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ThePigSite Newsletter - 2 June 2014

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Monday 2nd June 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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Pig Welfare in Europe, Decline in Chinese Pig Numbers

The trend for larger pig farms across Europe does not mean lower animal welfare standards. Providing competent staff deliver the right management for stock needs, herd welfare should not suffer, research undertaken at the University of Copenhagen has found.

The study found that features inherent to larger pig farms, such as more specialised roles for staff, meant that high welfare standards could be maintained.

In addition, tighter biosecurity, greater levels of professionalism and synchronised cleaning periods across the farm were listed by project leader Dr Kristian Knage-Rasmussen as crucial factors.

"Disease control measures area good on large farms, with bigger businesses able to invest more money," he told the British Society of Animal Science. "Additionally, larger farms can allocate cleaning times to stages of production, isolating threat from different ages of pigs."

Dr Knage-Rasmussen said the study could help inform consumer perception about large-scale pig farms, adding "Increasing herd size is viewed by many consumers as a compromise to animal welfare. It appears that farm size is not important but management is key."

Following the European Union elections, welfare campaigning group Eurogroup for Animals has stepped up its efforts to keep animal wellbeing on the European agenda.

In Canada last week, it was announced that its pig industry has received a C$13-million investment from the Government for a pork research cluster that will help the sector to keep pace with changing consumer demands, enhance disease resilience and continue focusing on animal welfare measures.

In China, there has been a recovery in the market price for live pigs, reports Ron Lane of Genesus but many pig farmers are failing to cover their costs. Official figure reveal that, since the peak in November 2013, the on-farm inventory has dropped 8.5 per cent or about 36.5 million pigs. This is more than Canada’s total production for one year.

Sow numbers are seven per cent lower than a year ago, which could indicate a shortage of market pigs in China by the end of this year.

Some Chinese pig farmers are receiving financial compensation to cover some of their losses.

For the latest news on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) in the US and Canada, click here.

Look out for our reports from the World Pork Expo, which takes place in Des Moines, Iowa, US, this week.


Prevention Works

Innovative swine health solutions to improve pig health and optimize pig production will be the key focus of the Boehringer Ingelheim IPVS Symposium 2014. World leading veterinarians from research, veterinary service, integrated production and the pharmaceutical industry will share their most innovative approaches for disease prevention and contribute their experience to a fruitful discussion:

Boehringer Ingelheim IPVS Symposium 2014
  • Prevention – what does it take?
    Katharina Staerk, SAFOSO Inc., Bern, Switzerland
  • Using Diagnostics in the Formulation of Prevention Decisions
    Aaron J. Lower, Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd., Carthage, USA
  • From Knowledge to Solutions
    Joel Nerem, Pipestone Veterinary Services, Pipestone, USA
  • Vaccination, a cornerstone of the comprehensive swine health strategy
    Jean Paul Cano, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., St. Joseph, USA

Simultaneous translations will be provided in Chinese (Mandarin) and Spanish. The symposium will be held on the 9th of June in Mexico, during the congress of the International Pig Veterinary Society (IPVS). The IPVS is an association of specialists in pig health and production and strives for the international exchange of knowledge.

Please find further details on the Boehringer Ingelheim IPVS Symposium 2014 in the attached Agenda.


Featured Book of the Week

Whole Hog Brief Issue 125 Whole Hog Brief: The electronic newsletter that provides key statistics on the world's pig industry

Since we first started publishing on a monthly basis in 1999, we have correctly forecast every turning point in the global pig price cycle - no-one else has a track record like that.

Whole Hog will help you;

• Understand price cycles and trends
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For more information about Whole Hog Brief, please Click here.

This Week's Articles and Analysis

World Pork Expo: World’s Largest Pork-specific Expo
World Pork Expo – the expo that boasts it is the world’s largest pork-specific trade show - is all set to bring its usual round of educational seminars, swine shows, sales and entertainment.

Information and Insights at World Pork Expo Seminars
World Pork Expo, a hub of information for pork producers and related professionals, will host more than a dozen free seminars.

Global Pig Meat Trade Hit by Two Diseases
Global pig meat production and trade have been hit by two major health and welfare issues in recent months, writes Chris Harris.

Learning Lessons from US Experience of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea
Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea was regarded as an exotic disease in the Americas until 2013. So what lessons can be learned for the global industry from the appearance of this devastating disease in the United States over the last 14 months? Anna Romagosa shared her insights at a recent pig health conference in Italy, reports Jackie Linden.

Moves to Group Housing Systems Gather Pace Globally
The practice of group housing for pigs has been a requirement in the European Union since the start of last year. In the UK, it has been a practice for the pig industry since 1999, writes Chris Harris.

How Mother’s Milk Protects Piglets from Parasite Infections
A protective 'shot' in mother's milk can protect piglets from a parasite causing severe diarrhoea, according to new research from the Veterinary University in Vienna, Austria.

Transmission of Influenza Viruses from Animals to Humans
Ron Fouchier from the Erasmus Medical Centre explains how influenza viruses jump from animals to people and what can be done to mitigate risks for public health.

Investigation into the Effects of Zinc Oxide in Pig Starter Rations on the Persistence of Antibiotic Resistance
University of Guelph research reveals that high levels of zinc oxide in the diet of young pigs may be causing selective pressure for multidrug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, delegates heard at the 33rd Centralia Swine Research Update in January 2014.

