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ThePigSite Newsletter - 26 November 2012

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Monday 26th November 2012.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial - Meat Company Supports Pig Finishing in Denmark

Danish Crown has announced it is investing in finisher housing in Denmark.

Danish Crown is to help pig producer suppliers with investment to convert old sow stalls to finisher accommodation. The move will help to ensure the company's supply of pigs and will also secure jobs in Denmark.

The company says that tough political requirements for production in the country have meant that production of finishers has been falling over recent years and at the same time, a lack of interest to invest in new housing - or renovate the old.

Now the Board of Danish Crown has decided to help increase production of slaughter pigs by giving grants for the construction of slaughter houses and grants for renovation of old sow stalls.

The company has set a target to increase total production by 10,000 pigs a week or 520,000 more pigs per year.

Last month, we reported that the Danish pig industry had announced its united commitment to increase slaughter pig production in the country [click here to go to that story].

In other news, the affluent members of society will be the main force behind the growth of China's consumer market and account for five per cent of global consumption by 2020, according to a report from The Boston Consulting Group.

The growth of the global population to reach over nine billion by 2050 is expected to change global consumption, supply and demand patterns for food.

Population growth and the growing wealth in the developing nations are changing consumption trends. In China and South East Asia, the migration of the population from the rural to the urban economy is changing the demand for a more protein-rich diet. However, the change in consumption patterns may not be so much a change from cereals to meat and fish, but one to more edible oils and more milk and dairy products.

Such a change and a pattern of growth will not only have an effect on the economies of developed and developing nations but also on agriculture and the demand for different crops.

And finally, on African Swine Fever (ASF), an international meeting on preventing the spread of the disease was held recently in the city of Samara in the southeastern part of European Russia. The event was attended by representatives of the veterinary services of the Russian states and heads of state and included exercises for working out joint actions for ASF prevention and control. Further outbreaks of the disease have been identified in wild boar in the Tver region.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

Current Antimicrobial Use and Resistance Issues in the European Union - Reality and Resolution
The European Commission has put forward a 12-point programme aimed to reduce the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine. Dr David Burch of Octagon Services in the UK explained the background and likely developments in a paper he presented as The 'Dr Roy Schultz Lecture' at Iowa State University in November 2012].

How Much Feed Do Lactating Sows Need?
The factors that determine the optimum lactation feed intake for sows, particularly energy and lysine, are examined by Dr Peadar Lawlor of Moorepark in a paper presented at the Pig Farmers' Conference organised by Teagasc in the Republic of Ireland in October 2012.

Food Production Accounts for 29 Per Cent of GHG Emissions
Feeding the world releases up to 17,000 megatonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually, according to analysis by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

FAO Food Outlook: Meat and Meat Products
Global meat markets are challenged by high feed prices, stagnating consumption, and falling profitability, with growth in total output slowing down to two per cent, according to the FAO Food Outlook report for November 2012. With international prices close to record highs, growth in world trade is also decelerating.

Measurement of Acute Phase Proteins
The measurement of Acute Phase proteins in oral fluid to help assess sub-clinical disease in pigs is one of the new tools developed to improve disease monitoring, according to BPEX in No. 13 of its 'Research into Action' series.

Analysis of the Swine Tracheobronchial Lymph Node Transcriptomic Response to Infection with PRRSV
Researchers in the US have found that the different gene profiles detected in a highly pathogenic strain of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) from China are consistent with its increased pathogenicity.

Dietary Tryptophan Supplementation with Reduced Large Neutral Amino Acids Enhances Feed Efficiency and Decreases Stress Hormone Secretion in Nursery Pigs
Reducing large neutral amino acids in the diet of nursery pigs boosted the positive effect of L-tryptophan on the stress response when the animals were mixed, report scientists from North Carolina State University.

Milk Production in Sows from a Teat in Second Parity is Influenced by Whether It Was Suckled in First Parity
Teats that were suckled in first lactation produce more milk and are more developed in the next lactation than non-suckled teats, according to new research from Quebec, Canada.

Reducing Feed Costs with Canola Meal
When feed exceeds 72 per cent of pork production cost, it forces us to explore ways to reduce feed costs beyond desperation. Recent work funded through the Canola Cluster explored opportunities for reducing feed cost by feeding conventional solvent-extracted canola meal at unusually high inclusion levels.

