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ThePigSite Newsletter - 13 February 2012

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Editorial – US Domestic Pork Consumption Will Drive 2012 Growth

Speaking at the Allendale Ag Leaders Outlook Conference last month, Rich Nelson, Allendale director of research, said that the key driver for the 2012 US meat industry is the US consumer.

Expectations for meat indicate pork will see a 1.5 per cent increase, he said. Based on USDA expectations, beef will drop by six per cent. Again noting USDA numbers, chicken, pork's main competitor, will be down four per cent this year.

Total meat consumption will be down three per cent as a result of these drops in production, in 2012, the US will offer its own consumers the lowest amount of meat since 1984. Mr Nelson says this will create a US meat deficit.

In terms of the potential for US pork exports, China is a key marekt, he said. Traditional customers like Japan and South Korea will grow, but while China has, in the past, supplied most of their own pork, its five per cent growth expected over the next four years could require more pork than they can produce.

Five years ago, 65 per cent of US exports went to three countries - Japan, Mexico and Canada. And today, 58 per cent of US exports go to China, Japan and South Korea.

Following two years of profit in the US pig industry and another good year forecast, Mr Nelson said: “Expansion is the driver to watch.

“For 2012, we'll have more pork produced,” he said.

If a recent USDA survey was correct, expectations call for a moderate increase the first half of the year, and the second half of the year shows almost the same type of numbers.

He added that a 1.5 per cent increase in production is outlined for 2012 but much of this increase will be pulled for export. Brazil, a serious pork producer and a serious competitor to the US, is expected to see a 2.1 per cent increase in production, while EU output is expected to be down.

China has vowed to eliminate sub-standard pork processing in the country within the next few months as part of a campaign to ensure food is safe, officials have said.

“Some small and medium-sized slaughterhouses and processors that have the proper authorisation now fail to meet the standards for meat processing, and that has raised great potential risks for the country's meat supply,” announced Jiang Zengwei, deputy minister of commerce, last week. The main goals are to prevent water-injected meat and meat from sick animals or other substandard products from reaching the market, he said.

In the UK over the weekend, an animal welfare group has released video footage and photographs that appear to show animal abuse at a farm in Norfolk. The group, Animal Equality, embraces veganism and used undercover methods to obtain their evidence. However, if their evidence is substantiated, criminal proceedings may follow. Industry bodies and farmers must be seen by animal welfarists and the general public to condemn cruelty.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has turned its attention to a US pork company over welfare issues. HSUS is alleging false and misleading statements being made by Seaboard Foods, the nation's third-largest pork producer and a supplier to Walmart, in response to a recent undercover investigation video of one of the company's Oklahoma pig breeding facilities.

Jackie Linden

Novartis Animal Health

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 10 new features this week:

The Art of Slapmarking Slaughter Pigs
Advice on correct slap–marking of finisher pigs before they are sent for slaughter from BPEX – number 2 in its Work Instruction series.
Abattoir Data as Part of an Early–Warning System for Emerging Diseases of Pigs in Ontario
Condemnation information regarding lungs with pneumonia would not have provided useful data for detecting disease outbreaks in pigs in the region, according to scientists at the University of Guelph but partial condemnation data pertaining to kidneys with nephritis reflected the outbreaks more closely.
Achieving Bigger Litters and Good Birthweights
Success has come from convincing the stockperson that what is done very early in the sow's reproductive cycle can influence birthweights on commercial farms, writes John Gadd in his latest book, Modern Pig Production Technology. He gives a check–list to help achieve optimum birthweights.
Soybean Meal Price Trends
Long–term, seasonal and anticipated future trends for soybean meal prices are provided by John Bancroft, Market Strategies Program Lead in the Pork News and Views newsletter from the Ontario Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to help producers with their future purchasing.
Clinical Efficacy of Aspirin as an Adjunct to Antibacterial Treatment of PRDC
There was a significant decrease in fever in pigs th at received aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid; ASA) and an antibiotic compared to the group that received only antibiotic but there were no synergistic effects of the two treatments on respiratory signs, according to researchers based in Barcelona, Spain.
Market Potential for US Distillers’ Grains Exceeds Likely Supply Growth
US production of distillers’ grains (DGs), which include a range of animal feed co-products derived from corn-based dry-mill ethanol production, has quadrupled since 2004/05, paralleling the rapid growth of US ethanol production, write Linkwood Hoffman and Erik Dohlman.
Danish Company Gives Inside Look at European Animal Welfare Management
A leading Danish food company told players from the Canadian pork industry attending the 2012 Banff Pork Seminar that the role of animal welfare is increasing in Europe, rapidly adding costs, increasing competitive disadvantage and in some cases creating opportunity.
ISU Animal Industry Report 2012
A list of the reports from the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University (ISU) published in its 2012 Animal Industry Report.
Where's the (Not) Meat? - Byproducts from Beef and Pork
Animal byproducts contribute significantly to the US economy. This report by the USDA's Economic Research Service shows their importance and potential opportunities for the US industry.
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Relationships of Tiamulin (Denagard®) for Enteric and Respiratory Infections in Pigs
Pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) integration has become one of the cornerstones for understanding how antibiotics work against bacteria, according to Novartis Animal Health.
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* Company News

Third TOPIGS Import into China in Three Months
CHINA - TOPIGS has imported 550 more top breeding pigs into China. This is the third import in three months.
Spanish and European Hog Market
EU - Hog live prices have been going down over the last weeks of December and most of January, which is usual for this time of the year, writes Javier Santamartina from Sales & Service at Genesus Spain, Italy and Portugal.
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Performance, Unleashed

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