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ThePigSite Newsletter - 11 July 2011

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 11th July 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – Study Gets to the Root of PMWS

New research, published in the latest issue of Preventative Veterinary Medicine, has identified the factors that make some farms more likely to develop Post Weaning Multi-systemic Wasting Syndrome (PMWS)

The disease is estimated to cost the UK pig industry £30 million each year. The research could help to outline best practice husbandry to enable farmers to optimise animal welfare and maintain production.

PMWS is relatively new to the UK: it was first seen in 1999 and has since become widespread. The disease strikes young pigs from about six weeks after they are removed from the sows; they then lose weight, have difficulty breathing and can suffer from fever and diarrhoea as they slowly become emaciated. Up to 30 per cent of infected pigs die of the disease.

In this study, Pablo Alacorn and Dr Barbara Wieland from the Royal Veterinary College in the UK looked at 147 pig farms across England. Their team, led by Professor Dirk Werling, found that the farms with the lowest incidence of PMWS had clean, enriched environments with the maximum amount of space for pigs as possible.

They also found that pigs reared outside were at considerably less risk from PMWS.

PMWS is associated with the presence of a virus called porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) but the virus alone does not seem to cause the syndrome. Many pigs with the virus do not develop the disease. This suggests that PMWS is only likely to develop when pigs are unhealthy for other reasons.

Professor Werling explaind: "We found that good animal husbandry is the best way to guard against an outbreak of PMWS. If pigs are reared outdoors, or in an enriched, clean environment, they are far less likely to get sick, even if the virus is present."

"Our research suggests that by reducing the likelihood of PMWS, improving conditions for pigs is a good investment because, in the long term, production is improved."

Also in the news in the latest figures for EU pig meat exports, which were 26 per cent higher in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period of the previous year. The volume sent to South Korea was up 164 per cent, meeting the extra demand as the country was hit by FMD. Increased volumes were also sent to Japan, Hong Kong and China.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 4 new features this week:

Effects of Stockperson Behaviour on Animal Welfare and Productivity
Speaking at a recent Boehringer Animal Welfare Forum, Professor Paul Hemsworth, Director of the Animal Welfare Science Centre discussed human-animal interactions in livestock production. Charlotte Johnston, ThePigSite Editor, reports from the conference.
Spanish Study Aims to Improve PMWS Diagnosis
A targeted sampling approach did not give better estimates than random sampling for the diagnosis of post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS), according to recently published research from Spain.
Time-to-Suckle in Cross-Fostered Piglets?
Cross-fostering, if done correctly, need not interfere with the ingestion of adequate colostrum and acquisition of passive immunity by cross-fostered piglets, say Scott A. Kramer and Roy N. Kirkwood at the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at Michigan State University in the latest issue of Pork Quarterly from MSU.
Manitoba Swine Seminar 2011
The theme of the 2011 Manitoba Swine Seminar was 'Sharing Ideas and Information for Efficient Pork Production'.
Performance, Unleashed
* Company News

New Director of TOPIGS do Brasil Appointed
BRAZIL - TOPIGS is pleased to announce the appointment of Jóster Macedo as director of TOPIGS do Brasil. Jóster Macedo, 37, has broad experience of the Brazilian agricultural industry. He was country manager of Tyson Foods in Brasil and CEO of Macedo Agroindustrial.
Third World Pig Prices Higher than UK's
UK - Poor 'Third World' countries are prepared to pay more for their pork than British retailers. In Cambodia - where Yorkshire-based pig-breeding company, ACMC Ltd, is doing business - the farm-gate price paid for pigs is currently equivalent to £2.47 per kg deadweight. This compares with the UK price of just £1.51 per kg.
Over 30 Weaned Piglets Per Year
US - Cardinal Pork is a farrow-to-wean farm of 2400 sows. Since becoming a TOPIGS multiplier in 2008, the production has improved dramatically compared to the previous genetic line they were using.
Performance-Profit-Planet: Biomin Days 2011
AUSTRIA - Focusing on animal nutrition in a changing environment, the Biomin welcomed its guests to Vienna in mid-June.
Biomin Ukraine Contributes to Industry Development
UKRAINE - On 1 June 2011, the 3rd International Congress Profitable pig production, organized by Dykun Global Consult was held in Kiev.
Hermitage Maxgro Successful in Thailand
THAILAND - The first Maxgro boars were delivered to Hermitage customers in Thailand in March 2010.
Maxgro Progeny Set a New Record
GERMANY - Maxgro progeny from Hermitage Genetics have set a new record for growth rate at an independent test station in Germany.
Spanish Hog Markets, June 2011
SPAIN - The Spanish pork market normally runs at its higher prices through spring and the summer seasons characterized for higher consumption pushed mainly by the tourism industry, writes Javier Santamartina, PhD, Genesus Representative in Spain, Italy and Portugal.
Awards Given for Stockman Training
UK - The first BPEX Stockman Development Programmes concluded last week in the East and North with two presentation evenings.
* Global Pig Industry News


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   South Africa

 » South Africa Reopens to Brazilian Pork

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Little Fluctuation Noted
 » Exporters to Benefit from EU-South Korea FTA
 » Food Labels to be Clearer for Consumers
 » MEPs Back MS Right to Ban GM Cultivation
 » Return to Feeding Animal Protein on its Way?
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 » June CPI Likely to Hit Three Year High
 » China's Pork Prices Up 3.4 Per Cent Last Week
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   United Kingdom

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Merck Animal Health - It's a New Day for Animal Health

 » Vostermans Presents a New Version of Basket Fans


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   United States

 » CME: Mid-2011 Livestock and Poultry Supplies
 » Products Recalled for Possible Listeria Contamination
 » Sorting Out the 1 June Corn Stocks Estimate
 » Study Shows Cool-Season Grasses More Profitable
 » Market Preview: Corn Crop Looking Good on Paper
 » CME: US Pork Imports
 » Purdue Hosts International Behaviour Meeting
 » NPB Begins Building 2012 Plan and Budget
 » AFB Comment on Memorandum on Mexican Trucks
 » Industry Groups Unhappy over Ethanol Deal
 » CME: Pressure to Make Deal Regarding Sow Stalls
 » NPPC Statement Regarding Overall Pork Production
 » Improved Profitability Outlook for Pork Producers
 » Sows Slaughter Up Compared to 12 Months Ago
 » Producers Express Frustration over GIPSA Rule


 » Growth Promoter Debates Could Undermine Trade
 » FAO Food Price Index Up Slightly in June
 » Lower Feed Costs Improve Profitability Outlook

   Korea, South

 » Engineered Pig Viable for Human Transplants Created


 » Lithuania Reports One New CSF Outbreak


 » IFA: Call for Reduction in Compound Feed Prices

   Russian Federation

 » African Swine Fever Situation Not Improving
 » African Swine Fever Recurs in Eastern Russia


 » Janssen Pharmaceutica Completes Divestiture

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