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ThePigSite Newsletter - 10 March 2014

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Monday 10th March 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

End in Sight for Sow Stalls in Canada

Three years in the making and Canada has published its updated pig welfare rules in the 'Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs'.

Highlights of the revised Code, published last week, include a full commitment to adopt loose housing for sows and gilts in all new facilities built after 1 July 2014, new pain control requirements and enhanced environmental enrichment.

The Code is a product of the National Farm Animal Care Council and the Code Development Committee, a 17-person committee comprising representatives from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, pig producers, scientists, transporters, processors, veterinarians and government.

The new Code has generally been warmly welcomed.

Chair of the Canadian Pork Council (CPC), Jean-Guy Vincent, commented: "The new Code is a source of tremendous pride. It represents our commitment to the animals in our care, the sustainability of our industry, our ability to work collaboratively with a diverse stakeholder group and the leadership we provide to a global industry."

Florian Possberg, pork producer and Chair of the Code Development Committee, said: "The new Code of Practice is a significant step forward for the Canadian industry. It is a step that recognises the healthy and rigorous debate of a diverse group of stakeholders to constructively address pig welfare in Canada."

Jackie Wepruk of the National Farm Animal Care Council commented: "It's a starting point for continual improvement - not only in terms of how pig welfare is addressed but how all these different perspectives on animal welfare can work together."

A note of caution came from Alberta Pork: "While the work of revising the Code may have ended, the greater challenge of implementing it has just begun."

Animal welfare campaigners, Humane Society International/Canada described the new Code as a "watershed moment for farm animals in Canada and throughout North America".

Also on sow housing, a survey revealed at last week's ABARES Outlook conference indicated that more than 60 per cent of sows in Australia are now kept in group housing systems.

The latest report on cases of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) in the United States has not yet been released but fears of the disease and its effects on pig meat production in North America are driving the markets there and further afield, making those producers unaffected by the disease optimistic about the future.

One Canadian biotech firm is talking about the prospect of a PED vaccine within three months.

The agency investigating the transmission of the PED virus in blood products used in pig feeds has be unable to confirm this as a source of the spread of the disease.

African Swine Fever virus has been reported in wild boar in the Volgograd and Rostov regions of Russia in the last week.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is evaluating the effectiveness of control measures to reduce the spread of the virus among wild boars and is due to report later this week.

The EU Food and Veterinary Office has published the results of its audit into Estonia's ASF control measures, highlighting the potential dangers of pig meat smuggled in luggage of passengers crossing its borders.

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Animal Cannibalism: The Dark Side of Evolution Animal Cannibalism: The Dark Side of Evolution
This is a study of the phenomenon of cannibalism in those animals known to prey upon and eat their own kind. The book is structured in accordance with conventional taxonomy and ranges from microbes to mammals.
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This Week's Articles and Analysis

A Review of Slaughter Weight Decisions
Margin over feed (UK per pig) for each five-kilo increase in carcass weight at various feed prices has been calculated by BPEX - in collaboration with Nick White (Pig Advisory Services) - in no. 21 in the 'Knowledge Transfer Bulletin' series.

Feed Processing Parameters and Their Effects on Nursery Pig Growth Performance
Pellet form had a greater influence on the feed conversion ratio of weaned pigs than feed conditioning time, according to a study presented at the 2013 Kansas State University Swine Industry Day.

Longitudinal Study to Determine Salmonella Serovars and Identify Risk Factors in Their Dissemination in Commercial Swine Farm
Research from North Carolina reveals that some types of Salmonella are present in pigs and their environment throughout the pork chain, regardless of age or location and that this is likely due to the ubiquity of the bacteria in the environment.

Artificial Rearing of Piglets: Effects on Small Intestinal Morphology and Digestion Capacity
Low-birthweight piglets and those from very large litters performed well on the artificial rearing system including ad libitum formula feeding in this study in Belgium.

Use of Antitoxins in Piglets Prior to Exposure to Mitigate the Effects of Clostridium difficile Infection
A pilot study at Iowa State University point to the potential of an anti-toxin to prevent a significant cause of losses of newborn piglets from scouring.

Centralia Swine Research Update 2014
List of papers presented (in oral and written form) at the 33rd Annual Centralia Swine Research Update on 29 January 2014 at the Kirkton-Woodham Community Centre in Kirkton, Ontario, Canada.

Impact of Ractopamine Hydrochloride on Growth, Efficiency and Carcass Traits of Finishing Pigs
The use of the beta-agonist, ractopamine, was found to increase hot carcass weight in pigs increasingly during the trial period of 35 days although its beneficial effects on growth diminished after 21 days, according to a new study from the US.

Company News

Register for European Pig Health Symposium This Week!
ITALY - Saturday 15 March is the closing date for registrations for the European Symposium on Porcine Health Management (ESPHM), according to the event organisers.
Osborne Industries Names Latin America Sales Representative
LATIN AMERICA - US-based Osborne Industries has announced that Claudio Faúndez has been named Livestock Equipment Sales Representative for Latin America.
Sustainable Intensification: Theme for VIV Europe 2014
THE NETHERLANDS - VIV Europe 2014 - the most prestigious trade show for innovative livestock farming, the production of meat, poultry, eggs, animal feed production, breeding stock, animal health and food safety - return to the Netherlands on 20 to 22 May.
Zoetis Appoints Purdue Veterinary Expert to Board
US - Zoetis has appointed Dr Willie M. Reed, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University, to its Board of Directors.
Spring Check on Feed Bin Hygiene
UK - With spring just around the corner, it is a good time for pig producers to check up on feed bin hygiene, advises ACMC veterinary consultant, Paul Thompson.
Two New PED Initiatives from BIVI
US - Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc has launched two initiatives on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) for swine industry; it has announced applied research funding and a PED News service for vets.
New JSR Concept Encourages Farmers to Reap Benefits of Slurry
UK - The JSR Farming Group, one of the largest family-owned farming companies in the UK, has launched a new initiative to help farmers increase profitability and yields by using waste from pig production units.
5m Publishing Expands Its Animal Care Coverage
UK - 5m Publishing is expanding its coverage of animal health and welfare beyond the farm gate with a new portal,
Brazilian Experiment Conducted with the Absolute Catheters
BRAZIL - Insemination rods from Absolute Swine Insemination Company (ASIC) offered a number of advantages over traditional insemination pipettes, according to researchers at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria.
Market Reports

