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Monday 7th October 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Budget Deadlock: Will the US Fall Apart?

There is no end yet in sight to the budget deadlock in the US as President Obama and Congressional leaders have so far failed to reach agreement. The situation has led to a partial government shut-down, which includes the closing of the US Department of Agriculture web site and all its reports have ceased for the time being.

President of the American Farm Bureau Federation, Bob Stallman, said that farmers and ranchers - along with 90 per cent of the country - are frustrated with Congress for their apparent unwillingness to reach agreement.

On 1 October, he commented: "Aside from shutting down the government, the one-year farm bill extension Congress granted last session also expired at midnight, while the new farm bill has yet to formally reach the conference process."

National Farmers Union president, Roger Johnson wrote to the Speaker of the House of Representatives: "The 2008 Farm Bill has now been allowed to expire twice, most recently on Sept. 30, 2013. The fate of the farm bill is now in your hands."

In a later press release, Mr Johnson said: "The US Congress has put all Americans in a dire situation. The uncertainty created by the failure to come to an agreement on how to fund the government has overshadowed a situation that impacts the livelihood of so many family farmers, ranchers, fishermen and hungry people in this country."

Has the country fallen apart in the wake of all this uncertainty? Well no, of course not. Meat inspection in the US has continued as normal this week despite many government officials being laid off following the failure to reach agreement over the budget.

However, the government shut-down has led to employees being turned away from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's (APHIS) Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB), which is the agency that oversees the release of animal vaccines. This means CVB will not release batches of vaccines for distribution. The agency has said that after 14 days, it will reevaluate.

In the US, the spread of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) continues with little sign of slowing up. The most recent report reveals a particular jump in outbreaks in North Carolina's breeding herd.

In other news, future food demand will define the shape of the livestock, agriculture and farming sectors and their support industries, according to Editor-in-Chief, Chris Harris, reporting from the British Crop Production Council congress in Brighton last week.

While billions of Euros and dollars are being spent on research to improve crop, livestock and food production, the supply of food as populations grow in size and wealth will largely be determined by the climate and land availability.

A growing global population, emerging middle class and changing eating habits have seen a switch to a more meat-based diet.

As meat consumption grows, farming methods are also likely to change from the extensive grazing production of red meat to more feed lots that will use more wheat and grains for feed, according to Gordon Rennick from the pesticide control division of the Irish Department of Agriculture.

Mr Rennick added that this, in turn, will bring into question land availability as well as the availability of water to irrigate the land and provide water for livestock.

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Mycotoxins in Swine Production Mycotoxins in Swine Production
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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Creep Feeding in the Farrowing Room: Do the Outcomes Depend on Weaning Age?
Bodyweight at nursery exit was greater in piglets offered creep feed for one week prior to weaning, according to research at the Prairie Swine Centre, although only around 40 per cent of piglets weaned at four weeks of age actually consumed creep. Only three per cent of piglets weaned at three weeks of age had consumed any creep.

Feral Pig Control by Trapping
Information on the siting, design and construction of traps to capture wild pigs from David Lund, Ted Knight and Gary Martin for the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food.

Ireland: Sectoral Road Map: Pigs
A look ahead for the Irish pig industry to 2020 from Teagasc. How will the industry be then and what challenges does it face along the way?

Niacin Supplementation Increases the Number of Oxidative Type I Fibres in Muscle of Growing Pigs
Included in the diet of growing pigs at a pharmacological dose, niacin (a B-vitamin) caused a switch in muscle fibres that is associated with a meat quality defect, dark, firm and dry (DFD) pork.

Enumeration of Salmonella throughout the Pork Harvesting Process
Research from Nebraska shows that, while Salmonella were present on the skins of almost all pig carcasses immediately after slaughter, only around six per cent of chilled final carcasses were positive for Salmonella and the majority of those had so few bacteria that they could not be counted.

Floor Slat Gap Cover Has Many Uses
A Danish company has designed and patented a slat gap cover to help pig producers comply with regulations and/or marketing standards in pig housing, writes Stuart Lumb for ThePigSite.

Comparing Minimum Inhibitory Concentration and Minimum Bactericidal Concentration Results for Brachyspira Species – What is the Difference?
Antibiotics tested, which are classified as bacteriostatic against Brachyspira, have bactericidal properties at approximately double the minimum inhibitory concentration, according to new research from the UK by David Burch and others.

