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ThePigSite Newsletter 4 July 2011

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 4th July 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – Light at the End of the Tunnel for Slaughter without Stunning?

Pressure is growing in the EU to end the slaughter of animals without prior stunning as, last week, the Netherlands made the first move.

Welfare campaigning organisation, Eurogroup for Animals, welcomed the recent vote by the Dutch Parliament, which makes stunning prior to slaughter, including for religious slaughter, obligatory in the Netherlands.

This is a step forward for animal welfare as it ends the exemption for religious slaughter where animals are killed fully conscious without stunning on religious grounds and this will alleviate the suffering of up to one million animals in the Netherlands, says Eurogroup.

The Bill, which received overwhelming support in the Parliament (116 out of 150 votes), is based on the strong scientific consensus that animals rendered unconscious prior to slaughter suffer less than animals bled while fully conscious.

Dr Michel Courat, Policy Officer for Farm Animals at Eurogroup for Animals, commented: "This is a major step forward for animal welfare and we urge all of the 26 other European Union member states to follow the example of the Dutch government. It will, however, be possible for religious groups to get an exemption, but only when they provide indisputable proof that their alternative method will not cause more harm to animal welfare than pre-slaughter stunning."

In the last week came the good news that sky-high feed ingredient prices may be coming to an end – for maize, at least.

With the release of USDA's June Grain Stocks and Acreage reports comes a fundamental shift in the corn market, suggesting that corn prices will come under considerable pressure, according to University of Illinois agricultural economist, Darrel Good.

Both the latest US data on maize stocks and area planted were positive for livestock producers as they indicate a future fall in prices. Things do not look so promising for the price of soybeans, however. Stocks were a little higher than expected but the planted area was lower.

Turning to pig health, Russia's chief veterinarian has warned that African Swine Fever, lethal to pigs though harmless to humans, has reached Central Russia and may spread to all European parts of the country.

A new report reveals that the foot and mouth disease (FMD) epidemic in Viet Nam now covers 39 provinces and nearly 38,000 pigs have died or been destroyed.

But to finish on a positive note, this week is Australian Ham Week, a celebration to recognise that the best hams are made from 100 per cent home-produced pork. Happy Ham Week, Australia!

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Tips for Pork Producers to Beat Summer Heat
The University of Minnesota's Mark Whitney provides tips on how to beat heat stress in pigs during the summer months.
Water in Swine Production: a Review of its Significance and Conservation Strategies
A review of the importance of good water quality for pig production and tips on the best water management practices from Martin Nyachoti and Elijah Kiarie of the University of Manitoba in a paper presented at the Manitoba Swine Seminar 2010.
Emerging Threats Quarterly Report - Pig Diseases - January to March 2011
A report on severe cases of porcine circovirus 2 (PCV-2)-associated disease linked with the cessation of PCV2 vaccination is among the main items in the latest quarterly disease report from AHVLA.
Should the Underlines of Neonatal Gilts be Taped?
A standard operating procedure briefing by Julie Feldpausch and Dale W. Rozeboom, Instructor at Michigan State University, in the latest issue of Pork Quarterly from MSU.
Livestock Manure and Agricultural By-Products for Biogas
A team of researchers from the Institute for Animal Science and Technology of the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain) has developed a project that combines pig slurry and agricultural by-products to optimise biogas production.
Orego-Stim for the Lactating Sow and its Litter
The benefits of feeding Orego-Stim during lactation on the sow and her litter are reviewed in Technical Bulletin No. 9 from Meriden Animal Health.
Merck Animal Health - It's a New Day for Animal Health
* Company News

Partnership to Expand Enzyme Solutions
US - The enzyme solutions available to nutritionists, producers and others looking to optimise nutrition in poultry, pork, beef, dairy, aquaculture and companion animals will be expanding as the result of a strategic collaboration announced yesterday between Novus International, Inc. and Verenium Corporation.
Better Piglets and Stronger Sows
NETHERLANDS - Extra balanced breeding can result in sows producing stronger and heavier piglets concludes TOPIGS’ researcher, Rob Bergsma, in his PhD research.
Pfizer Boosts Swine Team in Ontario
ONTARIO, CANADA - Blair Cressman joins Steve Johns, Swine Industry Specialist, to increase support to the province's pork industry.
Merck Announces New Name for Animal Health Group
GLOBAL - Merck’s animal health division, formerly known as Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, announced that effective today it will begin using the new name, Merck Animal Health. It will be known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada.
Swine Flu Deserves a New Look
SPAIN - During the 6th International Symposium on Emerging and Re-emerging Pig Diseases held in Barcelona, Spain last month, nearly 400 pig specialists attended the Merial Satellite Symposium 'Update on Swine Influenza'.
CID Lines Launches New Cleaner
BELGIUM - Biorex is the new standard in cleaning, according to CID Lines.
New Multiplier for Red Willow Colony
SOUTH DAKOTA, US - Red Willow Colony has built a brand new 1,100-sow unit at the new location for Red Willow Colony near White in South Dakota.
Renovations in Spanish Zahara Farm
SPAIN - TOPIGS has renovated the Zahara nucleus breeding farm in the province of Toledo near the village Cervera de los Montes.
* Global Pig Industry News

   Viet Nam

 » FMD NEWS: FMD Kills Over 45,000 Animals
 » Tests Reveal Illegal Additive in Pig Feed

   United States

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 » Higher Corn Acreage May Cause Prices to Plummet
 » Low Farrowing Forecast for Next Six Months
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 » Aus-NZ Companies Develop New Drugs for Vets
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   United Kingdom

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JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust
   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Prices Steady with Better Demand
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Biomin - the natural way

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 » End to Slaughter Without Stunning Welcomed


 » MAP and FMD Funds Grow Mexican DDGS Market

   Russian Federation

 » Top Russian Veterinarian Warns of ASF

Novartis Animal Health

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