Company News

Recent Media Reports Re-visit Antibiotic Resistance
GLOBAL - A new report from Zoetis explores the latest developments on antibiotic use in livestock and poultry production.
Merial Presented Research at Porcine Health Symposium
ITALY - The Merial team presented 17 papers and posters at the European Symposium on Porcine Health Management (ESPHM) in Sorrento in May.
MSD Animal Health to Host Symposium on Emerging Diseases at IPVS Congress
MEXICO - MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the USA and Canada) will host a symposium, 'Emerging Diseases: Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future', during the 23rd International Pig Veterinary Society Congress in Cancun.
Update on Genus Shennong Joint Venture in China
CHINA - Genus and Shennong will not proceed with the establishment of a joint venture at the present time.
Hypor Gains Access to a High Performance Computing Cluster
THE NETHERLANDS - Via Hendrix Genetics, Hypor has gained access to a state-of-the-art computing facility for research and application of genomics information.
Zoetis to Participate in Annual Growth Stock Conference
US - Zoetis is to participate in the William Blair 34th Annual Growth Stock Conference on 12 June.
Malta Receives Pig Genetic Update
MALTA - A consignment of high-value nucleus breeding stock to boost the small, but efficient, Maltese pig industry has just been completed by international genetics company, ACMC.
Virocid® Tested Against PEDv at 1:400 (1/3 oz/gal) at an EPA Accredited Lab
US - Porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PED virus or PEDV) is a coronavirus that infects the cells lining the small intestine of a pig, causing porcine epidemic diarrhoea, a condition of severe diarrhoea and dehydration, says CID Lines.
Once Innovations LED Swine Lighting Aiding in Biosecurity of Farms and Buildings
US - Once Innovations, the leader in performance lighting designed for the agricultural industry, is seeing broad adoption of its latest AgriShift™ MLS 14 Watt Swine Light.
Waldo Farms Announces Rebrand to Waldo Genetics
US - Waldo Genetics, a leading swine genetics innovator, is pleased to announce the rebranding of the company.
Biomin's Line Boasts Successful Combination of Plant Derivatives and Essential Oils
US - Phytogenic feed additives (PFA) are a group of natural or non-antibiotic growth promoters, derived from herbs, spices or other plants consisting mainly of plant ex¬tracts, essential oils and their active principles.
Introduction to Vostermans Full Line of Multifan Fibreglass Cone Fans
NETHERLANDS - At World Pork Expo, Vostermans Ventilation Inc. will introduce the complete line of Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans.
Chr Hansen Offers Value Added Reducing-Sugar Release Analysis Service to Customers
DENMARK - Chr Hansen reducing-sugar release analysis quantifies the impact of BioPlus® YC dual strain bacillus on reducing-sugar content in grower-finisher diets.
Move Feed Gently with Cablevey Conveyors
US - Cablevey Conveyors is a manufacturing company that develops and builds state-of-the-art enclosed mechanical systems used to convey feed mill materials and to feed livestock.
Increase Total System Profitability with MAX’ing Capacity
GLOBAL - Global pig genetics specialist, Hypor, is leading the way forward in pig breeding by focusing on MAX’ing Capacity. Customers can increase total system profitability with help from Hypor’s experts and genetic programme around the world.
Market Reports

USDA Agricultural Prices - 30 May 2014

Global Pig Industry News


Support for Pig Farmers in Ontario
Manitoba Pork Producers Blame Regulations for Falling Hog Production
Public Interest Grows in Story Behind Modern Food Production
Government Supports Canada's Pig Industry Adapt to Consumer Demands
Summer Offers Best Opportunity to Eliminate PED
French Version of Smart Pig Handling Videos Now Available
Canadian Code of Practice Update Process Proves Highly Successful


New Guidelines on Animal Health, Welfare, Antibiotic Resistance
Global Pig Feed Market Forecast to Grow at Three Per Cent Per Year

   United States

Leman Swine Conference: Abstract Submission Open
Registration Opens for Distance Learning Course on Feed Production
US Retail Meat Prices Continue to Set New Records
World Pork Expo: Heightened Biosecurity for Pig
Show Events

Hog Outlook: 60 Per Cent Fewer Farms with Pigs Than Five Years Ago
AASV to Hold Session at World Pork Expo
Hog Futures: Lean Hogs Closed Up on Thursday
Cutting Malnutrition by 2050 Depends on Ag Output, Climate Change
Fewer Pigs Force Packers to Cut Shifts
Hog Futures: Hogs Closed Down on Wednesday
Jim Wyckoff's Weekly Hog, Cattle Futures Outlook
US Agencies Join Forces for Future Foodborne Disease Outbreaks
Hog Futures: Lean Hogs Closed Up on Tuesday

   United Kingdom

UK Average Pig Price 'Firm'
Internet Boost to UK Pork Sales
Antibiotic Issues, EU Audit Reviewed by UK Animal Feed Committee
UK Pig Producers Engaging in Responsible Feed Sourcing

   European Union

Report Examines Transmission of Flu Viruses from Animals to Man
Campaigners Keep Animal Welfare on New European Parliament Agenda
EU Pig Prices: Knot is Cut - Prices Finally Go Up
Danish Crown Acquires Polish Pork Processor


Chinese Pig Farmers Receive Compensation for Losses
China Hog Market

   Korea, South

South Korea Regains FMD-free Status


Researchers Make Pork Healthier


Mexico Exported 86,000 Tons of Pork in 2013


Programme Launched for Control and Eradication of PRRS

   Russian Federation

Another Wild Boar Detected with African Swine Fever


R Mohan Singh Appointed India’s Agriculture Minister


Bigger Not Necessarily Bad for Pig Welfare


Philippines Agriculture, Fisheries Growth Despite Typhoon Yolanda


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Biomin - Mycotoxins
Novartis Animal Health - Ileitis Guide
5m Farm Supplies
VIV Europe Digital 2014
Livestock Event 2014 - 2nd & 3rd July The NEC, Birmingham, UK
VIV China 2014


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