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China Wholesale Prices - 10 March 2014
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Global Pig Industry News

   European Union

Production, Consumption of Pork in EU Forecast to Rise
Latest EU Outlook Forecasts Rising Meat Production
EU Body to Evaluate ASF Control Methods
EU Pig Markets under Pressure; Participants Face Losses
Danish Crown Assumes Sole Ownership of Polish Company

   United States

National Pork Producers Council Elects New Officers
Farmers Union Members Hear from Farm Bill Insiders
Hog Outlook: Another Fabulous Week for Hog Prices
US Swine Vets Hear about Data Handling Pilot Project
Idaho Restricts Pig Movements
US Pig Farmers Upbeat on Future of Industry Despite PEDV
Pork Exports Offer a Bright Outlook for 2014 Demand
CME: North American Hog Breeding Stock Shrinks
Study Links High-Protein Diet to Premature Death, Cancer
AMI Highlights Nutrition Benefits of Eating Meat
US Farmers Support 2015 Budget
Food Production in US May Need to Change if Climate Does
New US Programme for State Animal Feed Regulators
Large Reductions Estimated in Hog Supply Due to PED
Closer Look at PEDv and Feed Sources in Swine Industry
Hog Prices Take off, Probably Due to PEDV
Illinois Researchers Test Plant Extracts against Piglet Diarrhoea
CME: Year-to-date Hog Slaughter Numbers Down
Pork Commentary: June Lean Hog Futures Blast Record High $112


Alberta Pork Reacts to New Pig Code of Practice
Updated Code of Practice on Pig Welfare Explained
Canada's Pork Producers Commit to Group Housing, Pain Relief, Enrichment
Animal Welfare Group Responds to Canada's Ban on Sow Stalls
Fears over Losses from PED Drive Live Hog Markets
PED Vaccine on the Horizon
Feeding Strategies Influence Aggression Levels in Group Housing
Agency Finds No Link Between Blood Product in Feed and PED Cases
PED-Positive Environmental Sample Underscores Value of Truck, Equipment Inspections
Options for Consumer Information Without Impacting Trade
Full Swine Traceability Takes Big Step Forward


Empowering Women in Ag: FAO, UN Look at Gender Equality
US Calls for Taiwan to Set Limit for Ractopamine in Pork
Proposal for Greening of Livestock Chains Open for Review
Meat Prices Stable But Food Price Index on the Rise
EU-US Trade Talks to Resume Next Week
United Nations Calls for Pro-family Farming Policies
Feed Changes Cut Environmental Impacts of Pig Farming


Hemp May Reduce Diarrhoea, Mortality in Young Pigs


Online US Pork Promotion Goes Live on Chinese Website
Chinese Pork Prices Down in February
Continued Drop in Chinese Food Prices
China: Hog Markets

   Sri Lanka

Pork, Beef Banned in Sri Lankan District Due to FMD Worries


EU Authority Examines Estonia's African Swine
Fever Controls

   Russian Federation

Strong Business Model Helped Cherkizovo to Weather Difficult 2013
African Swine Fever Kills Wild Boars in Rostov Region
Russia Cuts Back on Pig Meat Imports
More African Swine Fever in Russian Wild Boar


PRRS Virus Reported in Pigs in Switzerland

   United Kingdom

UK Pig Feed Prices Continue to Slide
Pig Price Spot up Five Pence
Smoking/Animal Protein Link: Triumph of Media Spin, Says Health Body
Agricultural Policy Timetable Outlined in Scotland
Retailers Asked to ‘Value British Food More’
Farmers Call on UK Government to Invest to Close Food Gap


VION Announces Plan for Pig Plant Closure


New Collaboration Tackles PRRS in Spain


Australia's Pig Breeders Abandon Sow Stalls
Australia to Play Its Part in Alleviating Global Food Crisis
The Cost of Drought to Australian Agriculture
Australian Meat Export Prospects Discussed at Outlook Conference


Classical Swine Fever Outbreak in Colombia


Business Prospects Good for 2014, Says CPF


Challenges to Swine Fever Control in Romania Identified


Livestock Production Undergoing Rapid Structural Change


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Biomin - Mycotoxins
Novartis Animal Health - Ileitis Guide
Sow Farm Manager – Based In Russia - Gvardia LLC
5m Farm Supplies
VIV India 2014
VIV Europe 2014
6th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management


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Circumvent® PCV-M G2
Swine Equipment at HogSlat
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Denagard - The right choice
Circovac - Vaccines against PCV2 and PMWS.
Zoetis - Draxxin
Absolute Swine - The Safest, Fastest and Most Effective Hydraulic Intrauterine Insemination Catheters / Pipettes for Swine


JSR Genetics
ACMC AC1 Hybrid Parent Gilt
Hypor - The world's local breeder
Double L - Swine Inlets, Flooring and Fans
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On-line pig production training courses
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Osborne Industries
TOPIGS - Progess in Pigs
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