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Monday 28th April 2014.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Russian Ban on EU Pig Meat Impacting Global Markets

Russia’s ban on pig meat products from the European Union because of the discovery of African Swine Fever in wild boar in Poland and Lithuania could impact the global pork market.

So the impact of a handful of cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) in wild boar is affecting pork prices in the European Union.

Although the agricultural market agency, AgroPersepktiva, is forecasting that prices will rise, they are still not expected to reach the levels they were a year ago.

However, the Polish pig prices also depend on the exchange rate between the zloty (PLZ) and the Euro, which has always shown some volatility ranging from PLZ4.24 to the Euro at the beginning of the year to PLZ4.13 in March, with several rises and falls in between. At present, the rate stands at about PLZ4.19.

Overall, the European Commission sees the supply of pig meat on the European market as rising compared to last year, because of the Russian ban and this is expected to force prices down generally.

When Russia first introduced the ban on pig meat from the EU in February prices went down to PLZ4.6 per kilo – nine per cent lower than in January and 11 per cent down from February 2013.

Prices have now risen to an average of PLZ5 per kilo and this level is expected to be maintained.

The Russian ban could also have an effect on the size of the Polish pig herd, which in November last year was 11 million – one per cent lower than the previous year – but the forecast is for the number of pigs bred for slaughter is expected to fall further as the prices are low and there is no market with the Russian borders closed. This will put less pork on the market.

In 2013, pork production declined by more than four per cent compared to the 2012.

In February this year Polish pork exports fell by 14 per cent compared to a year ago, because of the ban on imports of into the Customs Union - Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

While the action taken by Russia to ban pig meat from the EU has hit Poland particularly hard, concern is high in the meat sector right across the EU.

Recently, the French meat industry organisation, SNIV, called on the European Commission to allow individual countries to negotiate their own export and health agreements with Russia and the other countries in the Customs Union, rather than standing out for an EU-wide agreement.

And the Belgian meat agency, VLAM, recently described the Russian action as “Hannibal ad portas!”(Hannibal at the gate).

“The Russian Federation, where this plague virus has been out of control and widely spread for several years, was ironically the first country to take draconian measures,” VLAM said.

The embargo annually affects about 700,000 tonnes of pork, offal and by-products from the European Union - two-thirds of Russia’s import need for pork and pork products.

VLAM says that the European ban will lead to a drop of 14 per cent in the Russian pork consumption.

In the short term, there are no alternatives in terms of supply because of the current restrictions on Canadian, Brazilian and US pork.

In Russia the ban is expected to force pig and pork prices to rise further and Russia is already a country where pork is more expensive than beef and where consumers pay the highest retail price for pork.

“The Russian embargo completely reshuffles the cards for the European pig industry. If a quick solution is not forthcoming, this will have serious implications on the global pork markets,” VLAM said.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulphide Emissions from Swine Production Facilities in North America: a Meta-Analysis
Average emissions rates from pig houses were 2.78 and 0.09kg per pig and year for ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, respectively, according to a literature review by Kansas State University researchers, reported at the 2013 Kansas Swine Industry Day.

Considerations for Providing Quality Space for Loose-housed Sows
Floor types, pen design and enrichment for sows kept in group-housing systems were discussed by Yolande Seddon of the Prairie Swine Centre in Canada at the 2014 Centralia Swine Research Update.

Effects of Caromic 105 on Growth Weaner Pigs
Caromic 105, a carob meal product, could replace lactose in the diet of weaned piglets at an inclusion rate up to five per cent without adverse effects on performance, according to new research at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Barrow Behavioural Responsiveness to a Human or Novel Object When Fed Low- Versus High-energy Diets
A high-fibre, low-energy diet reduced overall pig activity in this study at Iowas State University and the researchers there concluded that this appears to modify fear responsiveness while undergoing human approach and novel object tests.

Confined Livestock Operations Account for Majority of Chesapeake Bay Area’s Farmland with Applied Manure
An analysis of livestock production in the Chesapeake Bay area by Stacy Sneeringer of the USDA Economic Research Service suggests that policies addressing manure nutrient discharges from small and medium-sized concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) may be needed if larger reductions in Bay nutrient pollution are desired.

