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ThePigSite Newsletter - 26 March 2012

ThePigSite Weekly Newsletter
Monday 26th March 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – FDA Comes under Pressure to Cut Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals

In the US, a judge has issued a landmark ruling that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must act to limit the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals.

The ruling stems from a lawsuit brought last year by a coalition of consumer of advocacy groups suing the FDA over its inaction in addressing the growing public health threat posed by the daily dosing of antibiotics in livestock feed and the rise of antibiotic–resistant bacteria.

The lawsuit came on the heels of an FDA report released to Congresswoman Louise Slaughter confirming that 80 per cent of antibiotics are sold for use in agriculture.

“It’s about time,’ said Congresswoman Slaughter. “The FDA has been dragging its feet on this for 35 years.”

Livestock prices in the EU are up while feed prices are rising. EU feed wheat and corn prices are showing a slight upward trend, although they are still below last year‘s figures, according to the Agriview EU Market Prices for Representative Products report.

From January to February this year, feed wheat prices rose from €180.26 per tonne to €190.69. However, for the same months last year, the prices were €218.38 rising to a peak of €232.06.

Over the last year, the prices slid gradually to reach a low of €171.73 in November last year since when they have been on a gradual increase.

Feed corn prices slipped in August last year but have now started to show a small recovery. In February, they stood at €195.53 per tonne but this is compared to prices in the same month last year of nearly €230.

Feed oat, feed barley and malting barley prices are similar to last year at €188.60, €199.65 and €237.70, respectively.

Pig prices are up on last year and have remained consistently higher than the previous year’s prices over the whole of the last year.

While they slipped slightly in January to €151.41 from €159.34 in December last year, they rose again in February to €157.83 per 100kg. In February last year, prices averaged €144.04.

With most feed prices now under those of last year, there could be repercussions for the livestock and poultry sectors stabilising prices, but this could take some time to come through, the Agriview report warns.

What links pig carcass downgrades with bluetongue and Schmallenberg diseases? The answer is biting midges of the family, Culicoides. Bites from these midges caused pig carcasses in Scotland to be downgraded last year and the same family of insects transmits the virus that causes bluetongue and Schmallenberg diseases in ruminants.

The UK pig sector is more optimistic about its financial future than it was last year, although producers are less hopeful about the future than the processing and retailing side.

According to the British Pig Executive Pig Meat Industry Survey for 2012, one–third of the processors and retailers who responded to the survey were more optimistic about the future compared to last year. Half said they felt about the same as last year.

However, just 17 per cent of the pig producers in the UK said they were more optimistic than last year, with 67 per cent saying they felt about the same.

There have been no reports of outbreaks of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in pigs in the last week although the FAO has warned that urgent action is required to control a major outbreak of FMD and prevent its spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Dead pigs have been found to be infected with African swine fever (ASF) in the Russian Federation’s Republic of Kalmykia, which is in the south of the country and borders the Caspian Sea, and at a farm in the Kalachevskyi district of the neighbouring Volgograd Region. There have also been two outbreaks of ASF in the Central African Republic.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 9 new features this week:

Better Molecular Insights in the Pathogenesis of PRRSV Infections and Immune Response Show the Way for More Efficient PRRSV Vaccines
The numerous recent breakthroughs in the pathogenesis of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) infections and the immune response/modulation have brought light at the end of the tunnel for vaccine developers, according to H.J. Nauwynck and co-authors at Ghent University in Belgium, speaking at the International Symposium on Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases in Pigs in 2011.
Loading Facilities for Market Hogs: Saskatchewan’s Top Ten
For swine producers, loading pigs at marketing can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming experiences, according to Harold Gonyou, Jen Brown and T. Stevens in the newsletter from the Prairie Swine Centre.
Swine Epidemics Affect the Chinese Pork Market
Outbreaks of ‘blue ear’ disease (PRRS), foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), classical swine fever, pneumonia, Streptococcus suis, circovirus, parasites and erysipelas are common in China’s pig industry, according to Fred Gale, Daniel Marti and Dinghuan Hu in a report entitled ‘China’s Volatile Pork Industry’ from the USDA Economic Research Service.
BPEX Annual Pig Meat Industry Survey 2012 Report
The pig sector is more optimistic this year about its financial situation across all parts of the supply chain. Optimism though is still below peak levels seen in 2009, according to the BPEX Annual Pig Meat Industry Survey 2012 Report produced by Promar International.
Bridging the US China Trade Gap
The growing US trade imbalance with China has been a major cause of concern for US policy makers, according to a study by Xiuzhi Wang, Edward A. Evans, and Fredy H. Ballen for the University of Florida.
Pathology of Porcine Peripheral White Blood Cells during Infection with African Swine Fever Virus
Infection of pigs with African Swine Fever virus resulted in changes in the composition of white blood cells, according to new research from Armenia; acute ASFV infection is accompanied with the formation of atypical lymphocytes in domestic pigs.
Trichinellosis in Developing Countries: is it Neglected?
It is time to recognise the severity of this food-borne parasitic diseases and provide the resources to find a solution to a controllable situation where the disease occurs, according to Dr Bruschi of the University of Pisa.
Fumonisins as a Major Challenge for Porcine Immune System
Fumonisins are mycotoxins which are produced by several Fusarium species, especially Fusarium verticillioides and Fusarium proliferatum, writes Radka Borutova of Biomin.
Emerging Threats Quarterly Report – Pig Diseases – October to December 2011
Continued reassortment of pH1N1 with other strains continues to be reported worldwide, and this virus appears to reassort quite readily. The situation is being monitored in the UK.
JSR Genetics - Genetics you can trust
* Market Reports

