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ThePigSite Newsletter - 28 August 2012

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Tuesday 28th August 2012.

Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial – World Water Week Focuses Attention on Priorities

This week is World Water Week, a time when governments, environmental organisations, industry and agriculture turn their attention to the importance of this vital resource.

It is ironic and apposite that it is taking place at a time when the US in particular is experiencing one of the worst droughts it can remember and when once again, parts of Eastern Europe have also been hit by drought - to say nothing of the common regions for water shortage in Africa.

Part of the aim of this focus week is to turn attention on the regions where populations do not have supplies of safe water to drink and water for sanitation.

In Europe, Development Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs said that water and sanitation is one of the four Millennium Development Goals being targeted with a cash injection of €266 million.

However, he added: "But water is not only vital for drinking and hygiene purposes, it is also key to agriculture. Worldwide, 70 per cent of water is used as irrigation water to grow food, for example, and in some developing countries, this figure increases to over 85 per cent. It's clear that access to water and food security are, therefore, closely interlinked."

Effects of a lack of water in essential growing areas is being felt by the entire globe. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), when releasing its most recent global food price index, also issued a stark warning over the potential that droughts and even untimely and excessive rainfall may have for a worldwide disaster .

"The severe deterioration of maize crop prospects in the United States following extensive drought damage pushed up maize prices by almost 23 per cent in July," the FAO said. "International wheat quotations also surged 19 per cent amid worsened production prospects in the Russian Federation and expectations of firm demand for wheat as feed because of tight maize supplies."

Debate over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is heating up in the US, as activists push for labelling requirements which would inform consumers whether they are eating products derived from GM ingredients.

In November, Californians will vote on a measure that could see theirs become the first US state to require that food containing ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is appropriately labelled.

Similar legislation has previously failed in 19 states but this will be the first time that the public will vote.

Proposers argue that California consumers have the right to know whether the foods they purchase are produced using genetic engineering, with the initiative being called the 'California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act'.

A coalition of opposition, called 'No on 37', has described the proposition as a deceptive, deeply flawed food labelling scheme that would add more government bureaucracy and taxpayer costs, create new frivolous lawsuits, and increase food costs by billions - without providing any health or safety benefits.

There are wider industry concerns: should this law be passed in California, other states may impose similar legislation.

If the proposal were to be voted in, from July 2014, all food products for sale in California would have to be labelled or would be considered 'misbranded'.

Also in the news in the last week, new research from the US has linked antibiotic use with negative impacts on human health.

Scientists at New York University School of Medicine say that antibiotics used in livestock production could have widespread clinical implications, potentially affecting everything from nutrient metabolism to obesity in children.

Ilseung Cho, MD, MS, and colleagues set out to reveal how antibiotics used in farm animals act on the body, hypothesizing that low doses of the drugs may alter the composition and function of the bacteria in the gut. The resulting study, appearing this week ahead of print in Nature, confirmed their theory about the gut microbiome, the term used to refer to the community of bacteria that lives in the stomach, and raises new questions about how manipulating it can impact metabolism and disease in the body.

The researchers administered STAT to normal mice and observed that the mice receiving antibiotics developed increased fat mass and percent body fat. After about six weeks, the mice that received antibiotics had gained about 10 to 15 per cent more fat mass than the mice that did not receive antibiotics. The researchers also noted that bone density was significantly increased in STAT mice early in development and that particular hormones related to metabolism were affected by antibiotic exposure, as well.

Dr Cho commented that the scientific community is only now beginning to understand just how complex the microbiome is and how it affects health and disease. With a better understanding about the interactions between the microbiome and hosts and how these interactions can be manipulated, he and his colleagues believe the finding has the potential to affect a wide array of conditions ranging from childhood obesity to metabolic syndrome in adults.

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Predicting Tenderness and Lasting Colour in Meat
If superior beef tenderness is not enough to whet your appetite, a system that predicts both beef and pork tenderness as well as colour stability in both meats may be something you can sink your teeth into, according to USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists.

Impact of Repeated Applications of Liquid Swine Manure and Biogas Production By-Products on Soils and Crops
Rates of raw liquid swine manure or biodigestate of 3,000 to 4,000 gallons per acre – around 75 to 100lbs of nitrogen per acre per year – provided optimum yields of barley, report J.J. Schoenau and T.N. King of the University of Saskatchewan and S.S. Malhi of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Their paper is published in the 2011 Annual Report from the Prairie Swine Centre.

Controlling Heat Stress in Swine
The imapcts of heat stress on pigs and how to prevent it are explained by Robert Chambers of the Swine & Sheep Housing & Equipment group of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) in that organisation's latest newsletter.

Biofilters for Odour and Air Pollution Mitigation
A review of biofilter use and the main design and performance factors by Kevin A. Janni (University of Minnesota), Richard K. Nicolai (South Dakota State University), Steven Hoff (Iowa State University) and Rose M. Stenglein (also University of Minnesota).

