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Monday 23rd June 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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China's Growing Pork Industry and US Meat Waste Evaluated

In a further report from the World Meat Congress, which took place in Beijing last week, delegates heard how China is playing an increasingly important role on the international meat market, thanks to rising consumption, prices and imports.

Last year, China slaughtered more than 715.5 million pigs, producing nearly 55 million tonnes of pig meat and taking more than 50 per cent of total global production.

China is seeing a growth and development of its own meat processing sector with a focus on larger more integrated plants, with higher food safety standards and growing profitability, according to Meng Qingguo, president of the China Meat Association.

He Luli, vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People’s Congress and honorary president of the China Meat Association explained that the Chinese government has placed great importance on meat products and processing.

Staying in Asia, according to the Genesus review of the pig meat sector in Viet Nam, pig numbers appear to be recovering. At 26.4 million, there were just 0.3 per cent more pigs on farms in the latest count than at the same time last year, which the authors attribute to more favourable hog prices and less disease, especially PRRS.

A recently published report from the USDA Economic Research shows that while meat, poultry and fish makes up 12 per cent of the volume of food waste in the United States, this food group accounts for 30 per cent of the value of those losses. Most of this waste was at the consumer level for the meat category.

Turning to disease outbreaks, reports of cases of swine fevers continue to roll in. Three outbreaks of Classical swine fever have been occurred in Colombia, adding to the country's problems with PED. In the last week, Russia has reported the deaths of nine wild boar and five domestic pigs from African swine fever in two different regions in the west and south-west of the country.

And finally, on porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED), the number of PED virus-positive samples continues to rise in the US but, as expected with the warmer weather, the rate appears to be slowing down. Arkansas has reported its first positive result, however, bringing to 31 the number of states affected. In Canada, hopes of eradicating PED are beginning to look achievable. PED has been blamed for the deaths of 26,000 pigs in the Dominican Republic

Porcine Delta Corona virus (PDCoV) has been detected in 284 samples from US pig farms in 15 states.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Food Loss: Questions About the Amount and Causes Remain
Two-thirds of the 133 billion pounds (5.9 million tonnes) of food loss in the US in 2010 occurred in homes, restaurants and other place outside the home, and one-third occurred in grocery stores and other food retailers, according to a new report from the USDA Economic Research Service. The authors outline some strategies to reduce these losses.

Backfat Depth and Loin Eye Area Measurements of Purebred Berkshire Pigs Housed in Hoop Buildings in Iowa
Berkshire pigs have more backfat than commercial hybrids, according to new research at Iowa State University investigating the growth patterns of this rare breed kept in simple housing in Iowa in summer and winter. At the end of the trial, gilts had a larger average loin eye area and higher carcass lean percentage than barrows.

Identification of the Sick or Compromised Pig
Madonna Benjamin (Extension Swine Veterinarian) and Scott Kramer (student at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University) explain the B.E.S.T. system, developed to help the stockperson remember to observe all aspects of the pig in 'MSU Pork Quarterly'.

Patterns of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Genotypes in Ontario, Canada, 2004-2007
The main method of transmission of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in Ontario was found to be common sources of live pigs or similar herd ownership, rather than via aerosols, according to a new study from the University of Guelph.

Addressing Antibiotic Resistance in Swine
Reducing antibiotic resistant bacteria in swine farms positively influences swine production and helps address problems of antibiotic resistance and residues in meat. Reduced resistance to pathogenic E.coli contributes to successful antibiotic treatment during disease outbreaks, writes Nataliya Roth, Product manager, Acidifiers with Biomin.

Emerging Threats Quarterly Report – Pig Diseases - January-March 2014
This report from the Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) in Great Britain includes an overview of PED in North America as well as cases in the UK of oedema disease, nervous disease due to sapelovirus, the detection of PCV2b virus and growing diversity of the PRRS virus.

Impact of Nursery Diet Quality and Fish Oil Supplementation on Growth Performance of Pigs
Feeding trials at the University of Guelph reveal that feeding poor-quality protein diets adversely affected the growth of the pigs during the early nursery period but not in the later stages, and fish oil supplementation improved feed conversion over corn oil. Researchers presented these results at the 33rd Centralia Swine Research Update.