 » USDA GAIN: Ukraine Livestock & Products Semi-Annual Report
 » USDA GAIN: Australia Livestock & Products Semi-annual
 » UK Slaughter Statistics - March 2012
 » BPEX Export Bulletin – Week 12
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 » AHDB European Market Survey - 23 March 2012
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* Company News

Meriden to Exhibit at Ildex Viet Nam
VIET NAM - Meriden Animal Health Limited will be exhibiting at Ildex Viet Nam from 22 to 24 March 2012.
PIC Grows Production of Camborough Breeders
PHILIPPINES - Uni-rich Agro Industrial Corp., a customer-turned-multiplier in Tarlac, will be all set to supply its homegrown PIC stocks by June.
MSD Symposium Draws 400 Eastern European Vets
HUNGARY - More than 400 veterinarians from Eastern Europe learned about the latest innovations and products from MSD Animal Health at the company’s recent scientific symposium in Budapest, Hungary.
Pfizer Strengthens Ties to Humane Association
US - As part of its ongoing philanthropic support of strategic animal health initiatives, Pfizer Animal Health contributed a total of $20,000 to the American Humane Association (AHA) and the National Future Farmers of America Foundation.
Genesus Global Market Report - USA
US - Margins continued to deteriorate since the end of February as hog prices dropped while meal moved higher and corn stayed relatively flat over the past two weeks, writes Doug Lenhart, General Manager of Genesus USA.
Water Gives Weaned Pigs a Good Start
UK - Water consumption is what determines feed intake, pig producers heard at BPEX’s Two-Tonne Sow Focus on Weaning conferences. Clean and plentiful water supply frequently came up when pig producers spoke about how they get weaners off to a good start.
* Global Pig Industry News

   United States

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 » Normal Trading with Russia Important for US Ag
 » Weekly Roberts Market Report
 » Coalition Calls for Comprehensive US-EU FTA
 » Distiller's Grain Safe for Pigs Despite Sulphur Content
 » SEC Complaint Over False Animal Welfare Claims
 » AMI Joins Coalition in Call for Comprehensive FTA
 » CME: Lean Hog Futures Higher on Thursday
 » February Average Pork Price Fourth Highest Ever
 » US Swine Economics Report
 » Judge Withdraws Approval for Antibiotics in Feed

Novartis Animal Health

 » USMEF Market Education Program Features Stops
 » Nutreco Completes Divestment of Hendrix
 » US to Appeal WTO Country of Origin Labelling
 » Bid to Move World Trade Talks Forward
 » FMD NEWS: DNA Vaccine Offers Effective Protection

   Korea, South

 » Korea to Extend Pork Tariff Quota


 » Large Scale Meat Safety Tests Underway

   European Union

 » Widespread Law-breaking on European Pig Farms
 » Producers Owed Firm Stance on Partial Stalls
 » EU Pig Prices: Quotations Still Getting Nowhere
 » EU Calls for Russia's Livestock Ban to be Lifted
 » Livestock Prices Up - Feed Prices Rising
 » What Links Pig Carcass Downgrades with Bluetongue, Schmallenberg?
 » Hormone, Antibiotic Residues in Animals Stabilised

Pfizer Animal Health - Draxxin

 » Bacon Week Set to Sizzle Across Australia
 » Warm, Dry South Expected for April, June
 » New Director for CRC for High–Integrity Aussie Pork

   United Kingdom

 » New Campaign to Highlight Versatility of Bacon
 » Lobbying Prompts New Online Meds Scheme
 » Master Butcher to Insure Taste Buds for £1M
 » UK Pig Industry Becoming More Competitive
 » UK Pig Industry Getting More Optimistic
 » English Red Meat Industry Vital to Economy
 » Big Players Hold Prices at Similar Levels
 » Industry Day: Healthy Food from Healthy Animals

   Viet Nam

 » No Cause for Worry on Pork Quality in Market

   Russian Federation

 » New Outbreak of ASF in Volgograd Region
 » Cherkizovo Completes Share Buy-back
 » New Outbreak of ASF in the Republic of Kalmykia
 » Expanding the Footprint of US Red Meat in Russia


 » Minced Meat & Raw Minced Pork Not for Children


 » Farm Produce Prices Rise on Reduced Supplies
 » Half of Cooked Meats Tested Substandard
 » Charting a New Course for Animal Nutrition & Safety


 » US Pork Market Access to Thailand


 » Efforts to Boost Development of Pig Farming Sector


 » Major Project for Canadian Hog Industry
 » Tools to Help Select Group Sow Housing Systems
 » Govt of Canada Helps Swine Producers Boost Exports
 » Canada Looks to Secure Trade
 » Interest in NIR to Evaluate Feed Ingredient Quality

Biomin - the natural way

 » Piglet Castration and Animal Welfare


 » Call for Advance on Subsidies to Combat Drought


 » Marfrig and Brasil Foods in Asset Swap
 » Drop in February 2012 Pork Export Volume, Value
 » JBS Revenue Rises but Profits Fall

   New Zealand

 » NZ Pork Industry Hires New Head Lobbyist

   Central African Republic

 » ASF Reported in Central African Republic


 » Danish Crown Closes Down Department in Hadsund

   Hong Kong

 » Hong Kong Agriculture & Fisheries Visits Guangdong


 » Pig Farmers Given Outlet to Voice Complaints

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