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ThePigSite Newsletter - 17 December 2012

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Monday 17th December 2012.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial - Pig Meat Trade: Challenges and Opportunities

Pork trade between the US and Russia is under threat as the two countries have clashed over the use of the beta-agonist growth promoter, ractopamine.

Russian authorities are clamping down on US meat products because of concerns over the use of ractopamine in the animals as a growth promoter.

Now, any imports of meat US must be certified by a government veterinary inspector before they can go on the Russian market. If the products are not accompanied by the appropriate certificate, they will only be admitted onto the market after laboratory tests.

US trade representative, Ron Kirk, has attacked Russia for breaking the obligations of the World Trade Organization and has called on Russia to restore market access.

Market opportunities for pig meat are growing in China. The development of pork production and the pig markets in Asia can be directly linked to the growth in size and wealth of the population.

The growth in demand has generated an upsurge in production, resulting in very attractive prices for both pig meat and feed. This growth offers opportunities for companies around the world to work and invest in the developing Asian region.

Speaking at the recent EuroTier exhibition, Dr Mike Varley from the Pig Technology Company said that the major factor holding back pig meat production growth in Asia in recent years has been pig disease.

In the UK, Dutch-based food producer, VION NV, has reached an agreement for a management buy-out of its UK pork operations, securing around 4,000 jobs.

The deal, led by Seamus Carr, managing director of the company's Pork Business Unit, is backed by UK private equity firm, Endless.

The announcement follows the strategic decision VION announced last month that it was selling its UK food operations, employing in total 13,000 people at 38 sites, to focus on its core food activities in the Netherlands and Germany and its global ingredients business.

In the EU, the European Parliament has pushed through measures to tighten up enforcement controls for the welfare of animals in transport.

The Parliament has also called for immediate action to tackle antimicrobial resistance in bacteria pathogenic to people and/or animals.

Urgent action must be taken to fight bacteria resistant to antibiotics by developing new drugs, using existing ones more carefully and improving animal husbandry, according to the Parliament's resolution. To slow the growth of antimicrobial drug resistance, MEPs called for prudent-use guidelines to reduce non-essential exposure in human and veterinary medicine, agriculture and aquaculture.

Organisers of the next European Symposium on Porcine Health Management (ESPHM 2013) are reminding scientists working in the field of pig health that the deadline to submit abstracts for the meeting is 20 December 2012. For more information, click here.

With the holiday season next week, the next newsletter from ThePigSite will be mailed out on 31 December.

On behalf of 5M Publishing, warmest seasonal wishes to all our readers for Christmas, the New Year and 2013.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

Feed Efficiency in Swine: A Survey of Current Knowledge
There are gaps in information and knowledge of feed efficiency across the industry, according to J.R. Flohr of Kansas State University and others in a paper presented at Kansas Swine Industry Day 2012. Following a survey of more than 200 producers, consultants, academics and others in the industry, they concluded that most individuals are familiar with the advantages in feed efficiency associated with pelleting diets for pigs and that a large percentage of the industry uses or recommends using feed additives.

New Measures in Assessing Sow Lameness
Management changes could result in earlier detection, and subsequently treatment, of lameness resulting in increased longevity of sows in the breeding herd, according to Swine Innovation Porc.

What's Driving the Grain Markets and What to Look out for Going Forward?
David Norris of Noggers Blog explained his view of recent feed ingredient price movements and where they might be heading next at the Pig Farmers' Conference organised by Teagasc in the Republic of Ireland in October 2012.

Conservation Practices in Outdoor Hog Production Systems
In a report subtitled 'Findings and Recommendations from the Center of Environmental Farming Systems' at North Carolina State University authors Silvana Pietrosemoli, Jim Green, Chris Bordeaux, Lee Menius and Jennifer Curtis identify several key practices that address conservation issues in outdoor pig production systems, including animal management and nutrition.

Toxoplasma gondii Prevalence in Farm Animals in the United States
Toxoplasmosis is a significant public health problem in the US with more than one million people newly infected each year, according to new research from the USDA. Seroprevalence in pigs and chickens from non-biosecure management systems is high. Clinical disease and high seroprevalence occur in sheep and goats, while beef cattle do not appear to be important in the epidemiology of Toxoplasma or in transmission to humans.

Assessing Risk Profiles for Salmonella Serotypes in Breeding Pig Operations in Portugal
New research from Portugal reveals that the prevalence of herds with breeding pigs that had at least one sample positive to serotype Typhimurium or S. Typhimurium-like strains with the antigenic formula: 1,4,5,12:i: was 13.8 per cent, and for the other serotypes, prevalence was 31.7 per cent. The risk factors for Typhimurium suggest a contagious pattern and the risk factors for other serotypes appear were more closely related to environmental factors.

Analyses of Pig Genomes Provide Insight into Porcine Demography and Evolution
Analysis of the genome of several types of pig reveals a split between European and Asian wild boars around one million years ago, according to a global collaboration of researchers in the field. They say that the genome also provides a valuable resource, enabling more effective use of pigs in both agriculture and biomedical research in the future.

Swine Profitability Conference 2012
Proceedings of the Swine Profitability Conference 2012, sponsored by Kansas State University.

Company News

Hull Hat-trick for Yorkshire Pig Farmer
UK - Yorkshire pig farmer Ian Broumpton has scored a hat-trick by winning the Supreme Championship for the third time in succession with a pen of five cutter pigs at the Hull Market Christmas Show and Sale.
Deadline Approaches for ESPHM Pig Health Meeting
EU - Organisers of the next European Symposium on Porcine Health Management (ESPHM 2013) are reminding scientists working in the field of pig health that the deadline to submit abstracts for the meeting is 20 December 2012.
British Genetics Win Awards in Spain
UK and SPAIN - For the third time, herds using ACMC stock have received major awards at Porc D'or ('Golden pig' awards) at a Spanish pig industry ceremony attended by over 600 people in Madrid.
PIC, Iwatani Celebrate 30 Years of Partnership in Japan
GLOBAL - In the same year that Genus subsidiary PIC showcases its first half-century of genetic improvement, it also pays tribute to the long-standing relationship with franchise partner, Iwatani Corporation of Japan.
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