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Monday 1st October 2012.

Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial - USDA Reports Little Change in Pig Population, Concerns over Corn Stock

Just published by the USDA is its 'Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report'. It records a total of 67.5 million pigs in the US on 1 September, slightly more than a year previously and three per cent fewer than in June.

The breeding herd numbered 5.79 million head, slightly fewer than in September 2011 and one per cent down on the previous quarter. Market hog inventory, at 61.7 million head, was up slightly from last year, and three per cent higher than the last quarter.

The June-August 2012 pig crop, at 29.3 million head, was down slightly from 2011. During the period, 2.89 million sows farrowed, one per cent fewer than 2011. The average pigs 'saved' or weaned per litter was a record high 10.13 for the June-August period.

CME commentators, Steve Meyer and Len Steiner, said that the 'Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report' contained few surprises and indicates a rapid - and perhaps too rapid - shift from expansion to contraction for the US swine sector. They forecast a larger liquidation to come.

The same source highlighted what it called a 'USDA bombshell' that year-end corn stocks in the US were just 988 million bushels, well down on trade estimates of around one billion bushels. The news pushed up futures prices for both maize and soybean meal.

A review of US hog markets from Genesus focused on margins, which fell further over the past month and remain extremely depressed from a historical perspective. Hog prices have been under pressure following heavy slaughter runs recently with increasing pork production.

Other news in brief: antibiotics use in animal production is to be reduced significantly in Germany; pork production in China is forecast to rise about two per cent to 52.65 million metric tons next year; Brazilian pork exports were up in July and August compared to the same months of last year and in Canada, an agricultural economist is predicting improved profitability within Manitoba's pig industry once the sell-off of breeding sows has been completed.

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Impact of PRRS on the Cost of US Pig Production
Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) has been estimated to add between $5.60 and $7.62 to the cost of every pig sold in the US, according to a report by Colin Johnson, James Kliebenstein and John Mabry of Iowa State University, Eric Neumann of the National Pork Board and Eric Bush, Ann Seitzinger and Alice Green of the US National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS).

Meat and the Environment - Future Directions
The need for sustainable food production from animals is paramount to future resiliency and viability of the agri-food sector in many parts of the world, Karin Wittenberg from the National Centre for Livestock and the Environment at the University of Manitoba told the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology in Montreal, Canada.

Reports of Salmonella in Pigs
According to the 2011 edition of 'Salmonella in Livestock Production in GB', an annual publication from the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, surveillance revealed 182 incidents of Salmonella in pig meat in 2011, which has hardly changed over recent years.

Effect of Turmeric on Growth, Nutrient Digestibility, Haematological Values and Intestinal Histology
Feeding turmeric to growing pigs stimulates the function of the intestinal epithelial cells, and absorbed turmeric may enhance haematological values, thus improving general health, according to researchers based in Thailand, but it did not impact bodyweight.

Surveillance of Salmonella Prevalence in Animal Feeds and Characterisation of the Salmonella Isolates
Twelve per cent of more than 2,000 samples of feeds, feed ingredients and pet products tested by USDA between 2002 and 2009 were positive for Salmonella, with Senftenberg and Montevideo being the most common serotypes.

MAX’ing Weaning Capacity with Key Success Factor: Solid Sow Performance
Solid Sow Performance is influenced by three main factors: retention rate, sow productive lifetime and 'stayability'. In this article from Hypor, you can read José Angel Pedrido's expert vision on increasing profitability with focus on stayability.

Agricultural Commodities: Pig Meat
A review of the state of the industry by Clay Mifsud, based on research by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) for the September Quarter 2012.

Hermitage Genetics in Southern Germany
GERMANY - Robert Lutz and Wolfgang Pfeiffer, have combined forces and established a new 650-place sow unit on a green field site in Baden- Wurttemberg, Southern Germany.
New Concept for VIV China
CHINA - A complete range of conferences, network meetings, workshops, knowledge platforms and presentations on the subject of innovative animal husbandry forms the new format for VIV China.
Farrowing Preparation Minimises Errors
US - Becky Matli believes preplanning and foresight can help pork producers avoid production problems that might occur during the farrowing process. As a midwife at Borgic Farms, Inc. in Raymond, Ill., Ms Matli spends time getting everything ready in advance so when piglets arrive, they have a better opportunity to thrive.
SALmate Embraces Life in Thailand
THAILAND - American manufacturer, The Ballard Group, Inc., has officially launched its innovative EPA/DHA dry encapsulated formulation, SALmate, during a full-day seminar in the Thai capital of Bangkok.
PORCILIS PRRS Launched in Four Asian Countries
ASIA - PORCILIS PRRS, a field-proven, modified-live vaccine for immunizing pigs against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus, will be introduced this month by MSD Animal Health in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Viet Nam.

   United States

US: Hog Markets
CME: US Swine Breeding Herd Contracting Slowly
Investment in Human Resource Management Encouraged
Canadian Sow and Pig Counts Still Hazy
Humane Society Uses 'Bullying Tactic', Says NPPC
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USDA Crop Report: Soybean Prices Tumble
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Michigan State Extension Launches New Web Site
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NFU Says RFS Benefits Farmers, Biofuels Industry
CME: Rapid Shift from Expansion to Contraction in US Swine Sector


Embrapa Debates Impacts of EU Welfare Legislation
Brazilian Pork Faces Barriers in Argentina Again
Brazil's Pork Exports Show Upward Trend
Expansion of FMD Free Zone
Free Training on Pig Welfare, Handling

   United Kingdom

BPEX Finishing Conference Dates
Invitation to European Symposium of Porcine Health Management 2013
NFU Calls for Greater Transparency on Grain Quality
Team Scotland Set to Serve Selected Pork
NFU: Farmers Must Not be Disadvantaged in Policy Reforms
Get Ahead for Pig Movements Saturday to Tuesday
Difficulties Continue with eAML2 System
New Online Campaign for Freedom Food Scheme
Glässer’s Disease Test
Shouts Trail Spot Again


Pork Commentary: Big Sky Disaster - Redux
Swine Workers Encouraged to Get Flu Vaccinations
National Biosecurity Training Participation Exceeds Expectations
Herd Sell-off Should Lead to Higher Hog Prices
Corn for Ethanol Demand Expected to Reduce N. American Swine Herd
Pork Financial Crisis Report Taken to Ag Minister

   European Union

EU Pig Prices: New Annual High is Reached
Call for Measures to Manage Markets to be Stepped Up
Significant Progress on Ag Policy Made
More Transparency on Farm Subsidies


2013 Welfare Conference: Call for Abstracts


Latin American Animal Nutrition Congress


Researchers Tackle Boar Taint with Artichoke


France Urged to Meet Sow Stall Ban


German Meat Consumption Stable
IFFA 2013: No. 1 Show for Meat Industry
New Antibiotic Laws Introduced in Germany


Laws Amended to Help Large-Scale Chicken, Pig Farming


Lower ESBL Bacteria in Danish Pork


China's Pork Production, Consumption Set to Rise in 2013


Public Support Sought on 2012 Census
Aklan’s Agri, Fishery Workers Up for Registration


Feeding Livestock with Biofuel Co-Products

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