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Monday 12th November 2012.

Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial - US Elections, the Danish Pig Industry, Antimicrobial Resistance

In the US, President Obama has been re-elected for a second term. Industry watchers, Steve Meyer and Len Steiner say that the new administration's fiscal and monetary policies will have their most profound impacts on the meat and poultry sectors through their impact on demand, both domestic and foreign.

Denmark's pig sector is set to profit as EU numbers fall, according to the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. Speaking at the Herning conference recently, a senior analyst forecast price rises next year with a continual drift upwards as the year progresses.

Staying in Denmark, ambitious plans on further improving animal welfare and reducing antibiotics in farm animals have been set out.

The Danish Parliament has ratified an agreement on new strict rules for the use of antimicrobials in production animals and on animal welfare – both in the barn and during transport.

The new rules are supplemented by the allocation of more resources for inspections.

Denmark is known not only for a high standard in the field of animal welfare but also for awareness with regard to the use of antimicrobials. Now, the Danish Parliament has resolved to strengthen further both the rules and the inspections.

On welfare, the Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries said: "Improved animal welfare is a cornerstone of the new agreement. We are obliged to take care of the animals we raise. We have agreed upon initiatives to improve welfare for animals and we have secured the provisions through strengthened inspections."

And finally, in what is thought to be one of the first studies of its type, it has been estimated that the contribution of pigs to human resistance of key antibiotics is likely to be about 0.00034 per cent. This is a remarkably small amount, according to the report's author, David Burch of Octagon Services Ltd in the UK.

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Why is Antimicrobial Resistance in Pigs Not so Important for Public Health?
The contribution of pigs to human resistance of key antibiotics is likely to be about 0.00034 per cent, which is a remarkably small amount, according to David G.S. Burch of Octagon Services Ltd in the UK.

Feeding Sows More Efficiently
Phase feeding of pregnant sows is explained by Swine Innovation Porc, a corporation of the Canadian Pork Council. The system better meets the nutrient requirements of gilts and sows and can save C$10 per sow per year in feed costs.

Recycling Ammonia Emissions as Fertiliser
Scientists with the USDA Agricultural Research Service have shown that gas-permeable membranes can remove and concentrate the ammonia in livestock waste for eventual sale as fertiliser.

MAX'ing Weaning Capacity with Key Success Factor: Solid Sow Performance - 3
Solid Sow Performance is influenced by three main factors: Retention Rate, Sow Productive Lifetime and Stayability. In this article you will read Egidijus Mickevicius's expert vision on increasing profitability with focus on Retention Rate.

Reduction of PCV2 Viraemia by a Reformulated Inactivated Chimeric PCV1-2 Vaccine
A reformulated inactivated chimeric porcine circovirus PCV1-2 vaccine induced protective immunity in pigs challenged experimentally with only porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), as well as reducing PCV2 viraemia, according to researchers based in Seoul.

Foot and Mouth Disease
Paul Freeman, Regional Veterinary Officer at Wollongbar, explains foot and mouth disease (FMD) and the consequences of its spread in Australia.

Loading and Unloading Pigs
Handling and moving animals appropriately will make the process easier, minimise stress levels for pigs and stockman and reduce the risk of injury, according to BPEX in No. 7 of its Work Instruction series.

LevelCheck Determines Capacitive Level in the Trough Accurately
GERMANY - With LevelCheck, Big Dutchman has introduced an innovative sensor to determine precisely trough capacitive levels at any time.
Visiting Sequence is an Indicator for Problems in the House
GLOBAL - Sow producers who feed their pigs with an electronic feeding system know: health monitoring of sows in group housing is very important and very labour-intensive.
Productivity Need Not Suffer with Group Sow Housing
GERMANY - The move to group-sow housing — following Europe’s partial ban on sow stalls in January — doesn’t have to mean a drop in herd productivity. This is the message being given to pig farmers attending the EuroTier livestock exhibition in Hannover, Germany, by international pig-breeding company ACMC.

   United Kingdom

Welsh Government, Farmers to Work in Partnership
BPEX Organises Euthanasia Workshop
Retail Buyer Wins Top Industry Award
Clearer Food Labelling for Consumers
Hillsborough Seminar Examined Sow Dietary Management
Retailer Initiative Offers Security to Producers
NFU Calls for Reassurance on CAP Delays
Pig Slaughterings Hit Milestone
Tesco Direct Contracts Mark a Watershed for Pig Farmers


Industry Made Progress During 2011, Export Earnings Up


Women Pivotal for Global Livestock Diversity
FAO Food Price Index Falls Slightly


Science in the Service of Animal Welfare
GLOBALG.A.P. Summit Supports Global Trade
Spaniards Continue to Cut Meat, Egg Intake

   United States

Hurricane Sandy: Less Impact on Agriculture Than Expected
Meat and Poultry Cutbacks will Come – Eventually
Which Way for Soybean Prices?
CME: Hog Industry Awaits WASDE Report
CME: Election Over but What Will Be the Direction of Future Policies?
Industry Welcomes Back Obama
National Pork Board Meets to Approve Budget
Pork Checkoff Highlights Producer Commitment to Continuous Improvement
CME: Hog Contracts Finished Strong
Christensen Farms Announces Management Changes
Efficiency Can Offset Higher Feed Costs
California Voters Reject Proposition 37
USDA Delivers Funding for Hurricane Sandy Recovery Projects in 11 States
CME: WASDE Numbers Better Than Expected


Pork Commentary: Maple Leaf Foods Steps up to Buy Puratone Corporation
Maple Leaf to Buy Puratone
Calls for Research Proposals on Manure Separation
Projects Stimulate Communication among Producers
National Swine Traceability System Expected Soon
Expeller Pressed Canola Meal Boosts Dietary Energy, Reduces Costs
Manitoba Pork Council Proposes Provincial Hog Stabilisation Programme
Flu Vaccination Clinics Offer Example of One Health Concept

   European Union

EU Pig Prices: Bottom Now Reached, Consolidations Starting
Creation of Bilateral Group for Jobs, Growth
More Products Given EU Protection


Aarhus Research Focuses on Organic Pork
Ambitious Danish Plans for Animal Welfare, Antimicrobials
Danish Pig Sector to Profit as EU Numbers Fall


Peruvian Agricultural Production Increases


Haiti Seeks $74 million for Rejuvenation


Mexico: Hog Markets
Japan Authorises Meat from Central, Western Mexico


Cuts Could Jeopardise Livestock Farmers


Retailer Moves to More Animal Friendly Systems


Panamanian Authority Visits Slaughter Plants in Chile


Growth in Armenian Agriculture


Cargill Invests in Mozambique Farmers


HKScan Sees Sales Rise


Sérgio Rial Takes over at Seara Foods

   Russian Federation

Hermitage Genetics Attended Golden Autumn Ag Show

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