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ThePigSite Newsletter - 28 November 2011

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 28th November 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – Sow Stalls Ban Just 13 Months Away: How Ready are EU Producers?

The latest BPEX Imports Report aims to provide an analysis of UK pork and pork products import trade and the possible implications of the partial ban on sow stall ban in the EU from January 2013. Sow stalls for use in pig production were banned completely in the UK in 1999, when the industry adopted loose housing production systems to raise animal welfare standards.

As well as exploring the possible impacts of the pig meat trade for the UK, the report offers the latest update on the level of preparedness for the forthcoming ban by pig producers in other EU states, for which there are no official data.

Until recently, it was widely assumed that Denmark would be fully compliant with the Directive, 2001/88/EC, by January 2013 but the producers' association has reported lately that nearly one-third of producers will be unable to comply with the new welfare requirements, a situation attributed to difficulties in applying for loans to finance the required investment.

Lack of profitability in the Dutch industry has been given as the main reason why the remaining two-thirds of producers have not yet updated their sow housing, while the additional burden of environmental regulations is adding to the difficulties of Dutch producers.

Germany is by far the largest pig meat producer in the EU, yet a Rabobank report indicates that only 20 per cent of the national sow herd is produced to the higher welfare standards demanded by the directive. Reductions in the numbers of in-pig gilts and maiden gilts in the last census suggests that some farmers are ceasing production rather than investing in new housing.

In Belgium, Rabobank estimates that only 20 per cent of the sow herd is 2001/88/EC-compliant already. The pig producers' organisation in Flanders has presented a plan to Government to reduce the national herd by 100,000 sows or 20 per cent to enable remaining farmers to improve their returns so they can invest in new housing.

In the Irish Republic, reports indicate compliance ranging from 20 per cent to 70 per cent of the pig herd, while only 30 to 40 per cent of France's pig sector was reported to be compliant as the result of financing problems.

Spain has the largest sow herd in the EU with 2.4 million head; the Rabobank report considered the industry to be only 30 per cent compliant in early 2011, while the same proportion of the Italian industry has already converted its sow stalls.

In Poland, the breeding herd has declined sharply and further falls are expected as loss-making producers decide to quit the industry. Similar patterns in sow numbers are reported in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

The latest figures from the US show commercial red meat production slightly higher in October than in the same month a year ago. Pork production for the month was up two per cent from the previous year.

Following the recent announcement that the European Commission is moving to cut the use of antibiotics in agriculture, the German Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection has announced a package of measures to gain better control of the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry. In the UK, antibiotic use is reported to be on the rise again after a prolonged period of decline although the report stresses that the use of antimicrobials per tonne of feed has risen only slightly.

And finally, research conducted at Canada's Prairie Swine Centre suggests the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in the diet of the sow is of greater significance in influencing her reproductive performance than the actual amounts of the compounds.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 9 new features this week:

Meeting Global Demand for More Meat
As the world has welcomed its seven billionth person, the concerns of meat and food producers globally are turning to how this ever growing population is going to be fed, writes ThePigSite Editor in Chief, Chris Harris.
JSR Evaluates 2011 as Year of Agricultural Revolution
This year's Annual JSR Technical Conference proposed that this year was one of revolution in the agricultural industry. Jackie Linden, senior editor of ThePigSite, reports on the event.
Analysis of UK Pork and Pork Products Import Trade from 2013
The latest BPEX Imports Report provides an analysis of UK pork and pork products import trade and the possible implications of the EU sow stall ban from January 2013.
US Producers Join Regional Groups to Control PRRS
The long-term vision of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) is to eliminate porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome (PRRS). As traditional methods have not been effective in all cases, regional, voluntary programmes have been developed to control PRRS, writes Carla Wright for ThePigSite.
Risks for Animal and Public Health Related to the Presence of Alternaria Toxins in Feed and Food
Fungi in the family, Alternaria, produce mycotoxins in a range of plants that include cereals and oilseeds. Following a study of the possible adverse effects of Alternaria mycotoxins on the health of humans, farm animals and pets, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) was unable to rule out the possibility of some types of toxin causing problems in chickens, the only species of farm animals for which some toxicity data suitable for risk assessment exist.
Effects of Dietary Seaweed Extract Supplementation to Sows and Weaned Pigs
Seaweed extract (SWE) supplementation after weaning improved gut health and enhanced the performance of starter pigs and increased growth rate during the grower-finisher phases, according to researchers in the Irish Republic. There was no response to SWE inclusion in grower-finisher pigs born from sows that had received SWE in late pregnancy.
Effects on Boar Sperm Quality of Dietary Supplementation with Omega-3 PUFAs Differ Between Breeds
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) improved the sperm quality of Large White and Pietrain boars, according to researchers in Girona, Spain, but not for those of the Duroc breed.
Canada-South Korea Free Trade Agreement
The free trade between Canada and South Korea was formally launched in July 2005 but has gone largely nowhere since then despite several high-level meetings between the leaders, such as a November meeting in 2010 on the fringes of the G-20 in Seoul and the South Korean President Lee Myung-bak attended the G20 Summit in Toronto in June, according to Canada Pork International.
Piglets Overcoming Post-Weaning Stress
Achieving good performance in growing pigs starts with ensuring the sow produces enough milk and after weaning, pathogenic bacteria can be combatted by feeding a combination of organic acids, cinnamaldehyde and a permeabilising substance, according to Biomin.
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* Company News

AI Specialists Come Together in Spain
SPAIN - The annual AI seminar of AIM Worldwide was hosted by AIM Iberica this year.
TOPIGS Boars from Canada to Russia
CANADA & RUSSIA - On 6 April 2011, TOPIGS transported 56 boars from Canada to four TOPIGS clients in Russia.
Andrew Saunders Joins BPEX Board
UK - BPEX has welcomed Andrew Saunders as another new board member, following the departure of John Hughes who has retired.
Benefits of Recording Feed Conversion
UK - "Efficient feed conversion is the most important economic trait in pig production yet, as an industry, we are quite poor at measuring it," Ed Sutcliffe, geneticist and technical director of pig-breeding company ACMC told a meeting of Northamptonshire Quality Pig Producers’ Association at Moulton College, near Northampton.
UK Genetics and Support Win German Franchise
GERMANY - World class genetics, backed by advanced technical support, has clinched a major franchise contract for UK based JSR Genetics, in the form of a new breeding company, JSR Hybrid Deutschland GmbH.
Genesus Looks for Sales Person - US Midwest
US - Genesus is looking for Sales Representatives. You will see our ad in Feedstuffs (below). Why? Genesus sales and supply are growing rapidly. the company is adding sales people not replacing.
TOPIGS Imports Top Genetics into China
CHINA - TOPIGS has successfully imported 1003 top breeding pigs to China. These animals originate from TOPIGS nucleus farms in Canada. The great grandparent pigs are the top of the TOPIGS breeding pyramid and have the highest SPF health status.
Performance, Unleashed
* Global Pig Industry News


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