Company News

Ceva Launches Fertipig in Asia
ASIA - Ceva Animal Health used the recent 6th Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress (APVS 2013) in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, to launch Fertipig® in Asia.
Swine Flu: An Increasing Problem?
UK - Most swine vets agree that swine influenza is an increasing problem, according to a survey recently conducted by Merial Animal Health.
BIVI Swine Division Adds Sales Representatives
US - Industry veterans, Randy Anderson and Thad Hinkle, have joined the Swine Division sales and marketing team at Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI).
Preparations Begin for Spain's Top Pork Awards
SPAIN - The 20th anniversary of the country's annual event for the pig sector - the Porc d'Or awards - will take place for the first time in Zaragoza on 22 November.
Organic Farmers, Producers Have New Option for Chelated Trace Minerals
US - Novus has announced that the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has determined that its chelated trace mineral products MINTREX® Zn, MINTREX® Cu and MINTREX® Mn have met the compliance requirements outlined in the official OMRI Policy Manual and that these products now are listed for use in organic production.
Gain Time by Cleaning, Says CID Lines
BELGIUM - Organic dirt must be cleaned away for disinfection to be effective, according to CID Lines.
Market Reports

BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 40
AHDB Pig Market Weekly - 3 October 2013

Global Pig Industry News

   United Kingdom

NFU's Back British Tour Gains Traction at JCB
Government Committee Calls for More Real Welfare
New BPEX Events Map
Weather Has Big Impact on Supply Chains
All Must Seize CAP Window of Opportunity, Says NFUS
UK Pig Numbers Still Tight
Negligible Residues Found in UK Meat
NFU's Back British Tour Picks Up Morrisons Pledge
Call for Papers for Animal Welfare Conference
UK's New Code for Veterinary Medicine Promotion Comes into Effect
British Livestock Sector Capable of Reducing GHG Emissions
Changes Ahead after Wages Board Abolition
NFU Takes 'Back British Farming' Campaign on the Road

   United States

Smithfield Expands Responsibilities, Announces Promotion
CME: Significant Discount to USDA Hog Price
Allocation of Funds for Animal Health Vaccine Release Urged
Hog Outlook: US Market Hog Inventory Larger Than
a Year Ago

US Officials Step up Focus on PED Risk Factors
Congress Emphasises Importance of Agricultural Exports
PED-Positive Submissions: Sharp Increase in North Carolina's Breeding Herd
CME: Hogs & Pigs Report Still Being Dissected
NFU to Speaker: Farm Bill is in Your Hands
US Partisan Politics Puts Farmers in Uncertain Situation
Farmers Frustrated over Farm Bill Expiration
US Budget Stalemate Leaves Meat Inspection Unaffected
Farmers Need Help to Understand New Food Safety Rules
CME: Effects of Financial Shutdown on Dairy, Livestock Products
USDA Report Contributes Softening Expectations for Growth
New Brochure Provides Nutritional Data on Soy Products Fed to Pigs
How Does the US Health Reform Affect Farmers?
CME: USDA Survey Results Contradict Market Expectations
September Quarterly Hogs & Pigs Report Analysis
What's Causing Low Hog Supplies?
Hogs and Pigs Report Held Some Surprises
Contaminated Feed Most Probable Cause of US
PED Outbreak

CME: Pork Exports to Remain a Critical Driver for Demand
Pork Commentary: USDA September Hog and Pigs Report

   European Union

Commission Urged to Deliver New Framework for Animal Welfare Law
EU Pig Prices: Market Situation Increasingly Steady
Agriculture MEPs Endorse CAP Reform Deal


New Euthanasia Device Attracts Pork Producers', Processors' Attention
Date Set for Mandatory Traceability in Canada
National Sow Housing Conversion Project Underway
Canadian Hog Producers Could See Profitable Winter
Research Could Help Improve Pork Producer's Bottom Line
Campaign Group Calls for Production System Labelling in Canada
Focus on Food When Communicating with Public Advised


Agricultural Sectors to be Shaped by Global Food Demand
FAO Food Price Index Reflects Unchanged Pig Meat Prices
Infectious Diseases Grants Announced
No Prospect of Ukrainian-Chinese Co-operation Yet on Pig Production


China: Hog Markets


Aarhus University Appoints New Professor in Animal Science


Brazil to Become World's Largest Pork Producer, Says Ag Minister
BRF Selected as Component of UN's New Global Compact Index


Mexico Works towards Aujeszky's Disease-Free Status


Abattoir Closure in Victoria Causes Concern


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