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Monday 14th January 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial - New Year's Resolution: Feeding the World

A call has gone out for urgent action to prevent 50 per cent of all food produced in the world ending up as waste - up to an estimated two billion tonnes of food wasted.

A new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has found that as much as half of all food produced around the world never reaches a human stomach due to issues as varied as inadequate infrastructure and storage facilities through to overly strict sell-by dates, 'buy-one, get-one free' offers and consumers demanding visually perfect food.

The degree to which science, emotion or assumed ethics should drive technological changes in agriculture and farming are becoming central to the arguments over the development of biotechnology and genetic modification (GM), according to Editor in Chief, Chris Harris, who attended the annual Oxford Farming Conference in the first week of January.

Concerns over the growth in the global population and how to feed growing numbers at a time of climate change and diminishing land and water resources were at the forefront of the debate.

The question of the acceptability of GM foods was first raised by the UK Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, who told the conference: "GM needs to be considered in its proper overall context with a balanced understanding of the risks and the benefits.

"We should not however be afraid of making the case to the public about the potential benefits of GM beyond the food chain, for example, significantly reducing the use of pesticides and inputs such as diesel."

He added: "I believe GM offers great opportunities but I also recognise that we owe a duty to the public to reassure them that it is a safe and beneficial innovation."

While the Environment Secretary embraced the potential of GM products, it was a former leading anti-GM campaigner, Mark Lynas, who, in the Frank Parkinson lecture, openly attacked the anti-GM lobby for not basing their arguments on scientific fact.

Turning other news, the use of antibiotics on farm has been causing concern among consumers, farmers, politicians and lobby groups for some time and it is starting to become a major crusade for some to restrict their use, including in the US and the UK.

Russia has banned meat from US and Canada because veterinary authorities have detected traces of the beta-agonist growth promoter, ractopamine.

And finally, the Chinese veterinary authorities have announced a new outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Sichuan. Ten outbreaks of classical swine fever have been reported in south-east Latvia in the second half of December.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

Effects of Diet Form and Fibre Withdrawal Before Marketing on Growth Performance of Growing-Finishing Pigs
Pelleting diets improved growth rate and feed conversion but increased the amount of unsaturated fatty acids in the belly, reported J.E. Nemechek and colleagues at Kansas State University to the 2012 Kansas State University Swine Industry Day. The increase in belly fat iodine value was more pronounced with the high-fibre than the corn-soy control diet. High-fibre diet withdrawal allowed pigs to recover fully the losses in carcass yield associated with feeding high fibre levels but there was only a partial improvement in belly fat iodine value.

Amino Acid Requirements of Growing Pigs
Mike Tokach, Joel DeRouchey, Steve Dritz, Bob Goodband and Jim Nelssen of Kansas State University reviewed 80 publications to outline our growing understanding of amino acid requirements over the last 10 years at the 2012 Kansas State University Swine Profitability Conference.

Energy Use on Irish Pig Farms
Savings to be made by investing in new technologies on your farm, said Gerard McCutcheon of Oak Park at the Pig Farmers' Conference organised by Teagasc in the Republic of Ireland in October 2012.

Hog Target Weight Calculator for Heavy Hogs
Improving market weight accuracy can greatly improve revenue, according to Jaydee Smith, Swine Production Systems Program Lead with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, in the latest 'Pork News & Views' newsletter.

Prevalence of Porcine Cysticercosis and Associated Risk Factors in Homa Bay District of Kenya
Taenia solium is a parasite of serious public health importance in the Homa Bay area, according to new research from Kenya. The scientists add that improving latrine provision would go a long way towards controlling this parasite and to encourage the development of a viable and prosperous pig industry.

Estonia: Pig Breeding as a Tool to Serve Pork Production
In a report entitled 'Animal Breeding in Estonia 2004–2011' from Estonian Animal Breeding Association, Anne Lilleorg (Adviser to the Estonian Pig Breeding Association) explains the history of pig breeding in the country.

Expected Genetic Response for Oleic Acid Content in Pork
Oleic acid in the intramuscular fat of Duroc pigs was found by researchers based in Lleida in Spain to be genetically determined and so selection strategies could be developed to increase the level in pork although, they warn, the potential for lean growth might be reduced.
Company News

Pork Commentary: US Industry Losing $40 Per Head
US - Sterling Marketing of Vale, Oregon does a weekly calculation of farrow to finish profitability. The latest weekly calculation was a loss of $40.38 per head. Nasty, Nasty, Nasty. If correct, a loss for the industry approaching $100 million a week. Last year, the same week, the loss was $16.12 per head, writes Jim Long President – CEO Genesus.
President, Vice-President of Genesus Mexico Announced
MEXICO - Genesus has announced that Carlos Peralta and Roberto Carlos Rodriguez have joined Genesus as of 1 January, 2013 as President and Vice-President of Genesus Mexico.
Efficient Pig Climate Control Systems for Philippine Sow Farm
PHILIPPINES - The Northern Philippines experience very hot temperatures and pounding typhoons each year – not ideal conditions for raising pigs.
JSR Wins Gold in Olympic Year
UK - Staff at Southburn-based JSR are celebrating after the company was awarded the prestigious Investors in People Gold Standard.
VIV China 2012 Delivers More Than Expected
CHINA - Regarded as the most prestigious international husbandry exhibition in China, VIV China has been attracting international visitors from over 20 countries around the world.
Biomin Cambodia Wins Award
CAMBODIA - AGRILIVESTOCK 2012 took place from 10-12 October 2012 in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia, gathering industry players and customers from more than 150 international and local companies.
Canadian Hog Markets
CANADA - As we begin the New Year we continue to do what we all do, look to the future, particularly in our business the markets, writes Bob Fraser, Genesus Ontario.
New Exclusive Distributor of Big Dutchman Equipment
ITALY - Big Dutchman welcomes a new partner to its international team of sales representatives: Gong SpA, based in the Northern Italian city of Ghedi, will in future be responsible for consultation, distribution and service regarding Big Dutchman pig equipment products in Italy.
National Center Partners with Genesus
CANADA - Modern, high health swine production, by its very nature does not lend itself well to being accessible to the public. The biosecurity protocols which protect our herds from disease transmission have effectively closed the door to a society which has become increasingly disconnected from where and how its food is raised and produced, writes Glenn Kuhn, Swine Technical Manager at Genesus Inc.
Market Reports

GB Animal Feed Statistical Notice - 10 January 2013
USDA WASDE - January 2013

Global Pig Industry News


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South Island Fire Warning Issued


Ukraine Increases Agricultural Exports

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Agrarian Subsidies Increase to CZK44.7 Billion

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Russia Bans US, Canadian Pork over Ractopamine


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