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ThePigSite Newsletter - 12 December 2011

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 12th December 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – Downsizing of the US Pork Industry Has Benefited Survivors

October was another excellent month for US pork exports, according to the latest statistics reported by US Meat Export Federation (USMEF).

Pork exports set a new all-time monthly value record at $573.9 million – up 41 per cent from last year – which pushed the cumulative value for the year to October to a new annual record of $4.93 billion.

"Establishing new annual value records just 10 months into the year is an extraordinary accomplishment, and one that the US pork and beef industries should be very proud of," said USMEF President and CEO, Philip Seng. "Sustaining an aggressive export pace is critical for maintaining and creating American jobs and a positive balance of trade."

The main markets for American pig meat were China, Japan, Mexico, Canada and South Korea, all of which took higher volumes and/or values.

In related news, US pork producers could find themselves back in the black in 2012 after several years of struggling to earn a profit, according to Purdue Extension agricultural economist, Chris Hurt.

Profits in 2012 are forecast at about $17 per head, which would be the highest since 2006, he said. He added that while a return to profitability is welcome news, it seems there are more broad implications.

"The pork industry, like most other animal industries, has made the adjustments necessary to live in a world of high-priced feed," he said. "It also looks like the pork industry has probably 'turned the corner' on high feed prices heading into 2012."

The large financial losses of previous years resulted in some downsizing of the industry through discouragement and bankruptcy. As a result, the amount of pork available to US consumers has dropped from about 51 pounds per person in 2007 to an estimated 46 pounds per person in 2012. According to Professor Hurt, that reduction has helped retail pork prices climb from $2.87 per pound in 2007 to $3.43 per pound in 2011 – a 20 per cent increase.

Russian pig meat imports could grow from this year's 23 per cent of the market as soon as the country joins the World Trade Organization. This is the opinion of Yury Kovalyov, chief executive of the National Pig Farmers' Union, and it could start to bite as soon as early next year, he said.

The change stems chiefly from the government's agreement to reduce import duties for live pigs, he said. While Russia won a transition period of eight years to reduce pork duties, a cut in live pig imports from the current 40 per cent to 10 per cent will take effect immediately.

Russia's Ministry of Agriculture and Food has reported five new outbreaks of African swine fever between 13 October and 27 November in the country's south-west to the OIE. The affected population consists of both domestic pigs and wild boar in Volgograd oblast (two outbreaks), Saratov oblast, Krasnodar Krai and Tver oblast. In total, 218 wild boar were affected, of which 11 died and four were destroyed. Of the 263 domestic pigs affected, 20 died and the rest have been destroyed.

Greening of farming in the EU often makes farmers see red, which appears to be the case with the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) proposals. Last week, a panel representing the EU, environmentalists and farmers debated the 30 per cent greening element, reports Charlotte Johnston, ThePigSite editor.

Following on from last week's announcement of proposed EU regulation to reduce antibiotic use in animal agriculture, the German Farmers Association has said that pig farmers in Germany support antibiotic reduction but a complete ban would violate the Animal Welfare Act.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 7 new features this week:

Building Trust through Quality Assurance
Building success in the market, both domestically and internationally, is based on building trust in the quality and safety of products and now more importantly trust in the ethical correctness of production, writes ThePigSite editor in chief, Chris Harris.
Reproductive Profile and Lifetime Efficiency of Female Pigs Linked to Reason for Culling
Minimising the number of non-productive days in each parity of females with reproductive problems was associated with good sow lifetime efficiency, and fertility was more important than litter size for identifying sows with low lifetime efficiency, according to researchers at Meiji University in Japan.
Blood Parameters and Weight Gain on Day 1 Linked to Survival
Survival of crossbred piglets to weaning was linked to several blood parameters at birth and on day 1 as well as weight gain on day 1, according to scientists based in Oslo, and piglets born in the last third of the litter were less vital.
Evaluation of Temperature Conditions in Trucks during Transport of Market Pigs to Slaughter
Pigs are exposed to variable temperatures during transport, according to a report by Drs Harold Gonyou and Jen Brown and others at the Prairie Swine Research Centre (PSC) in Canada, following studies over four seasons.
New Method for Measuring Amino Acids in Pigs
New methods of measuring the amino acid requirement of pigs aim to reduce feed use, protect the environment and improve the economy for farmers, according to researchers at Denmark's University of Aarhus.
Phytogenic Feed Additives and Ammonia Emissions - Thinking outside the Box
There is great potential in reducing ammonia emissions by including phytogenic substances in pig diets, according to Ahmed Aufy, Eduard Zentner and Tobias Steiner of Biomin.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - December 2011
The forecast for total red meat and poultry production in 2012 has been reduced as lower expectations for broiler production more than offsets a higher pork production forecast, while estimates for beef and turkey output are unchanged, according to the latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report.
* Company News

Silver Success for Yorkshire Pig Farmer
UK - Yorkshire pig farmer, Ian Broumpton, gained an armful of trophies at this year's Hull Market Christmas Fatstock Show, according to ACMC.
SNPs for More Uniform and Bigger Litters Found
NETHERLANDS - TOPIGS researchers have found a series of SNPs that define the region of the genome that explains genetic variation for litter size and uniformity between litters.
* Global Pig Industry News

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Performance, Unleashed

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Circovac - Nothing protects earlier

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The first and only vaccine for the control of Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy.
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BigFarmNet - The Best Invention Since Pig Equipment

 » Pig Farmers Pledge Not to Sell Low-Quality Pork


 » Ag Minister Outlines Main Features of 2012 Estimates
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 » Pig Producers Seek Marketing Control

   Korea, South

 » Food & Agriculture Exports Jump to New High

MSD Animal Health - It's a New Day for Animal Health

 » Romania Pig Meat Now Authorised for Trade in EU


 » German Farmers Support Antibiotic Reduction


 » New Pork CRC Launched with High Integrity


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