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ThePigSite Newsletter - 9 January 2012

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Editorial – FDA Tightens Antimicrobial Use

USDA Food and Drug Administration's recent decision to ban 'extra-label' or unapproved uses for certain antibiotics is a small step in the direction towards reducing the potential risk of antibiotic resistance in humans.

The order from the FDA, which comes into effect on 5 April this year, prohibits certain uses of the cephalosporin class of antimicrobial drugs in cattle, pigs, chickens and turkeys.

The FDA says it is taking this action to preserve the effectiveness of cephalosporin drugs for treating disease in humans and prohibiting these uses is intended to reduce the risk of cephalosporin resistance in certain bacterial pathogens.

The Administration stressed that antimicrobial drugs are important for treating disease in both humans and animals. This new order takes into consideration the substantial public comment FDA received on a similar order that it issued in 2008, but revoked prior to implementation.

However, the new order only bans cephalosporin drugs at unapproved dose levels, frequencies, durations, or routes of administration and it prohibits using cephalosporin drugs in cattle, pigs, chickens or turkeys that are not approved for use in that species, e.g. cephalosporin drugs intended for humans or companion animals, and also bars the use of cephalosporin drugs for disease prevention.

Veterinarians will still be able to use or prescribe cephalosporins for limited 'extra-label' use in farm animals, provided they follow the dose, frequency, duration, and route of administration that is on the label. They may also use or prescribe cephalosporins for 'extra-label' uses in minor species of food-producing animals such as ducks or rabbits.

Even Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, who is leading a campaign to prohibit the use of drugs that could cause antibiotic resistance in humans, described the FDA move at "a modest first step".

In the EU, there has been a very rare case of the authorities extending the derogation allowing five per cent non-organic feed ingredients in organic diets for poultry and pigs.

Until the end of last year, producers were able to feed five per cent of non-organic feed to organic pigs.

However, on 1 January 2012, European legislation was set to come into play, which would have meant that all organic poultry and pig producers would have to have fed 100 per cent organic feed.

Instead, the European Commission has said that it will extend the derogation after the industry expressed concerns for animal welfare.

It is likely the extension will be until the end of 2014, giving producers another three years until 100 per cent organic diets are mandatory.

Cutting food wastage would contribute to feeding the growing human population, according to the UK Government's chief scientist.

In the next 25 to 50 years, food production will have to double to keep up with growing populations and rising consumption. However, if global wastage of food is cut, then production will not have to grow at such a rate to meet demand, the UK government's chief scientific advisor, Professor Sir Bob Watson, told the Oxford Farming Conference last week.

Sir Bob told the conference that recent reports, such as the Foresight Report and the study by Sir John Beddington's Commission on Sustainable Agriculture, showed that the current food production system is unsustainable.

He said there is huge wastage in present food production and there are growing concerns over the excessive use of nitrogen and fertilisers to produce food.

And finally, in the UK, a further step has been achieved towards improved control of Streptococcus suis. Moredun Scientific has recently completed the validation of a S. suis serotype 2 disease model in weaner piglets for use in vaccine and therapeutic efficacy studies.

David Reddick, Head of Animal Health at Moredun Scientific, commented: "We are pleased to extend our disease model portfolio to offer a highly effective model of S. suis infection to our animal health clients supporting their efforts to prevent and control the disease."

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 12 new features this week:

Weaning at 28 Days: Is Creep Feeding Beneficial?
Allowing piglets access to a Phase 1 diet (creep feed) in the farrowing room for the final seven days prior to weaning on day 28 provided no sustained performance benefit, regardless of weaning weight, according to Dr Denise Beaulieu, Janice Shea and Doug Gillis of Prairie Swine Center in the organisation's latest newsletter.
Genomic Selection for Maternal Traits
According to Norwegian researchers, genomic selection increases genetic gain for traits that are measured on females, which includes several traits with economic importance in maternal pig breeds, and genotyping females is essential to obtain a high accuracy of selection.
Linking Expressed Genome to Environment: Epigenetics
An overview of the importance of epigenetics in animal breeding and research to characterise epigentics from the final scientific report from the EU group, Sustainable Animal Breeding (SABRE) subtitled 'Cutting Edge Genomics for Sustainable Animal Breeding'.
Investigation of an Outbreak of Mycobacteriosis in Serbia
After a number of pigs imported to Serbia reacted positively to avian and/or bovine tuberculin, Mycobacter avium subsp. hominissuis was found in porcine and environmental samples from the Lithuanian breeding herd and that peat in Lithuania was a source of infection in these pigs, according to researchers based in Norway.
Longitudinal Study of Faecal Salmonella Shedding by Sows
Scientists in Italy report that young sows are more likely to shed Salmonella than older animals, that the post-weaning period is the high-risk period for excretion of Salmonella and that good biosecurity can reduce the Salmonella risk in weaned sows.
Quantification of Campylobacter in Swine before, during and after Slaughter
After measuring Campylobacter levels in pigs on farm, in lairage and at various stages of processing, researchers based at Ohio State University concluded that the risk of a meat product being contaminated is associated with pigs that shed higher concentrations of Campylobacter before slaughter.
Live Swine Carbon Footprint Calculator Now Available for Pork Producers
Using a recently released tool from the National Pork Board, pork producers can now calculate their farm’s carbon footprint, writes Jerry May, Extension Educator in Ithaca, Gratiot, Colorado, in the latest issue of MSU Pork Quarterly.
Ileitis: Make it Disappear in as Little as 10 Days
Denagard has been proven highly reliable for the control of ileitis time after time, according to Novartis Animal Health.
Controlling Hygiene in Liquid Feeding Systems
Adding a mixture of propionic, formic and lactic acids to liquid feed effectively controls bacteria throughout the liquid feed distribution channel, leading to improvements in pig performance, writes Angela Riemensperger of Biomin.
NAB Rural Commodities Wrap – December 2011
Agricultural commodities are weakening as the result of the Euro sovereign debt crisis and rising production prospects, according to Michael Creed, Agribusiness Economist at the National Australia Bank in the Economic Report for December 2011.
Changing Farming Practices Accompany Major Shifts in Farm Structure
Changing production practices, including adoption of labour-saving innovations, have contributed to and been affected by increases in both agricultural productivity and the concentration of production, write Erik O'Donoghue, James MacDonald, Utpal Vasavada and Patrick Sullivan of USDA Economic Research service in the latest issue of Amber Waves.
US Beef and Pork Exports Grew in 2011
Pork supplies are not expected to change dramatically in the first half of 2012 but market hog numbers in the fourth quarter are expected to incrementally increase again, writes Shane Ellis, Extension Livestock Economics at Iowa State University.
* Company News

Phobic Food Marketing
UK - Think of some famous advertising brands, it is remarkable how many of these brands implement science and technology into their products and highlight its importance, writes Dr Grant Walling, Managing Director at JSR Genetics.
Pork Commentary: Swine Industry Gets Support
CANADA & US - The North American Swine Industry is mostly situated where grain and soybeans are grown. The high price of these crop commodities has increased farm land values in North America in there grain and oilseed growing areas, writes Jim Long.
Testing Females to Improve Accuracy
UK - Over 1,000 female pigs annually are currently individually tested at nucleus level for feed intake, feed conversion and growth rate by the Yorkshire-based international pig-breeding company, ACMC.
PIC Announces First Shipment from US to Russia
US and RUSSIA - PIC has completed delivery of 1,071 high-health breeding pigs from the US to key account Gvardia in the Stavropol Region of Russia.
* Global Pig Industry News


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