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Monday 9th July 2012.

Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

EDITORIAL: Food from Cloned Animals Declared Safe

The European Food Safety Authority has declared that food from cloned animals is safe.

A new study shows that there are no indications that differences exist between food products derived from healthy clones or their offspring – in particular milk and meat - from those of healthy, conventionally bred animals.

However, in its scientific statement, EFSA said that it recognises that animal health and welfare concerns continue to be associated with this technology.

EFSA’s latest statement on animal cloning which has been produced on the request of the European Commission concurs that no new scientific information has become available since its previous 2010 statement that would require reconsideration of the Authority’s earlier conclusions and recommendations.

The European Parliament has voted for animal welfare rules to be better enforced, existing loopholes closed and offenders punished.

The MEPs said this action has to be taken not least because they also protect human health, by preventing the spread of animal-related diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

The resolution says today's disparate animal welfare rules should be pulled together in a single EU-wide animal welfare law so as to improve compliance and ensure a level playing field for all EU farmers. Furthermore, new rules should cover all farmed animals, including dairy cows, plus stray cats and dogs and other domestic pets, which are currently not protected by any EU law, it adds.

Also on the international front, the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex) has voted to adopt maximum residue levels (MRLs) of ractopamine, a feed ingredient that improves meat metabolism and protein synthesis, for beef and pork muscle, fat, liver and kidney.

The Commission voted 69-67 in favour of establishing the MRLs of 10 parts per billion in beef and pork.

Adoption of the MRLs was supported by the US, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, the Philippines and the majority of the rest of the world outside of Europe in an effort to send a message that Codex is a science-based body and that inaction is not an option in an increasingly globalised world.

US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said: "This action by Codex affirms the pre-eminent role of science in setting international standards for food safety.

"Currently, American producers face trade restrictions due to unjustified bans on the use of ractopamine, which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and used safely in the United States for 12 years as well as 25 other countries."

In Russia, Agriculture Minister, Nikolai Fyodorov, has sent the governor of Tver Region, Andrew Shevelyov, a letter in which he expresses grave concern at the deteriorating African Swine Fever (ASF) situation in the region.

The first outbreak of ASF in the region was in May 2011. Due to the lack of quarantine measures the disease has continued to spread throughout the region.

Thus, during 2012 nine new areas were recorded as having ASF - three in domestic swine and six in wild boar.

Chris Harris

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Use of Ractopamine in Pigs Explored at Kansas Conference
Three experiments investigating the use of the non-antibiotic growth promoter, ractopamine hydrochloride (trade name: Paylean), were reported at the Kansas Swine Day conference last year and are summarised here by senior editor, Jackie Linden.

New Study Maps Hotspots of Human-animal Infectious Diseases and Emerging Disease Outbreaks
A new global study mapping human-animal diseases like tuberculosis (TB) and Rift Valley fever finds that an "unlucky" 13 zoonoses are responsible for 2.4 billion cases of human illness and 2.2 million deaths per year. The vast majority occur in low- and middle-income countries.

Nitrogen Excretion at Different Stages of Growth and its Association with Production Traits in Growing Pigs
Nitrogen excretion changes substantially during growth, according to new research from a multinational group in Europe. Improvement of feed efficiency was the most effective wy to reduce nitrogen excretion in this trial.

Home-Grown Peas and Faba Beans Can Replace SBM in Commercial Pig Diets
Peas and faba beans are a viable home-grown alternative to soybean meal (SBM) in nutritionally balanced grower and finisher pig diets, according to new research at Scottish Agricultural College and partly sponsored by BPEX.

Optimizing Dietary Energy
Feed efficiency is a complex production target because it is influenced by such a wide range of factors such as feed composition, barn environment, and pig behaviour.

Vasectomised Boars
UK - Vasectomised boars are an extremely useful addition to a pig farm. However, there is a tendency for producers to keep these animals for excessive periods, says Paul Thompson, veterinary consultant to pig-breeding company, ACMC.
JSR Receives Queens Award for Enterprise
UK - JSR Genetics was presented with the Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade at a special ceremony at the company's cookery school this week.

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