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ThePigSite Newsletter - 14 March 2011

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Editorial - More Exhibitors, More Visitors at VIV Asia 2011

With 20 per cent growth, VIV Asia 2011 indicates that world suppliers are expanding in Asia. The region is gearing to become the world's most active livestock production zone as a result of impressive economic growth.

VIV Asia 2011, Asia largest technology showcase, was held last week in the Thai capital, Bangkok, with record numbers of both exhibitors and pre-registered visitors, including ThePigSite's senior editor, Jackie Linden. Feedback from exhibitors was generally very positive, with comments on both the numbers and decision-making 'power' of the visitors, who packed the three exhibition halls on the first two days of the event. There was also a particularly strong programme of conferences and exhibitor seminars.

Turning to the news, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Serbia are to lift all import restrictions they introduced after the dioxin incident in Germany at the turn of this year. They are able to do so as they have received the necessary information and reassurance that the situation is under control and that products can be safely imported from the EU, according to European Commission Trade officials.

Last Friday was dominated by news of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. Without meaning to be insensitive in any way regarding the human suffering and the threat of a major disaster involving nuclear power plants, the CME Group focused attention on the market implications of this disaster.

In terms of US trade, Japan is the largest customer in terms of value for US pork and beef. Japan was the largest customer for pork cuts in terms of volume and third largest customer for beef cuts in terms of volume in 2010. Furthermore, says CME Group, much of the US beef and pork that goes to Japan is delivered to ports from Tokyo southward. Several news reports have pointed out that, even though these ports were almost all closed on Friday (Saturday in Japan), most were not heavily damaged and were expected to be open again this week.

Refrigeration is also an issue but reports indicate that the power grid is operational in many areas and power will be diverted and re-routed to areas in need. The hardest hit areas obviously do not have a working power delivery system, so there will be problems in serving those areas and some product will no doubt be lost.

Our thoughts are with all those who are suffering from this monumental natural disaster.

Jackie Linden

Intervet - Research makes the difference

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Raporal Makes Tastier Pork
Every day, four trucks leave from the Raporal factory, on the outskirts of Montijo in Portugal to the warehouses of Jerónimo Martins (JM).
Canada's Farm Income Forecast for 2010 and 2011
2011 preliminary forecasts indicate a decline in farm income as increased crop and livestock receipts get offset by higher expenses and reduced programme payments, according to the latest forecast from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Australian and Canadian Pork Industries Compared
In the details, there are differences between the Australian and Canadian pig industries, writes Jaydee Smith, Production Systems Program leader for the Ontario agriculture ministry in the latest issue of Pork News and Views from OMAFRA, based on a paper at last years's Shakespeare Swine Seminar.
Advantages of Covered Creep Areas
There are a number of advantages of covering creep areas, some of which are highlighted in Knowledge Transfer Bulletin No. 11 from BPEX.
Chef's Key Strategies to Capture Consumer Mind-Set
Brad Smoliak gave delegates to the 2011 Banff Pork Seminar a taste of his energetic, fun and passionate outlook, and what the industry can do to capture the consumer mind-set in a presentation entitled 'Getting Pork on the Consumer's Plate'.
One Virus Gene May Explain Poor PRRS Vaccine Efficacy
The highly pathogenic porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome viruses (PRRSV) in the field in China were revealed to be distantly related to vaccine strains in work at Lanzhou, which may explain the poor protection offered by some vaccines.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - March 2011
The forecasts for red meat and poultry production and prices in 2011 have been raised from a month ago, according to the latest USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.
Circovac - Nothing protects earlier
* Company News

Biotronic Top3 to Capitalise on Perforizer Effect
THAILAND - Biomin launched Biotronic® Top3, a new natural growth promoter combining carefully selected ingredients with a scientifically proven synergism for improved animal performance at VIV Asia 2011.
VIV and ILDEX Tie Up in India
INDIA - VNU Exhibitions Europe and NCC Exhibition Organizer (NEO) have decided to bring their respective brands of VIV and ILDEX together together in India next year for VIV/ILDEX India 2012.
* Global Pig Industry News


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