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ThePigSite Newsletter - 25 October 2010
Monday 25th October 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - The 2013 EU Sow Stall Ban and the Law of Unintended Consequences

At a recent meeting in Brussels, representatives from EU countries are reported to have been reluctant to declare their countries' level of preparedness for the sow stall ban due to come into effect in 2013.

In an unofficial straw poll, it emerged that the Austrian industry has been reinvesting in loose housing systems but would prefer it if producers who have invested recently in stall systems were given a derogation to continue using them for their commercial life (15 to 20 years).

According to the Danes, 70 per cent of the industry has already converted. The German delegate indicated that the industry is still some way off being compliant. Around two-thirds of Irish sows are already loose-housed, with grants available to assist producers with the the change-over. In France, 30 to 40 per cent of producers are thought to be compliant, probably accounting for 40 to 50 per cent of pigs.

Seventy per cent of Greek producers are in real difficulty and few will be ready by the deadline. In Italy, it was estimated that about 30 per cent of units are ready. Hungary is reported to be not at all prepared for the ban. In the Netherlands, two-thirds of the industry is already loose-housed. Spain says 30 to 40 per cent of units have already converted. And finally, Poland claims its producers never really invested in stalls so it is already compliant.

The delegates from Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain – countries that lead the EU league table of pig production – all indicated that the production capacity of smaller units that quit the industry rather than investing in new equipment is unlikely to be taken up by the larger units, for various reasons.

It is beginning to look as if there is likely to be a shortage of EU-produced pig meat as the deadline approaches.

Are we going to see another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences? Will the highly praiseworthy ban on sow stalls lead to the need to import more product from countries using systems that would not be permitted in the EU - in other words, a loss of control over welfare standards?

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 8 new features this week:

EU Meat Sector Trends and Trade
The Common Agricultural Policy in Europe has been undergoing a series of reforms and changes over the last 20 years, but still it has an image of protectionism among a large number of non-EU countries, writes ThePigSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
US Pork Outlook - October 2010
Producers have indicated their intention to farrow more sows in the first quarter of 2011 than for two-and-a half-years but tight corn supplies make this decision uncertain, according to Rachel J. Johnson in the latest Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook from the USDA's Economic Research Service.
2011 Forecast: Trade Higher on Broiler Meat and Beef Demand
US - Exports of broiler meat, beef and pork are all forecast to rise, according to the Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Enriching Pork Products with Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Affect Pork Quality
Feeding co-extruded flax seed to increase the alpha linoleic acid content in loin muscle did not result in levels sufficient to meet label requirements in Canada, report A.D. Beaulieu, M.E.R. Dugan and M. Juarez in the Prairie Swine Research Centre Annual Report 2009.
Farrowing Room Maintenance
Ed Barrie, sow and weaner pig specialist with OMAFRA, offers tips on maintenance and essential checks on the farrowing room in the latest 'Pork News and Views'.
Group Sow Housing Focus Groups – Initial Results
Initial results of a project to uncover what pork producers need to be able to comply with this new law requiring sows to be kept in group housing during most of their pregnancy. The article appears in the latest MSU Pork Quarterly and is written by Ronald O. Bates (State Swine Specialist, Michigan State University) and Beth Ferry (Pork Educator, Cass Co., Cassopolis).
Economic Benefits from Eradication of Enzootic Pneumonia and PRRS from a New 800-Gilt Herd
The programme of vaccination and medication successfully controlled enzootic pneumonia for more than a year and PRRSV for 10 months, according to Nigel J. Woolfenden (Bishopton Veterinary Group, UK) and David Burch (Octagon Services Ltd, UK) in their poster presented at the IPVS Congress 2010.
BPEX Export Bulletin - October 2010
The British Pig Executive's (BPEX) Export Bulletin for October 2010 reports pig industry trends from around the world.
Ingelvac PRRS KV is indicated for the control of Porcine Reproduction and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in breeding sows and gilts.
* Company News

Boehringer Ingelheim Founds Vet Research Centre
GERMANY - Boehringer Ingelheim has laid the foundation stone for its European Veterinary Research Center in Hanover.
JSR Looks to the Future
UK - Laura Russell and Mark Woodall have been appointed to boost JSR Genetics' international and UK sales force, respectively.
Step Forward for Online Pig Movement
UK - Pig producers and abattoirs are saving time and money with the new BPEX electronic pig movement project, known in short as eAML2.
ACMC Tip: Watch Out for Aujeszky’s Disease
UK - The recent discovery of Aujeszky’s Disease in pigs in the Pyrenees Atlantic region of France reminds us that we cannot take the absence of notifiable diseases for granted.
Finalists for Pfizer Pig Trainee of Year Awards
UK - Three of the pig industry’s brightest young workers from Berkshire, Devon and Norfolk have been chosen as finalists competing for the 2010 Pfizer Pig Trainee of the Year Award.
Orego-Stim Launched in Brazil
BRAZIL - The Orego-Stim range was launched in Brazil at the Pork Expo & 5th International Forum on Swine Production.
ICAN 2010
MALAYSIA - The International Conference on Animal Nutrition was first organized in 2004 and takes place every two years.
* Global Pig Industry News


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   European Union

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 » Temporary Suspension of Cloning for Food Production
 » EU Countries Prepare for Stalls Ban

   Russian Federation

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 » Re-Opening of Moose Jaw Gets Positive Response
 » Opportunity to Create Competitive Advantage Offered
 » Producers: Monitor for DON-Contaminated Grains
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 » Floods Cause Widespread Losses
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