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Monday 7th April 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Food Safety Issues in the Headlines

World Trade Organization talks over an agricultural trade deal have hit another stumbling block as one of the negotiating committees failed to reach agreement over a definition for private standards for food safety and animal and plant health.

When the committee met recently, it also deferred a decision on a mediation procedure aimed to avoid legal disputes.

Both issues have been discussed for several years in the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) Committee and countries working on compromises had thought that their efforts were close to producing a solution.

A report from the Dutch Food Safety Board says that both the public and private enterprises in the meat sector must take action to improve food safety in the Netherlands.

In particular, the safety board says, the private sector needs to change its working practices.

However, the board says, the private sector lacks self-regulating capacity and the desire to organise itself. As a result, the board has called on the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and the Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport to intervene.

The horse meat scandal or another case of illegal adulteration of food products could easily occur again, according to a panel discussion at a recent conference in the UK.

Speaking at the Foodex exhibition, a panel of experts from across the meat and food industry including consumer groups and legal watchdogs concluded that food products could be adulterated and contaminated if people within the industry were determined to cut corners and commit criminal acts.

Former chairman of the Food Standards Agency and former agriculture minister, Jeff Rooker, said that although the horse meat scandal was considered an authenticity issue and not a food safety issue, it should have been regarded as a question of food safety because no one knew where the horse meat that contaminated the products had come from and how it had been processed and slaughtered.

EU-based organisation, ASForce, has published a four-page leaflet on African Swine Fever, urging those in the pig sector to look out for the signs of this disease. The leaflet is available to download in in eight languages.

On Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea, the pace of increase in cases in the US appears to be slowing down, while the virus has been found in a new area of Manitoba in Canada. The Brazilian industry has called for government support to keep the disease out of the country and new quarantine facilities are being set up for imported pigs.

Featured Book Of The Week

Managing Pig Health: A Reference for the Farm - 2nd Edition Managing Pig Health: A Reference for the Farm - 2nd Edition
This NEW updated edition of Managing Pig Health and the Treatment of Disease – offers a fresh and comprehensive guide to practical veterinary information for pig farmers, veterinarians and technologists around the world.
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This Week's Articles and Analysis

New Approach to the Reduction of Disease-related Piglet Mortality
Pigs often carry a particular kind of genetic variation that affects their survival and health. Scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark have developed a genetic tool that should make it possible to breed the way out of the problem.

ASF Threatens to Spread to Europe – Be Aware!
Useful information on African Swine Fever from the EU-funded ASForce group (Targeted Research Group on African Swine Fever).

Simple Calculations: Feed Conversion, Daily Gain and Mortality
For producers who are not using an electron recording system, BPEX shows simple ways of calculating these three keep performance indicators in No. 22 in its series of Knowledge Transfer Bulletins.

Effects of Dietary Zinc Level and Ractopamine on Pork Chop Tenderness and Shelf-Life Characteristics
Feeding pigs 10ppm ractopamine HCl (RAC) altered the pig muscle fibre types, as did additional dietary zinc, which affected meat colour characteristics, according to research presented at the 2013 Kansas Swine Industry Day.

Costs of Bedding, Trailer Wash-out and Transport Losses in Market Weight Pigs
Based on 2011 figures, the highest estimate for annual costs of wash-out and bedding to the US pig industry was estimated at $135 million, according to Rebecca Kephart and others in the Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2014.

Rodenticide Ingestion in Swine
Delegates at the Centralia Swine Research Update 2014 heard about a project to assist veterinarians with the detection of and establishing possible withdrawal times for the rat and mouse poison, bromadiolone.

Novel Multiplex Diagnostic Assays Development for Diagnosis of Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex
Researchers at South Dakota State University report a study representing the 'proof of concept' phase for a simple and cost-effective on-farm diagnostic test for Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex (PRDC).

Evaluation of the Environmental Implications of the Incorporation of Feed-use Amino Acids in Pig Production Using Life Cycle Assessment
A combination of amino acid supplementation of low-protein diets and multi-phase feeding of fattening pigs had the greatest effects reducing the environmental impacts of pig production.

Controlling Feed Cost by Including Alternative Ingredients into Pig Diets: A Review
Alternative feed ingredients may reduce the cost per unit of pork produced, according to a review from Canada, provided that energy, lysine and anti-nutritive factors are taken into account.

Company News

Ramon Jimenez Appointed New Manager of Topigs Philippines
PHILIPPINES - Ramon Jimenez has been appointed General Manager of Topigs Philippines with effect from 12 February 2014.
Pig Producers Urged to Vaccinate against Swine Influenza
UK - Following an announcement by the AHVLA at the end of 2013 regarding an increase in swine influenza diagnoses in the UK, Merial Animal Health is urging pig farmers to consider vaccination against the disease.
Tips on Hospital Pen Management
UK - The purpose of a hospital pen on the pig farm, as its name implies, is to provide a comfortable environment in which to treat ill pigs and give them a good chance of recovery, says ACMC veterinary consultant, Paul Thompson.
VIV Europe Exhibitors Look Ahead, Present Product Trends
THE NETHERLANDS - Companies that will be exhibiting at VIV Europe 2014 have been describing the products and systems that they will unveil at the animal protein agribusiness show taking place in Utrecht from 20 to 22 May.
Testimonial from Maple Creek Lane on Absolute Swine Catheters
US - The site manager of Maple Creek Lane describes his experiences of using Absolute AI catheters from the Absolute Swine Insemination Company, LLC (ASIC).
Genesus Announces Opening of Canadian Centre of Gene Transfer
CANADA - Garth Braun, Genesus General Manager, has announced the opening of the Canadian Centre of Gene Transfer.
Market Reports

