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ThePigSite Newsletter - 21 February 2011

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Editorial - UK Farmers' Conference Hears CAP Changes Needed to Free up World Trade

The UK must get world leaders to open up markets allowing the farming sector to export more and free up world trade, wrote ThePigSite editor in chief, Chris Harris from the UK's National Farmers Union Conference last week. This was a key message from UK Agriculture Secretary, Caroline Spelman, in her address.

Ms Spelman said that the UK backed the European agriculture Commissioner for focusing on climate change and food security as major challenges to the European agriculture sector. However, she said that the commission's proposals lack foresight and fall short of what is necessary.

She said that agriculture is now coming to the front of negotiations globally and is being seen as a crucial issue in stabilising the global economy and providing food for the growing human population. For the first time, agriculture is on the agenda for the G20 countries to discuss at their next summit, she said.

Ms Spelman continued, saying the government's proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) were both more credible and more deliverable than previous proposals.

US and Canadian inventory of all hogs and pigs for December 2010 was 76.2 million head, one per cent lower that a year previously and four per cent down from December 2008. The breeding inventory, at 7.09 million head, was also down one per cent from a year ago and up slightly from last quarter. Market hog inventory and the pig crop were also down one per cent and there were two per cent fewer sows.

The volume of Brazil's pork exports in January was almost 11 per cent lower than in the same month of the previous year although the value of those exports was up 2.8 per cent in US dollar terms.

And in the EU, among the topics on the agenda for the Agriculture & Fisheries Council meeting today (21 February) is the future use of animal proteins in feeds for pigs and poultry.

And finally, the spread of foot and mouth disease (FMD) seems to be gaining momentum in Viet Nam.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Breeding Herd and Market Pigs Slump in Denmark (February 2011)
By Chris Harris, Editor-in-Chief of ThePigSite. Our snapshot of the ongoing global pig industry trends as reported in February 2011 Whole Hog Brief. To read the full detailed analysis, including all the commentary and graphical data, subscribe to the publication.
Vaccination for the Smaller Pig Population - Part 2
In the second of this two-part series, pig veterinarian, Mark White, advises on vaccine handling and application for a small pig herd as a Health Bulletin from NADIS.
Meeting the Challenge of Feeding Just-Weaned Pigs
Feeding newly-weaned pigs can be a challenge, but remember, good care at the beginning translates into more profit in the end. PIC offers advice on how proper feed management for newly-weaned pigs can help to overcome these challenges.
US Pork Outlook - February 2011
First quarter commercial pork production is expected to be almost one per cent above the same period last year with prices 15 per cent higher, according to the latest Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook from the USDA's Economic Research Service.
Influence of Feed Flavour on Pre-Weaning Pig Performance
Recent research indicates providing a feed flavour in creep feed does little to increase pre-weaning performance or the number of creep-eaters within a litter although it is an important tool in starting piglets on solid feed, writes Greg Simpson, swine nutritionist for the Ontario agriculture ministry in the latest issue of Pork News and Views from OMAFRA.
New Soybean Meal Sources are Good Alternatives to Fish Meal
Two new sources of soybean meal are capturing attention throughout the country. University of Illinois research indicates that fermented soybean meal and enzyme-treated soybean meal may replace fish meal in weanling pig diets.
Biomin - the natural way
* Company News

Hypor and Hyvar Select Finalise Agreement
BELGIUM - After the letter of intent on 19 November 2010, Hypor and Hyvar Select have finalised the agreement last week.
Innovations at VIV Asia from Big Dutchman
THAILAND - Big Dutchman will have a number of innovations on show at VIV Asia 2011, which takes place in Bangkok on 9 to 11 March.
Voets Heads Asia Marketing for Boehringer
CHINA - Dr Harm Voets has moved to a new position as Head of Regional Marketing, Asia in Boehringer Ingelheim International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
PCV in the Spotlight of European Researchers
EU - The fourth edition of the European PCV2 Research Award sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim saw a record number of applications showing the continued interest in Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) research: 13 researchers from 10 different countries submitted proposals.
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 » Animal Medicines to Play Vital Role in Food Security
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 » Brazil's Pork Export Value Steady in January

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 » Novel H1N1 Found in Few HK Pigs; no Reassortment


 » Focus on Consumer Recognised Value Encouraged
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