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ThePigSite Newsletter - 18 July 2011

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 18th July 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – Chinese Producers Concerned about Too-High Pig Prices

It might come as a surprise that high pig prices could possibly be a cause for concern for producers but Chinese pig farmers say they are worrying about the recent surge in pork prices, citing fears that the current boom might prompt vast profit-driven expansion and lead to a price plunge in future.

Latest statistics show China's pork prices surged 57 per cent year-on-year in June, stoking inflation worries while setting pork suppliers fidgeting upon the potential future shake-up in the industry.

Rising food prices are also a concern in the US. A recent USDA report highlights that more US corn than ever is being used to produce ethanol. In response, a group of industry organisations has set up a web site to explain corn-based ethanol's connection with rising meat and poultry prices.

The web site,, has been launched by organisations, whose members produce and process the majority of meat and poultry in the United States.

They explain that food prices are up – meat and poultry prices specifically are up 8.5 per cent from a year ago – and many consumers are asking why. According to the web site, the government's federal subsidies for corn-based ethanol are key contributors, and a petition has been started there for the public to urge the federal government to change its renewable energy policies.

Last week, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published two reports that relate to the food industry. One, published with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is their first joint report on antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic bacteria affecting humans, animals and food.

The other report gives up-to-date information on food-borne viruses. EFSA says that food-borne viruses are the second most important cause of food-borne outbreaks in the European Union (EU) after Salmonella. The review covers the latest scientific knowledge on these viruses, and provides advice on possible measures to control and prevent their spread in the EU.

In the UK, a magazine advertisement that stated organically farmed animals are reared under better welfare conditions than non-organically reared animals has been ruled misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Also in the UK, Compassion in World Farming, Sustain and The Soil Association have welcomed a joint letter from the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the British Medical Association (BMA) on the use and misuse of antimicrobials. The three organisations have formed the 'Save our Antibiotics' alliance.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 6 new features this week:

Effect of Source & Quantity of Dietary Vitamin D in Maternal & Creep Diets on Bone Metabolism & Growth in Piglets
Supplementation of the sow diet during pregnancy with 50µg/kg of either of the two vitamin D sources tested was adequate to meet the needs of the sow herself, the developing foetuses and for normal skeletal mineralisation and growth in her offspring, according to researchers based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Feed Outlook - July 2011
Higher stocks and production have boosted the feed grain supply, according to the latest report from the USDA Economic Research Service.
World Agricultural Supply And Demand Estimates - July 2011
Meat production in the US is expected to remain stable next year, according to the latest USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.
Orego-Stim and Post-Weaning Diarrhoea Syndrome
A review of the efficacy of Orego-Stim against post-weaning diarrhoea in Technical Bulletin No. 11 from Meriden Animal Health.
United Kingdom Pig Meat Market Update - July 2011
The DAPP in the UK has continued its upward trend in recent weeks, while the EU pig reference price moved up again in the first half of June, according to James Park, senior economic analyst with AHDB Meat Services Economic and Policy Analysis Group in his latest explanation of the trends in the UK and EU.
BPEX Export Bulletin - July 2011
The British Pig Executive's (BPEX) Export Bulletin for July 2011 reports pig industry trends from around the world.
Pfizer Animal Health - FluSURExp
* Company News

Ceva Huadu: New Innovation and R&D Platform
CHINA - A joint venture agreement - to be known as Ceva Huadu - has been signed in Beijing between Ceva and Huadu.
ACMC Tip: Combating Seasonal Infertility
UK - Many farms will experience reduced fertility over the next few months due to summer and autumn infertility, warns Paul Thompson, veterinary consultant to pig-breeding company ACMC Ltd.
Meriden China Celebrates Anniversary
CHINA - Meriden (Guangzhou) Biotech Co Limited recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of the thriving joint venture with Meriden Animal Health Limited.
TOPIGS Ships Breeding Pigs to Japan
JAPAN - In June TOPIGS shipped 324 breeding pigs to Japan. These animals from the top of the TOPIGS' breeding pyramid and with the highest SPF health status came from Canada.
Top Chinese Talent Joins JSR
UK - One of China's brightest young graduates has joined a leading UK pig genetics company and will play a key role in their plans for sales growth in China and Asia.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United States

 » Pork Commentary: Corn Ethanol Suffers Setback
 » Corn Market Waiting on August Production Report
 » Market Preview: Record-High Hog Prices
 » USDA Approves First RT PCR Test to Detect SIV
 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » Factors Leading to Rising Pork Prices
 » Tight Supply Situation Still Driving Corn Market
 » Pork Cooking Temperature Could Boost Demand
 » CME: Tighter–Than–Expected Corn Ending Stocks
 » Real-Time PCR Test to Detect Swine Influenza Virus
 » Pork Exports Solid Despite Market Access Issues
 » CME: Exports Grow as US Fills Demand
 » Website Seeks to End Corn-Ethanol's Federal Support
 » Delegation Spends Time Understanding DDGS Sector
 » AFBF Outlines Steps to Ease Regulatory Nightmare
 » Meat and Poultry Industry Fundamentals Diverge
 » CME: Ethanol Producers Corn Usage to Rise
 » May Pork Imports Down 1.2 Per Cent

Biomin - the natural way
   New Zealand

 » Imported Pork is 100 Per Cent Safe

   European Union

 » EU Pig Prices: Price Increase Finally Realised
 » Report on Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria
 » EC to Investigate Costs of Compliance with EU Laws
 » Cuts in Agriculture Budget Criticised
 » EFSA Publishes Report on Viral Food-Borne Illness
 » Alternatives to Surgical Castration of Pigs

   Korea, South

 » Lowered Tariffs to be Imposed on More Pork Imports
 » South Korean Meat Imports Higher


 » Premier Pushes to Contain Pork Prices
 » China Looks to Drive Down Pork Prices
 » Producers Concerned as Pork Prices Surge

Novartis Animal Health

 » Positive Reaction to We Care Billboard Campaign
 » International Conference on Welfare Assessment
 » Hylife Foods Receives C$10m Boost
 » Improved Productivity and Increased Profits
 » KAP Expresses Concerns Over Passage of Bill 46
 » Higher Slaughter Capacity, Value-Added Processing

   United Kingdom

 » VION Receives CIWF Pig Welfare Award
 » IPPC Factsheet Amended
 » Organic Farming Welfare Claims Judged Misleading
 » Jimmy Doherty Champions Scottish Pork Production
 » Hampshire Boar Wins Pig of the Year
 » Controlling Boar Taint in Pork
 » Fickle Balance Between Supply and Demand
 » Feed Mill Fire under Investigation


 » African Swine Fever Derails Pig Rearing in Gulu


 » Mexican Hog Market - July 2011

Pig Signals Training Books

 » Pig Heaven in Bolivia


 » Go-Ahead for Brasil Foods-Sadia Merger
 » June Pork Exports Jump in Volume and Value


 » Nebraska Beef, Soy, Corn Groups Visit Japan


 » Farmers Condemn Attack on GM Research Crop


 » Pigs Increase in Fiji's North Division


 » Board Changes and Acquisitions at AgFeed

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