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Monday 18th February 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Weather: the Great Unknown for the Livestock Industry

Three consecutive years of bad weather events around the world, together with volatile markets that have been seen since 2007, have created uncertainty in the grain and protein meal market, writes Chris Harris, reporting from the 'Outlook 2013' conference in London last week.

While there were flat wheat markets around the world until 2007, an extreme drought in Australia started the period of volatility, the UK's Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board senior analyst, Jack Watts told the audience.

Indeed, he highlighted that a succession of adverse weather conditions has affected the maize and soybean markets globally as well as wheat and these weather-induced production issues - and not demand - have driven feed costs higher.

Mr Watts said that with already low stocks as well, global demand might need to be rationed through high prices.

Last year, in particular, the global crop was influenced by disastrous drought in the US from the middle of the year as well as drought in South East Europe.

Looking ahead, Mr Watts said that in the coming year strong wheat plantings around the world offer good prospects, provided there are no disastrous weather conditions again.

However, there has been a better winter this year and there have been encouraging signs for a good maize planting.

For the soybean market, demand from China is one of the key market drivers because it takes one-quarter of the total global soyabean production.

In this current, 2012/2013 crop year, while the crop in the US is expected to be down, this will be compensated for by a rise in production in South America - provided there is not a similar drought that the region experienced last year.

Also relating to feed price prospects, Darrel Good of the University of Illinois reports that USDA has released new projections for marketing year consumption of US corn and soybeans. Prices will now be at least partially influenced by how closely the rate of consumption tracks these projections, he says. Whilst not specifically referring to weather conditions, they are among the main reasons why USDA produces regular updates.

Though the estimates in USDA’s February 'World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates' represented relatively small changes versus previous releases and did not differ dramatically from analysts’ pre-report estimates, sensitive grain markets reacted quite negatively late last week — and some of the changes were actually bullish, according to Steve Meyer and Len Steiner.

A significant step has been taken towards the development of global Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) guidelines for feed. The European Feed Manufacturer's Association (FEFAC) and the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) have joined forces to harmonise the methodology for environmental footprinting of compound feed and to publish the first Feed LCA recommendations.

Finally, while the prospects for the UK and EU pig industries are looking better for 2013 - they could hardly be worse after a very difficult year last year - producers will have a look further than 12 months ahead for truly good times to return, according to Stephen Howarth of the AHDB. He was also addressing the Outlook 2013 conference in London last week.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

China: Country of Contrasts
Report from VIV China by Stuart Lumb who highlights the rapid changes in pig production and life generally in China as traditional ways are now giving way to 21st century technology to keep the population supplied with its favourite meat.

Weaning Management
Bob Goodband, Steve Dritz, Mike Tokach, Joel DeRouchey and Jim Nelssen of Kansas State University have examined lysine requirements and evaluated new protein feed ingredients for today's slightly older weaners in the US, typically weighing 19 to 21kg. They presented some of their research and practical ways to get newly weaned piglets eating at the 2012 Kansas State University Swine Profitability Conference.

Activist Messages under the Microscope at Banff Meeting
How can the world of animal agriculture brace itself against a rising tide of activist attacks? One critical way is by better understanding the dynamics involved in the core messages these groups use time and again to drive a wedge between livestock industries and consumers, Dr Wes Jamison, a leading researcher and thinker on interest group activism, told the 2013 Banff Pork Seminar.

Effects of Oxidized Corn Oil and a Synthetic Antioxidant Blend on Performance, Oxidative Status of Tissues and Fresh Meat Quality in Finishing Barrows
Feeding a dietary antioxidant to pigs can help to improve shelf life, according to a study from a research team from the University of Illinois and Novus International.

Night Inspections Pay Off
Numbers born alive have increased from 11.4 to 12.3 as the result of almost continuous monitoring in farrowing weeks on one farm reported in Farm Case Study 33 from BPEX.

Effect of Dietary Addition of Denagard (Tiamulin) and CTC (Chlortetracycline) on Pig Performance Immediately after Placement in the Finishing Barn
Adding Denagard and/or CTC to diets immediately after pig placement in the finisher house can improve growth performance, according to new research from Kansas State University but the benefits were not maintained in the subsequent period when pigs were fed non-medicated diets.

More on the Fertiliser Value of Liquid Swine Manure
A recent newsletter from Swine Waste Economical and Environmental Treatment Alternatives (SWEETA) from the The Livestock and Urban Waste Research (LUW) Team at the University of Illinois further addresses how to arrive at a justifiable value for liquid pig manure in comparison to wholesale/retail costs for traditional inorganic fertilisers.

Perception and Physiological Responses to Odours
Wendy Powers of Michigan State University explains the terminology used to describe odorants and odour, how the human olfactory system works, and how humans respond to odour.

Emerging Threats Quarterly Report – Pig Diseases – July-September 2012
Among the highlights of the latest report from the AHVLA are the re-emergence of Klebsiella pneumoniae septicaemia in piglets and swine influenza in young weaners, which predisposed them to salmonellosis

Company News

Hermitage Seaborough Opens New 260 Boar Stud in Cambridge
UK - On the 6 and 7 February, Hermitage Seaborough held two very successful open days at the new AI station located at Willingham in Cambridgeshire.
TOPIGS Works with Three Regions to Accommodate Growth
GLOBAL - TOPIGS has reorganised its worldwide activities into three regions: Europe, the Americas and Asia/Pacific/Africa.
Modern Sow Management with Big Dutchman Innovations
THAILAND - At VIV Asia 2013, the new electronic sow feeding (ESF) station Call-Inn Big Dutchman was added to its ESF product range which will be on display for the first time in Asia. Call-Inn is ideally suited for small sow production units or large units with fixed groups – with a price advantage of 25 per cent compared to similar systems.
Novus Receives 2012 Product Differentiation Excellence Award
US - Novus International, Inc. has received the 2012 North American Animal Feed Ingredients Product Differentiation Excellence Award for its trace mineral product MINTREX®.
Attention for the Individual Pig in the Entire Farming Sector
NETHERLANDS - For decades, Nedap has enabled individual attention for pregnant sows in group housing with pig feeding stations (ESF).
Hermitage Genetics, Globino Ukraine Conclude Agreement
UKRAINE - LLC RPE "Globinsky Svinokomplex" established a 1230 sow GGP/GP Hermitage Genetics nucleus in the Ukraine in February of last year.
Zagro Vietnam to Market Halamid
VIET NAM - Axcentive® SARL and Zagro Vietnam are excited to announce they will cooperate on the further future sales and market development of Axcentive’s disinfectant product, Halamid®, in Viet Nam.
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