Company News

ACMC Announces Efficiency Improvements Worth £220 Million
UK - There is still plenty of scope for pig farmers to improve their efficiency — that’s the message that national genetics company, ACMC, will be delivering at the British Pig & Poultry Fair.
Boehringer Ingelheim Launches 3FLEX 50 Doses HSB Vaccine for Swine
GERMANY - Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., (BIVI) introduces the 3FLEX® 50 Doses HSB (head space bottle) vaccine for swine veterinarians and producers to control three of the most common respiratory diseases in pigs: porcine circovirus, "Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae" and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS).
Biomin, BOKU Awarded First Place for Fumonisin Research
AUSTRIA - In the latest acknowledgement for pioneering research in mycotoxins at Biomin, the Vienna-based B&C Foundation has awarded the first place in the Houska Prize for the fumonisin-degrading enzyme FUMzyme®.
'Spy in the Sty' Research Yields Big Benefits
UK - A product heralding a major breakthrough in pig management will be launched at the British Pig and Poultry Fair. The In-pen Voluntary Access Scale — a growth sensor — will enable farmers to ‘see’ how their pigs are performing while they are still growing. This revolutionary development will even allow pig producers to record growth rates and feed conversion on a daily — even hourly — basis.
JSR Signs Deal to Supply Stock to Establish Nucleus Herd in Viet Nam
VIET NAM - One of Viet Nam’s leading farming companies has invested in JSR’s world-class genetics alongside the consultancy services of Checkfarm, to establish a nucleus farm and develop their business strategy.
Importance of Host Genetics to Population Health
CANADA - Population health is one of the most important factors to swine production and overall profitability. No matter how superior the genetics, a dead animal is a financial loss to the producer, writes Dr Nick Boddicker, PhD.
Sow Management: Bongdong Trumpets Stellar Production
SOUTH KOREA - The past decade has seen changes in the South Korean pig industry landscape. From more than 12,000 pig farms in 2005, the number declined to 6,000 in 2012. Despite this, total pig inventory in the country has gone up to almost 10 million heads from roughly nine million heads during the same period, evidence of the growing efficiency and productivity of the country’s pig producers.
TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter with Counterweighted Louvres
US - Double L’s New TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter minimises air leakage and seals up tight with no cracks or spaces for air to come through.
Less Invasive Diagnostic Sampling Using Oral Fluids To Be Main Topic of Special Seminar at ESPHM Congress
ITALY - A free, educational seminar about the benefits of collecting and testing oral fluids for diseases in swine will be held just before the 2014 European Symposium of Porcine Health Management (ESPHM).
Stage Set for World Pork Expo’s MusicFest
US - World Pork Expo takes a festive turn on Thursday, 5 June, as the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) presents MusicFest. This year’s lineup of performers features country music newcomer Jake McVey, followed by GRAMMY® nominee Restless Heart.
Lilly to Acquire Novartis Animal Health
GLOBAL - Eli Lilly is to acquire Novartis Animal Health for approximately $5.4 billion in an all-cash deal that will strengthen and diversify Lilly’s own animal health business, Elanco.
Vega Joins Genesus Team in Western Europe
EU - Genesus has announced that Mercedes Vega has joined Genesus in Western Europe as General Director, with initial sales responsibilities in Spain, Portugal and Italy.
Pork Commentary: US Hog Supply Drops
US - It was good to see US hog marketings at 2,007,000 last week down even per cent from a year ago, writes Jim Long.
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Japan Notifies OIE of More Than 400 PED Outbreaks

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Meat Production in Russia Increases by 4.5 Per Cent

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UK Spot Bacon Base Price is Now 169p
Event Showcases Broad Benefits of Precision Farming for Pig and Poultry


Nutreco Revenues Rise
US, Japan Leaders Vow to Enhance Bilateral Ties
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Chinese Farm Produce Prices Continue to Fall
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