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ThePigSite Newsletter - 6 February 2012

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Editorial – European Company Focuses on Welfare at Home & Expansion Overseas

An article in a German economics magazine recently highlighted two important trends in the European meat production business: a focus on improving animal welfare at home in the EU, whilst looking for expansion possibilities in developing markets.

WirtschaftsWoche carried at interview with Clemens Tönnies, board chief of Tönnies, one of Germany's largest pig slaughterhouse, who highlighted two important issues for the future of his company's business: the need for pig producers at home to improve further the rearing conditions for their animals and its plans for expansion in China.

Speaking on the need to raise pig welfare, Mr Tönnies explained that his company has established a new staff position, directly under the board, which is entirely focused on animal welfare. The appointee is responsible for defining the ideal housing conditions for breeding and growing pigs and the company will go to farmers with these specifications.

The new standards are expected to add around €20 to the cost of producing each pig. This will make pig meat a little more expensive but Mr Tönnies says the extra cost is justified.

He described his company's intention to undergo massive expansion in China after establishing a joint venture there. He wants to establish a nationwide network of large cutting plants across the country, supplying some of the pork from Germany.

The aim of Tönnies's involvement in China is to restructure the meat supply chain. Currently, meat is distributed right across the country, mostly unrefrigerated, by moped by middle men. Tönnies wants to make the conditions more hygienic.

Continuing on the theme of animal welfare in the EU, the pig industry can learn some interesting lessons from egg industry's experiences over the last month or so as a ban on conventional battery cages came into force on 1 January, despite a lack of preparedness across many EU countries.

Looking ahead 11 months to the partial ban on sow stalls across the EU, it has been reported that only three countries – United Kingdom, Sweden and Luxembourg – are already compliant with the new rules. A further four countries – Ireland, Lithuania, Denmark and Germany – will have switched to loose housing in time for the deadline but what of the other 20 countries? Can we expect to hear the same weak excuses for a lack of investment in those countries as the midnight hour approaches?

Of course, the situation will not be helped if pig prices continue to fall across the EU.

Possibly as the result of pressure from welfare organisations in the US, an ending to sow stalls has been announced by Hormel by 2017 but no such plans have yet been reported by Tyson Foods.

Turning to diseases, foot and mouth disease (FMD) has been reported in pigs at two farms in Taiwan. In the Krasnodar Kray region of Russia, the deaths of three wild boar were found to be due to African swine fever (ASF), which also caused more than 7,400 pigs to be culled on two neighbouring farms in the same region when the disease was discovered there.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 8 new features this week:

Andersons 2012 Pig Outlook
The Andersons 2012 outlook studies the consequences of the past year on the pig industry in the UK and identifies the key issues that await us in 2012.
Challenge of Pigs Previously Immunised with Inactivated Vaccines Containing Homologous and Heterologous Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Strains
All bacterins used evoked a serological response in the vaccinated animals and yet, after challenge with a highly virulent M. hyopneumoniae strain, there was no clear evidence of protection against clinical symptoms or lung lesions, according to University of Ghent researchers.
Development of Sustainable Precision Farming Systems for Swine: Estimating Real-Time Individual Energy and Nutrient Requirements in Growing–Finishing Pigs
Researchers in Santa Maria, Brazil, have found that their model allows the dynamic estimation of each pig's energy and nutrient requirements, taking into account its feed intake and growth changes.
Welfare–Friendly Husbandry through Genetics: Animal Well-Being
Gene polymorphisms influencing stress reactivity open the way to marker-assisted selection to reduce stress and improve robustness of animals, contributing to animal well-being as well as improved product quality, according to the final scientific report from the EU group, Sustainable Animal Breeding (SABRE) subtitled 'Cutting Edge Genomics for Sustainable Animal Breeding'.
Mixing Pigs Without Tears
Pigs may have to be mixed so as to facilitate pig flow, reduce stocking density or make maximum economic use of pig space, according to John Gadd in his latest book, Modern Pig Production Technology. He offers advice on mixing growing pigs and sows with the minimum of stress.
ARS Provides Nutrient Data for the New Year
Data on the nutrient content of beef and pork from the USDA ARS to support food producers and retailers, now that nutrition information is now required on meat and poultry product labels in the US.
‘Activist Thinking’ is Key as Pork Industry Tackles Global Challenges
The pork industry needs to think both as a leader and an activist at a global level in order to drive economic prosperity while helping the world battle poverty and feed a population set to hit nine billion by 2050, said speakers at the 2012 Banff Pork Seminar. The Seminar launched its 41st event with an ambitious focus on ‘Feeding Tomorrow’s World’.
Take Control of Ileitis with Denagard
One of the most prevalent swine diseases in the US, ileitis infects roughly 75 per cent of large herds and nearly all US pigs have been exposed to Lawsonia intracellularis, the bacteria that causes ileitis, according to Novartis Animal Health.
SowComfort - Never before has standing been so easy!
* Market Reports

Reports from U BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 5
Reports from G Rabobank Pork Quarterly - 1st Quarter 2012
Reports from E AHDB European Market Survey - January 2012
Reports from U AHDB UK Market Survey - January 2012
Reports from U QMS Pig Market Report - January 2012
* Company News

MSD/Merck Animal Health Headquarter in New Jersey
US - MSD Animal Health, known as Merck Animal Health in the United States and Canada, yesterday announced that it intends to centralize certain functions at the existing Merck Campus in Summit, New Jersey, USA.
Meriden Targets Northern Malaysian Swine Industry
MALAYSIA - Meriden Animal Health recently presented their flagship product Orego-Stim and the Fusion Feed Safety Range at two seminars in Malaysia.
First Product Candidate Moving Toward Commercialization
US - Novus International Inc., a leading manufacturer of animal and human nutrition and health products and Verenium Corporation, a leading industrial biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of high-performance enzymes, has announced the selection of a next-generation phytase as the first enzyme candidate from the two companies’ strategic collaboration to advance toward commercialization.
From the Wallingford Pig Study Group to PIC
UK - In 1955, a group in the UK called the Wallingford Pig Study Group was concerned that the traditional purebred breeders were not producing the right pig for future markets.
TOPIGS Philippines Imports Top Genetics
PHILIPPINES - TOPIGS Philippines recently imported 1111 top SPF genetics from Canada to set up a new nucleus farm for San Miguel Foods, Inc. (SMFI) in the Isabela province of the country. Thanks to this import, San Miguel can produce their own grandparent and parent breeding pigs for the realisation of their expansion plans through to 2020.
SITES Certifies Novus International Campus
US - The global headquarters campus of Novus International, Inc. is one of the first pilot projects to be certified by the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) for its sustainable site design, construction and maintenance. The Novus campus, lead by landscape architects SWT Design, was awarded a 3-star rating by SITES, making it the highest rated landscape project in the world.
Slap-Dash Slap-Marking
UK - ACMC says it still sees numerous farm reports where slap-markings are recorded by the abattoir or by BPHS (British Pig Health Scheme) vets as illegible.
PIC Celebrates First 50 years of Genetic Improvement
UK - 26 February 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of business for global swine genetics leader Pig Improvement Company (PIC). From the very beginning, the company has been true to its "never stop improving" motto.
New HelixX System Rivals Central Exhaust Air Washer
GERMANY - For many pig producers in regions with a high livestock density, the retrofittable Big Dutchman-system for exhaust air treatment HelixX is often the only solution to qualify for a permit for the expansion of an existing farm.
* Global Pig Industry News


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The first and only vaccine for the control of Porcine Proliferative Enteropathy.
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