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Tuesday 22nd April 2014.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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PEDv Becomes Reportable as Disease Spreads to 30 States

As the total number of farms testing positive for the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) virus in the US reached 5,790, the number of states with the disease also rose reaching 30 as Virginia and Vermont reported outbreaks.

In response to the rising number of cases and the devastating effect disease is having on the US pig sector, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that in an effort to further enhance the biosecurity and health of the US swine herd while maintaining movement of pigs in the US, the USDA will require reporting of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) and Swine Delta Coronavirus in order to slow the spread of this disease across the United States.

Secretary Vilsack said that he was taking this latest action due to the devastating effect on swine health since it was first confirmed in the country last year even though PEDv it is not a reportable disease under international standards.

"USDA has been working closely with the pork industry and our state and federal partners to solve this problem. Together, we have established testing protocols, sequenced the virus and are investigating how the virus is transmitted," said Mr Vilsack.

"Today's actions will help identify gaps in biosecurity and help us as we work together to stop the spread of these diseases and the damage caused to producers, industry and ultimately consumers."

In addition to requiring reporting of the PED virus, the announcement will also require tracking movements of pigs, vehicles, and other equipment leaving affected premises; however, movements would still be allowed.

The USDA is also working with industry partners to increase assistance to producers who have experienced PED virus outbreaks in other critical areas such as disease surveillance, herd monitoring and epidemiological and technical support.

The NAHLN has reported 262 positive accessions out of 819 tested at six veterinary diagnostic labs for the week ending 12 April 2014. In addition, they also adjusted a couple of earlier week’s numbers and added Vermont to the list of states reporting at least one confirmed case.

Long-time industry watcher and agricultural economist, Steve Meyer, expressed some surprise that the new requirements from the USDA will also include tracking of transport and equipment moved off of infected farms, which he sees as a “tall order”.

He has also thrown out a note of caution that the disease and actions against it appear to be entering the political arena and being used for political purposes.

“This announcement may reflect some concern over the industry’s plight and could conceivably help, but it is more likely motivated by politics.” He wrote.

“A few weeks ago, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairperson Deb Stabenow (D-MI) called on USDA to utilize disaster assistance funds to compensate producers for PEDV losses.
“She was joined in that call by Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC). Senator Al Franken (D-MN) on 10 April asked Sec. Vilsack to enhance detection capabilities and to take measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

“I really do believe that Senators Stabenow, Hagan and Franken are truly concerned about citizens of their respective states (and others, for that matter) but it is no coincidence that Hagan and Franken are involved in re-election campaigns at the present time and the administration would, no doubt, very much like to retain the Democratic majority in the United States Senate. Nothing sinister. Just politics.”

The uncertainty caused by the disease is also continuing to have an effect on the market with June hog futures down this week and pushing close to the critical $120 mark.


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There are signs of robust demand for meat and feed grains in China as the country moves into a new stage of development, according to James Hansen and Fred Gale of the USDA Economic Research Service (ERS) in 'Amber Waves'.

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Influenza A Virus Infections in Swine Pathogenesis and Diagnosis
Dr Janke of Iowa State University offers an overview on swine influenza in pigs.

More Efficient Pigs Are More Resistant to PRRS Virus
Contrary to expectations, the growth of the more efficient pigs was less affected by experimental infection with the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus than the inefficient line, according to research published in the Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2014.

Identification of Anorexic Piglets During the First Week After Weaning
A study at the University of Guelph has revealed a biochemical marker, which could be used to identify piglets that are not eating solid feed after weaning. This would improve husbandry at this critical stage, they said, as visible clues are easy to overlook.

Company News

Stage Set for World Pork Expo’s MusicFest
US - World Pork Expo takes a festive turn on Thursday, 5 June, as the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) presents MusicFest. This year’s lineup of performers features country music newcomer Jake McVey, followed by GRAMMY® nominee Restless Heart.
Lilly to Acquire Novartis Animal Health
GLOBAL - Eli Lilly is to acquire Novartis Animal Health for approximately $5.4 billion in an all-cash deal that will strengthen and diversify Lilly’s own animal health business, Elanco.
Vega Joins Genesus Team in Western Europe
EU - Genesus has announced that Mercedes Vega has joined Genesus in Western Europe as General Director, with initial sales responsibilities in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Dr Vega currently lives in Madrid, Spain.
Pork Commentary: US Hog Supply Drops
US - It was good to see US hog marketings at 2,007,000 last week down even per cent from a year ago, writes Jim Long.
Comparison of Swine AI Procedures Between Traditional Cervical Catheters and a New Model of Hydraulic IUI under Field Conditions
An experiment in Thailand reveals better results for artificial insemination of sows using a new catheter from Absolute Swine Insemination Co. than a conventional foam-tipped catheter; more sows were bred by seven days using two doses with the new catheter than with three doses using the foam device.
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