AHDB Pig Market Weekly - 3 April 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 2 April 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 1 April 2014

Global Pig Industry News


Phase Feeding Pregnant Sows Saves on Feed Costs, Improve Performance
PED Virus Found in Another High-traffic Pig Area in Manitoba
London Swine Conference Attracts Large Number of Producers
Cartier Area Hutterite Colony Tops Pork Quality Competition
Western Livestock Price Insurance Programme Coming to Saskatchewan
Lower Feed Costs Allow Pork Producers to Maximise Performance
Enhanced Biosecurity Credited for Success in Dealing with PED
Ontario Confirms Two More PED Outbreaks
Manitoban Winter Fair Pork Industry Display Redesigned
Research Shows PED More Infectious Than Similar Coronaviruses


Brazil Sets up Pig Quarantine Facility to Protect from PEDV
Brazilian Pig Industry Requests Govt Support for PED Controls

   United States

Hog Outlook: March USDA Report Bearish for Hog Prices
PED Update in US: Downward Trend in Cases Continues
Wild Pig Control Programme Boost in US
Colorado Encourages Biosecurity Practices to Prevent PED
Hog Futures: Lean Hogs Closed Down on Thursday
Analyst Explains Why US Sow Herd Expansion Delayed
Hog Futures: June Lean Hogs Closed Down Wednesday
CME: Hog Slaughter Down Compared to a Year Ago
Hog Futures: June Lean Hog Futures Closed up Tuesday
Use of Lidocaine in Pigs for Pain Mitigation
Wyckoff's Weekly Livestock Outlook: Markets Lower at Start of Week
CME: Volume of Pork, Beef Exported More Resilient than Expected
Hog Futures: June Lean Hogs Closed Down Monday
Piglet Losses Greatest in Winter Months, Says Economist
Do Hogs and Pigs Report Numbers Really Add Up?
Grain Stocks, 2014 Planting Intentions Contained Few Surprises
First PED Outbreak in Vermont; 28th US State Affected
Pork Commentary: USA - 1 March Hog and Pigs Report
New, Unrelated Virus Strains Invade US Swine


Mexico Hog Markets

   United Kingdom

New Figures Expose Myth of Mis-stunning in UK Abattoirs
Pig Movement Licence Guidance Updated in UK
Register Free for UK Pig and Poultry Fair
Minister Welcomes New Pig Semen Trade Opportunity with China
Project Looks at Nutritional Value of UK Oilseed Rape Meal in Pigs, Poultry
Tackling Seasonal Infertility in Sows
No Link Between Antibiotic Resistance in Humans, Use in Farm Animals
Shortage of Land Challenges UK's Outdoor Pig Farmers
New Head of Technical for BPEX
Could Horse Meat Scandal Happen Again?


World Trade Talks Stall over Definition of Safety Standards
New Leaflet Spells out Dangers of African Swine Fever
Strong Growth Forecast in Market for Antibiotic Alternatives in Feeds
EU Attacks Russia in WTO over African Swine Fever
FAO Food Price Index up Sharply for Second Consecutive Month
French Meat Sector Calls for Talks with Russia over Pig Meat Ban
World Feed Enzyme Market Value Estimated at US$1 Billion


German Ag Ministers Call for End to Financing Extreme Confinement of Farm Animals


PRRS Reported in Mongolian Pigs


Thai Soybean Consumption Expected to Rebound

   European Union

Parliament Supports Common Framework for Whole Food Chain
Compound Pig Feed Production Down 1.7 Per Cent in EU
Air Your Views on EU Common Agricultural Policy
EU Pig Price Quotations Remain Unchanged


Danish Pig Producers Sign up for Welfare Plan


HKScan Commits to Use of Responsibly Produced Soy


US Farm Union Leaders Attend WFO General Assembly


Fairer Producer Returns to Test New Irish Retailer Regulations


Another PED Outbreak Suspected on Kyushu
Minnesota Soybean Group Tours Japanese Pork Industry


PRRS Virus Found at Another Swiss Pig Farm


Call for Tighter Food Safety Standards in Netherlands


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Biomin - Mycotoxins
Novartis Animal Health - Ileitis Guide
Sow Farm Manager – Based In Russia - Gvardia LLC
5m Farm Supplies
VIV India 2014
VIV Europe 2014
6th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management
VIV Europe Digital 2014
British Pig & Poultry Fair 2014 - 13-14 May Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire
Vetagro  - Technical Sales Manager for Eastern Europe


Circovac - Vaccines against PCV2 and PMWS.
MSD Animal Health - It's a New Day for Animal Health
Denagard - The right choice
Novus International - Performance Unleashed
Drinking Systems
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Swine Equipment at HogSlat
Absolute Swine - The Safest, Fastest and Most Effective Hydraulic Intrauterine Insemination Catheters / Pipettes for Swine

Pfizer Animal Health - Lincomix - Serious Money to Chew on


Hypor - The world's local breeder
CID LINES - Innovative Hygiene Solutions

On-line pig production training courses
Biomin - Naturally Ahead
Genesus - The first power in genetics
DanBred International
ACMC - The new tradition in genetic excellence
Double L - Swine Inlets, Flooring and Fans
JSR Genetics
Life Technologies


TOPIGS - Progess in Pigs
Axcentive - Halamid The Universal Disinfectant
PPT-Pig Production Training Ltd
Osborne Industries
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