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ThePigSite Newsletter - 6 December 2010
Monday 6th December 2010
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial - International Trade, Veterinary Agreements in the News

On the day the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement was signed, 3 December, US Agriculture Secretary Vilsack commented: "Today, I received word that the United States and South Korea concluded negotiations on a historic US-Korea Trade Agreement that promises to provide American agriculture with improved access to more than 49 million Korean consumers. From day one, the Obama Administration has focused on taking the steps necessary to move the economy forward, get our family, friends and neighbours back to work and rebuild a strong economic foundation for future prosperity. The US-Korea Trade Agreement will help us do that. The agreement also puts agriculture in a key position to help achieve President Obama's goal of doubling US exports over the next five years.

"Agriculture has a great deal to gain from the trade agreement with Korea."

The move has also been warmly welcomed by industry organisations, including American Farm Bureau Federation, American Meat Institute and the US Meat Export Federation.

And in the animal health field, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has signed an agreement with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in support of the standard setting process and international capacity-building activities.

The terms of the agreement consider the strengthening of international standards and guidelines an essential prerequisite to the establishment and effective implementation of adequate and appropriate national legislations covering all aspects of veterinary medicines, including registration, quality control, distribution, monitoring of quantities and final use.

Dr Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE, said: "The goal is to promote harmonisation of registration requirements for veterinary drugs and the prudent distribution and use of these drugs, under the control of the veterinary services – at national, regional and global levels – in order to better preserve animal health and guarantee the safety and wholesomeness of food of animal origin."

And finally, representatives from all EU Member States and stakeholder groups were invited to a 'Reflection Day' on the EU pig industry in Brussels on 3 December with the view to seeking long-term solutions to its present difficulties.

The meeting was arranged by the Belgians who are keen to discuss the EU pig meat market situation before the country's EU presidency comes to an end. Their aim was to bring together experts across the pig sector from all Member States to explore good practices in this area with a view to extending these at EU level with a long-term perspective.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 5 new features this week:

EU Pig Production to Fall
Pig production in the EU is expected to fall in the second half of next year and through into 2012, writes ThePigSite senior editor, Chris Harris.
Pork CRC Roadshow Reviews Weaning Meanings
Presentations with a 'weaning meaning' by Megan Edwards and Dr Jeff Downing were highlights of the Pork CRC/APL Roadshow at Technology Park, Western Australia in November, according to the Pork CRC Specials newsletter.
Physical Lameness in Breeding Stock
In a Health Bulletin from NADIS, pig veterinarian, Mark White, describes the causes, clinical signs, prevention and treatment of joint conditions in sows and boars.
Feed Efficiency: On-Farm Checks
Although feed prices are largely beyond the pig producer's control, there are a number of routine checks that can be done on the farm to assess efficiency, according to this publication, number 9 in the series 'Knowledge Transfer Bulletins' from BPEX.
Sizing Minimum Ventilation to Save Heating Energy in Swine Housing
Wasted heating energy due to over-ventilation is a costly problem for pig producers. Proper sizing of ventilation and use of variable speed fans can improve energy efficiency, according to the latest publication from Iowa State University Extension.
* Company News

ACMC Tip: Monitor Temperature During Cold Snaps
UK - The recent cold snap is a reminder that winter is coming! Already, our practice is seeing upsurges in coughs and respiratory disease in pigs, probably triggered by fluctuations in temperature, says Paul Thompson, veterinary consultant to pig-breeding company ACMC Ltd.
George Nicolaou New Director for TOPIGS Hellas
GREECE, BULGARIA & MACEDONIA - TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of George Nicolaou as Director of TOPIGS Hellas effective from 15 November 2010. He will be responsible for the business development of TOPIGS activities in Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia.
* Global Pig Industry News

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 » Sharp Drop in Brazilian Pork Exports


 » Pork Fest Organised to Promote Local Pork Products


 » Pig Farmers Treated to Enlightening Seminar
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