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Monday 29th April 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Feed: Price Trends, Analysis and a Predictor of Welfare Issues?

Two reports from Purdue University in the last week point to an improving situation for livestock producers. The first states that more efficient land use, a stalled demand for corn ethanol and increased demand for meat in developing countries should help boost the livestock industry in coming years by lowering feed ingredient prices.

The second report, by Purdue Extension agricultural economist, Chris Hurt, says US pig producers should return to profitability as early as this spring because of lower feed prices. He was commenting on some unexpectedly positive news in the USDA grain stocks report at the end of March but he warned that delayed planting could still change that.

New research from the University of Illinois may help nutritionists formulate pig feeds. Ash content in meat and bone meal (MBM) has been found to have a highly significant positive correlation with calcium and phosphorus concentrations - two minerals that are becoming increasingly expensive.

"Thus, if you know the concentration of ash, you can calculate the concentration of calcium and phosphorus. Ash is easy and inexpensive to analyse," said Professor of Animal Sciences, Hans H. Stein.

He and his team determined the digestibility of calcium and phosphorus in MBM, which is traditionally used as a source of protein in animal diets although no longer a permitted feed ingredient in some countries. MBM contains greater concentrations of these two minerals than plant feed ingredients, so it can replace inorganic phosphates in pig diets without harming the bones or negatively affecting growth of the animals.

However, to use MBM effectively as a source of calcium and phosphorus, producers need an accurate assessment of the levels and digestibility of these minerals when fed to pigs - and they vary quite a bit.

The Illinois team found a negative correlation between ash content in MBM and digestibility of calcium and phosphorus although all sources of MBM tested had a relatively high digestibility for these minerals. While calcium and phosphorus concentrations varied, ash content had a highly significant positive correlation with the concentrations.

One of the new articles on ThePigSite this week summarises research showing a link between feed consumption and tail-biting in growing pigs and this link may predict future tail-biting behaviour.

Monitoring feed intake using electonic feeding stations, researchers at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala found that low feeding frequency by a group of pigs indicated likely future tail-biting in the pen as early as nine weeks before the first injuries. Increased feeding frequencies by individual pigs in potential tail-biting pens may help identify pigs that will be become the victims in the tail-biting outbreak.

And finally, after a relatively quiet period on African Swine Fever in Russia, shooting of wild boars is continuing in the Tver region and will soon resume in Moscow, Kaluga, Tula and Ryazan regions as part of the disease monitoring and prevention plan.

As next Monday (6 May) is a public holiday in the UK, the next newsletter from ThePigSite will be sent out on Tuesday 7 May.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Reducing Phosphorus Levels in Gestating Sow Diets
There were no adverse effects on the performance of the sows in the first or second trial farrowing cycle when fed on a lower level of phosphorus throughout gestation, according to No. 16 in the BPEX series, 'Research into Action'.

Data from Electronic Feeders on Visit Frequency and Feed Consumption Indicate Tail-biting Outbreaks
Feeding behaviour predicted tail-biting in pens of growing pigs up to nine weeks before the biting started and also which individuals would be involved in this novel Swedish study. The work also confirms that tail-bitten pigs eat less feed.

Prevalence of Yersinia in Antimicrobial-Free and Conventional Antimicrobial Use Pig Farms
In a study of farms across three states, around 11 per cent had pigs positive for the foodborne pathogen, Yersinia enterocolitica. The likelihood of positive pigs was higher on antibiotic-free farms than on those with a conventional antibiotic policy.

Danish Pig Research Centre Annual Report 2012: Genetic Progress and Sale of Breeding Stock
Genetic progress and breeding stock sales in Denmark are outlined in the latest annual report from the Danish Pig Research Centre.

Soybean Yield and Soybean Cyst Nematode Responses to Liquid Pig Manure
Soil fertility management plays an important role in developing sustainable strategies to manage soybean cyst nematode and improve crop yield in soybean-maize cropping system, according to new research from the University of Minnesota. Manure reduced nematode numbers under certain conditions.

Combined Products: Are They Worth a Look?
A mixture of free organic acids, together with phytochemical and permeabilising substances can help to improve performance and control pathogenic bacteria that lead to post-weaning diarrhoea in weaned pigs, according to Dr Renata Urbaityte and Nataliya Roth of Biomin.

Company News

Novus's Thad Simons Receives Award
US - The National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) has named Thad Simons, President and CEO of Novus International, Inc., 2013 Agribusiness Leader of the Year.
Ceva Injects Support into Charity Fund
UK - Ceva Animal Health is showing its solidarity with the country’s struggling farmers by donating £1 per unit sold of their popular anti-infective range, to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I). The offer runs until the end of June.
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