ileum contents, which inhibited the development of gross lesions of ileitis at 50ppm, according to David Burch (Octagon Services Ltd, UK) and Ulrich Klein (Novartis Animal Health Inc., Switzerland) in their poster presented at the IPVS Congress 2010.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - October 2010
The forecast of total US meat production is raised for 2010 but lowered for 2011, according to the latest USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.
Russian Federation - Livestock and Products Semi-Annual Report 2010
Feed shortages resulting from this year's drought have accelerate the slaughter of cattle and pigs, according to Morgan Haas and Mikhail Maksimenko in the latest GAIN report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Mexico - Livestock and Products Annual 2010
While Mexican cattle inventories for 2011 are expected to decline in 2011, swine production is expected to increase slightly, write Zaida San Juan and Daniel R. Williams II in the latest GAIN report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
* Company News

Silver Medal for Innovation Goes to Ear Tag System
GERMANY - QuigTag from Big Dutchman Pig Equipment has been awarded a Silver Medal from DLG.
Pfizer Announces Winners of First Vet Student Award
US - Pfizer Animal Health yesterday announced the first recipients of the Food Animal Veterinarian Recruitment and Retention Pilot Programme.
AI Catheter Winds Silver Medal for Innovation
FRANCE - The TrueGreen AI catheter from IMV Technologies and Biocath from Landata/Cobiporc have jointly been awarded a Silver Medal by the DLG.
World Nutrition Forum 2010 Countdown Begins
AUSTRIA - The World Nutrition Forum 2010 takes place next week, bringing together top international experts and decision-makers to discuss the key issues affecting the future of animal production, Biomin’s NutriEconomics® programme, and the scientific, leadership and environment questions facing the feed sector today.
Europe's Pig Farming Prospects Outlined at DLG Event
GERMANY - Robert Hoste, pig production economist at LEI – Research Institute or Agricultural Economics of Wageningen University and Research Group in the Netherlands – outlined the future challenges and opportunities for the industry at a press conference organised by DLG in the run-up to EuroTier 2010.
* Global Pig Industry News

United States

» Phytase Summit: Manifesto for Dialogue
» Weekly Outlook: Corn Inventory Estimates
» Weekly Roberts Report
» Market Preview: Impact of Corn Controversies
» CME: Corn the Main Focus of Market Conversations
» Hog Farming’s Positive Impact on Iowa Underscored
» Lawmakers Want GIPSA Rule Economic Analysis
» Pork Producer Says New GIPSA Rules Will Hit Hard
» How Long Will Pork Profits Continue?
» MU Unveils New Swine Teaching Barn
» Hog Slaughter Up from the Previous Week
» Corn Crop Estimate Surprises Industry
» CME: Seasonality Finally Catches Up with Pork Market
» NPB: Tracking Pork’s Carbon Footprint
» USGC Confident in Adequate Supply of Feed Grains

The first and only vaccine for the control of Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy.

» Sanofi, Merck Gear up for Animal Health Sale

European Union

» EU Pig Prices: Price Decline Stops Temporarily


» Pork Product Exports Up Despite Output Decline
» Key to Canadian Pork Industry's Long Term Viability
» Key to Maintaining Profitable Hog Prices Revealed
» Maple Leaf Implements Value Creation Plan
» One in Four Producers Uses Needle-Free Injection
» Benchmarking for Ontario Swine Operations
» Prairie Swine Centre Rebounds from Financial Crisis

United Kingdom

» Pig Producers: How to Stay in Profit
» Innovation, Knowledge Vital to Improve Welfare
» Cranswick Reports Positive Trading Performance
» Food Security Conference - Abstract Deadline Nears
» New Call for Responsible Rodent Control
» Prenatal Stress Leads to Stress-Prone Piglets
» VLA and GVS/AGV National Conference 2010
» A Refreshing Change...
» UFU Meets European Commission on Nitrates

TOPIGS - Progess in Pigs

» Pork Commentary: Mexico Road Trip


» Barbados Pig Sector at All-Time High


» US Distillers Grains Arrive in Tunisia


» Betagro Looks to Expand Export Sales in Asia


» Danish Crown Acquires German Pig Slaughterhouse


» Pigs Burned After Several Test Positive for PRRS

Intervet - Research makes the difference

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