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Monday 10th December 2012.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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Editorial - EU Sow Stall Ban: Now Just Three Weeks Away

A topic of some discussion within the pork industry is the expected level of slaughter and output for various players on the world stage in the coming year, according to industry experts, Steve Meyer and Len Steiner.

They highlight particularly EU-27 pig numbers, given the 1 January deadline for eliminating sow gestation stalls. The EU ban applies to the period from four weeks post-breeding to one week pre-farrowing. They say that no-one has a very good idea of just how this major change in allowable production technology is going to play out.

First, there is the question of just how widespread compliance will be on 1 January. They refer to reports that some countries will be 100 per cent compliant while others may have no more than 40 per cent of their production in compliance. Regardless of the numbers, it is clear that not nearly all of the farms in the EU will have sows in some sort of group housing by 1 January.

This begs their second question. What happens to the pigs from farms that are not compliant?, Meyer and Steiner ask.

Based on the experience of the egg industry following the ban on conventional battery cages, which came in across the EU on 1 January 2012, considerable market disruption may be expected immediately after the ban was introduced - but not in all countries and the market may settle again within a few months. Overall, a cut of five to 10 per cent in EU pig meat volume has been forecast; the resulting likely boost in producer prices would be welcomed, of course, by those farmers whose facilities comply with the new rules. This includes the UK, where sow stalls have been banned for more than a decade.

As for pigs from farms that do not comply with the new regulations after 1st January, they will likely continue to be marketed in the country of origin. The rules prohibit their meat from being sold to other EU countries but presumably, it could be exported to third countries. Again, based on the experience of the egg industry after the battery cage ban, no major breaches of this rule have been reported.

The impacts on the pig meat markets may depend on the commitment and regulatory ability of the individual countries to inspect facilities, to hold to account those that are not compliant and to trace pork product on the market.

The sow stall ban is an reachable goal - but only time will tell if it will be achieved in practice.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

Gilt Diets to Improve Longevity and Productivity
Limit feeding a diet specifically formulated for developing gilts from 65kg reduced lameness, claw abnormalities and joint surface lesions of the cartilage in the elbow joint compared to the two most commonly practised feeding regimes for replacement gilts on Irish farms, reported Amy Quinn of Moorepark. She was speaking at the Pig Farmers' Conference organised by Teagasc in the Republic of Ireland in October 2012.

Expression of Kyphosis in Young Pigs Induced by a Reduction of Supplemental Vitamin D in Maternal Diets and Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus in Nursery Diets
By altering vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus concentrations in maternal and nursery diets, researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison induced kyphosis - an abormal spinal curvature - in young pigs that was similar to that observed in spontaneous outbreaks in afflicted herds.

Beef and Pork Price Relationships
The relationship between the prices of beef and pork since 1990 are explored by Lee Schulz in the current 'Iowa Farm Outlook'.

Smaller Pig Populations: Biosecurity
Mark White, BVSc LLB DPM MRCVS, examines the risks of disease introduction to smaller holdings and measures that can sensibly be taken within the context of the needs of the smaller producer to minimise the risks.

Managing Your Feed Costs
An introduction to risk management on the feed market by Richard Veit of Market Intelligence at the UK Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB).

KSU Swine Day 2012
Proceedings of the Kansas State University Swine Day 2012.

Phytogenics – New Benefits of a Proven Approach
An introduction to phytogenic feed additives by Dr Tobias Steiner (Director Competence Center Phytogenics) and Dr Ahmed Aufy (Product Manager) with Biomin Holdings GmbH.

Company News

JSR Improves Minimum Sperm Count Per Dose
UK - Investment in the latest semen dosage counting technology will ensure all JSR semen products now offer customers even higher levels of consistency and far exceed existing industry audit standards.
Importance of Efficient Feed Conversion
UK - In these times of high feed prices one of the biggest drivers of financial efficiency is feed conversion ratio.
Passionate about Perfection
US - Judy Hinck is one of five winners in the national Honouring Pork Caregivers programme, sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health.
Genesus Sends More Pigs to Southern Russia
RUSSIA - Last Week Genesus sent their Seventh planeload of High Health Swine Genetics to Agroholding Mercury Company.
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