Company News

Brazilian Study Reveals Benefits of ASIC AI Catheters
BRAZIL - A professor from Brazil explains two trials he carried out, showing better pregnancy rates and larger litter from sows inseminated once using a catheter from Absolute Swine Insemination Co. (ASIC) than with three inseminations with a standard catheter.
Engle Joins Merck's Swine Technical Services Team
US - Merck Animal Health has appointed Dr Mark Engle to the Swine Technical Services team.
Feed Enzymes Essential in Sustainability Development
US - Dr Nasser Odetallah, Global Product Champion Fermentation Products for Novus International, Inc., presented at the 11th Annual BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology last month.
BIVI PRRS Research Awards: Proposals Welcome
US - Swine veterinarians and researchers are encouraged to submit proposals for BIVI PRRS Research Awards as the Company provides $75,000 to fund three porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) research studies for the 12th year.
Market Reports

USDA Livestock Slaughter - 19 June 2014
Irish CSO Reports: Crops and Livestock Survey June Final Results - June 2014
AHDB Pig Market Weekly - 19 June 2014
USDA Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook - 18 June 2014
BPEX Export Bulletin - Week 24

Global Pig Industry News


WORLD MEAT CONGRESS: Canada Attacks US over Country of Origin Labelling
Global Meat Sector Needs to Show Sustainability
WORLD MEAT CONGRESS: China Growing in Global Meat and Livestock Sector

   Viet Nam

Viet Nam Hog Market

   United States

CME: Dramatic Shifts in US Livestock Market
Breeding Herd Predicted to be Larger Than a Year Ago
Hog Outlook: US Breeding Herd Expected to Rise, Market Inventory Down
PED-Positive Farm Samples in US: 7,348; Arkansas Reports First Positive Test
US Pig Farm Samples Positive for Porcine Delta Corona Virus: 284
One-third of US Food Waste Value Comprises Meat, Poultry and Fish
New Mobile App Enhances Vet Certificate Submissions
New Swine Unit to Allow More Infant Nutrition, Cognition Research
Hog Futures: Lean Hogs Closed Up on Thursday
Studies on Cereal Digestibility in Pigs Improve Human Nutrition
Spray-dried Porcine Plasma: a Safe Feed Ingredient, Says Association
Hog Futures: August Lean Hogs Closed Down Wednesday
CME: Lean Hog Futures Turn Sharply Lower
Hog Futures: August Lean Hogs Closed Down Tuesday
Antibiotic Use Reduction on Iowa Swine Day Agenda
New US Campaign for Better Food Labelling
Allendale Releases Meat in Cold Storage Estimates
Progress in Tyson Foods' Acquisition of Hillshire
First USDA Conditional Licence for PEDV Vaccine
Cargill's Sow Housing Announcement in Perspective
Natural Tannins Cut Pig Manure Odour
Pork Commentary: Tyson to Buy Hillshire Farms


Canadian Pork Council Joins Agriculture Minister in China
Thorny Issues Revealed in US-EU Trade Talks
US Discusses Agricultural Trade with EU This Week


Pig Slaughter Levy in Australia Set to Increase
Australian Agricultural Output Forecast to Decline

   United Kingdom

DAPP Eases to 164.15p; Spot Base 167p
Nutritionist to Discuss Potential of Insects in Pig Feed
UK Pig Meat Production 5.1 Per Cent Higher in May
Improve Ventilation to Benefit Pig Production
School Lunch Changes Offer Boost for UK Sausages
Industry Takes Steps to Use Antibiotics More Responsibly for Pigs
UK Pig Industry Develops Disease Contingency Plan
Flood Funding Needs to Recognise Value of Agriculture

   Russian Federation

African Swine Fever Kills Nine Wild Boar in Western Russia
Four Village Pigs Dead from African Swine Fever in Volgograd
African Swine Fever in More Wild Boar in Western Russia


Manitoba Pork Producer Calls for Easing on Accessing Foreign Workers
Improving Competitiveness of Canadian Agriculture
Deadline for Saskatchewan Swine On-farm Biosecurity Programme
Eradication of PED from Canada Still a Realistic Goal
Update on PED in Canada: 66 Confirmed Cases
PED Fears Continue to Drive Live Hog Markets
CPC Applauds Aggressive Timetable for Implementing Canada-South Korea FTA


Brazil Calls for Tighter Pig Health Controls with Colombia


Odisha State Boosts Agricultural Spending
India's Govt Calls for End to Antibiotics in Animal Feed
India's Agriculture Minister, FAO Discuss Animal Health Issues
Indian Ministry Announces Plan to Develop Food Map

   European Union

EU Pig Prices Increase in the South


HKScan's Prospects Hit by Russia's Ban on EU Pork, Weak Demand


Higher Mortality of Low-birthweight Piglets in Danish Study


Colombia Reports New Outbreaks of Classical Swine Fever

   Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Reports 26,000 Pigs Deaths from PED


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Biomin - Mycotoxins
Novartis Animal Health - Ileitis Guide
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Livestock Event 2014 - 2nd & 3rd July The NEC, Birmingham, UK
VIV China 2014


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