Waste Not, Want Not: Anaerobic Digestion
Farm Case Study No. 32 from BPEX describes the anaerobic digestion (AD) system at the farm of James Hart and Jeremy Iles in Gloucestershire, UK.

Storing AI on Farm
Steve Cook, JSR Genetics' AI Production Manager, provides useful advice on storing AI on farm, focussing especially on temperature control. Now Available in French
FRANCE - Biomin has now launched a French version of the corporate web site,
Biotronic Top3 Wins Innov'Space 2012 Award
GLOBAL - Modern livestock production faces the challenge of having to achieve higher levels of productivity and delivering high-quality products at the same time, according to Biomin, yet optimum growth performance in livestock production is continuously endangered by bacteria, which cause high energy losses and negatively impact the growth of the animal.
VIV Europe 2014 Kicks off Full Force
NETHERLANDS - In spring 2014, VNU Exhibitions will hold its flagship-event, VIV Europe. As world expo for animal husbandry and processing, VIV Europe 2014 will welcome feed-to-meat professionals from all corners in the world in Utrecht, the Netherlands from May 20-22. The event consists of the exhibition and an extensive conference and seminar programme.
Use JSR Geneconverter 800m to Improve Performance
UK - The latest Nucleus figures from JSR's Geneconverter 800m boar show the huge benefits of using Geneconverter has to performance.
Orego-Stim Launches in Algeria
ALGERIA - Orego-Stim was recently launched at a trade show in Algeria by Meriden's distributor, VAPC. Meriden staff visited Algeria to present to product to numerous vet consultants, before attending the trade show to help with the launch.
Swine Infection Screening Using Oral Fluids
GLOBAL - Large numbers of pigs could be screened more quickly and cost-effectively for a range of common pathogens, such as PRRSV, SIV and PCV2, thanks to a new PCR-based test system developed in the US.
Restock Herds Successfully Using JSR AI
UK - A full herd restock is never a lightly made decision. Demanding forward planning, the ability to withstand a halt in production and to fund the financial input to restock, requires considerable effort and commitment.
New High-Health Multiplier Unit for ACMC
UK - Due to increasing demand for high-health status breeding stock, Yorkshire-based pig genetics company, ACMC, has established a new 350-sow nucleus multiplier unit at Fridaythorpe, near Driffield.
Welfare Outcomes Project Means More Time on Vet Visits
UK - Many people may be aware that Red Tractor, and probably other assurance organisations in England and Wales, plan to adopt some of the scoring and measurements taken on farm during the Real Welfare Outcomes Project pilot studies.
Boehringer Encourages PRRS Research Proposals
US - With porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) costing US swine producers $664 million annually in lost production, collaborative scientific research continues to be the industry's best hope for finding new ways to mitigate this devastating disease.
PIC, Besun Join Forces on Nucleus Farm in China
CHINA - PIC, a division of Genus plc, the world's leading swine genetics company, has announced and agreement with the Besun Food Group to partner in the operation of a 4,250 sow nucleus farm in China's Shaanxi province.
Pfizer Supports Efforts of US Farmers, Ranchers Alliance
US - US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) announced that Pfizer Animal Health has joined USFRA, becoming the first animal health company member of USFRA's Premier Partner Advisory Group.
Maximise Boar Performance with Prosperm
UK - It is back, now in powder form! JSR is able to re-offer customers the opportunity to purchase the unique boar feed supplement, Prosperm.
Reminder of New Legal Pig Housing Requirements
UK - Garth Partnership provides a useful summary of the new pig housing legal requirements which must be met by 1 January 2013 for both existing and new builds.
PIC Implements Imputation of Selection Candidates
GLOBAL - PIC has announced the continued acceleration of genetic improvement by successfully developing and routinely implementing imputation of 60K SNP genotypes for nucleus selection candidates.
Foremost Farms Partners with Hypor to Improve on Lean Quality Pork
PHILIPPINES - Foremost Farms Inc, one of Southeast Asia's largest hog-raising facilities, has decided to start working with Hypor Maxter genes to improve the quality of finishing pigs. The objective is producing safe and lean quality pork for the Philippine market.
PIC, GreenFeed Set Sights on Market Leadership in Viet Nam
VIET NAM - A year on from reporting its tie-up with local agribusiness powerhouse, GreenFeed, for the production and distribution of genetically advanced swine semen in Vietnam, PIC announces that the scope of the cooperation has been expanded to embrace the development of a complete breeding pyramid.
Novus Receives New Product Innovation Award in Prebiotics
GLOBAL - Novus International, Inc. has been selected to receive the 2012 North American New Product Innovation Award in Prebiotics for PREVIDA. The award is presented by Frost & Sullivan, a 50-year old global research organization of 1,800 analysts and consultants who monitor more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies.
New Feeding Knowledge Rapidly Distributed to Specialists
GLOBAL - With a world tour that visited 20 countries, the TOPIGS nutrition team has introduced the new feeding manuals for TOPIGS sows.

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HKScan to Increase Efficiency in Sweden

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ASF Outbreak in Ukraine a Major Warning Sign, says FAO
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COOL on Disputes Body Agenda
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