Company News

Dr Baysinger Joins PIC Health Assurance Team
US - PIC has announced the addition of Dr Angela Baysinger as a Health Assurance Veterinarian.
Biogas Plants: MT-Energie and Big Dutchman Cooperate
GERMANY - MT-Energie GmbH, one of the leading producers of biogas plants in Europe in the future-oriented biogas branch, collaborates with Big Dutchman AG in the branch of biogas plants.
Video: Sampling for Contaminants in Animal Feed
GLOBAL - A new video from Biomin provides facts about sampling of microbiological and chemical contaminants in animal feed.
Canada: Hog Markets
CANADA - In my last commentary six weeks ago I discussed liquidation in Canada and then I suggested the potential for 100,000 sows to exit Canada, writes Bob Fraser, Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario.
Biomin Romania Exhibits at Farmer and Indagra 2012
ROMANIA - October and November were busy months for BIOMIN Romania as there were two very important fairs to attend.
Reducing Feed Costs: Online Workshop
UK - BPEX is running an online feed cost workshop for pig producers next week.
Market Reports

Irish CSO: Agricultural Price Indices - September 2012
BPEX / AHDB Country Report - China
UK Slaughter Statistics - November 2012
USDA Livestock Slaughter - November 2012

Global Pig Industry News

   European Union

EFSA Examines Role in Animal Health, Welfare
Multidrug Antibiotic Resistance Increases in Europe
EU Pig Prices: Market Tends Towards Weakness
Antibiotic Awareness Day: Reducing Antibiotic Resistance

   United States

Soy Sell-off Gives Feed Costs Breathing Room
Smithfield Buys Back COFCO Shares
Coalition Says US-EU Trade Deal Must Address Non-Tariff Trade Barriers
Opinions Divided over RFS Decision
CME: Retail Prices Rising, Demand Mixed
USMEF Elects Committee Members
Tyson Sees Record Sales
Pork Producers Did Not Panic
New Grow-Finish Educational Series Starts Soon
Hormel Reports Record Sales
AMI Concerned about USDA Listeria Guidelines

   United Kingdom

£12M Funding to Tackle Livestock, Poultry Viruses
Adjudicator Must be Able to Fine Unfair Retailers
VION NV Announces Sale of UK Food Operations
NFU Takes CAP Fight to European Parliament
Critical Research Priorities Unveiled for Future of Food Production
FMD NEWS: St Andrews Leads Project to Find New FMD Vaccine
UK Cattle Slaughtering Falls, Pigs Up
Minister Announces Boost for Agri Food Sector
Slurry Spreading Options in Non-NVZ Areas
Tesco Contracts Could Help Iron out Peaks, Troughs

   Russian Federation

International Meeting on Preventing the Spread of ASF
Cherkizovo Launches Second Production Line for Hams, Deli Products
Further ASF Detected in Tver Region


French Prime Minister Demands Reform Satisfaction


Genome of Commercial Pig Reveals Asian Blood


Classical Swine Fever Reported in Wild Boar


Mutton Added to Pork CRC Board
Farmers Express Murray Darling Basin Plan Importance


Rise in Demand in Beef, Pork Sectors


Meat Production Value Dropped 15 Per Cent in Q3 2012


Livestock, Poultry Sales Increase by 2.2 Per Cent


Meeting Challenge of Antibiotic Use
FAO Food Outlook - November 2012 - Overview
Pig Genome Sequencing Could Advance Human, Animal Health
Growing Populations and Wealth Changing Food Demand


Pork Producers Targeting Heavier Market Weights Cautioned to Avoid Crowding
Research Shows Phase Feeding Gestating Sows Saves on Feed Costs
Research Targets Identify Calcium, Phosphorus Needs of Sows
Free Trade Agreements Offer Potential New Pork Marketing Opportunities
Banff Pork Seminar 2013 Targets
Improving Swine Worker Safety
Release of Revised Code of Practice May Be Delayed


Upgraded Abattoir to Help Boost Meat Industry


Affluent Will Be Major Driver of China's Growth


Danish Crown in Strong Position
Danish Crown Invests in Finisher Housing

   Dominican Republic

Ministry Announces Livestock Health Plan


Spain May Lose 16 Per Cent of Funds from CAP


Agricultural Exports Up in Value, Down in Volume
Pork Commentary: EuroTier Report


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Biomin - Mycotoxins
Novartis Animal Health - Ileitis Guide
i-Vibes Food Animal Panel Job Vacancy


MSD Animal Health - It's a New Day for Animal Health
Enterisol Ileitis - The oral vaccine against ileitis
Contact O Max - The Best Invention Since Pig Equipment
Novus International - Performance Unleashed

Bayer Animal Health
Denagard - The right choice
Pfizer Animal Health - Lincomix - Serious Money to Chew on


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Find out how to Save Feed!
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JSR Genetics - Fast & Efficient Geneconverter Sire Lines
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Hipra -Rhiniseng and Suiseng with Hipramune - Experience a new type of immunity!
Danisco Animal Nutrition


TOPIGS - Progess in Pigs

PPT-Pig Production Training Ltd
Axcentive - Halamid The Universal Disinfectant
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