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Monday 1st September 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor


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Russia, China and Agricultural Trade

Europe's farmers are preparing to face difficult times in the wake of Russia's ban on the import of agricultural products from the EU – including pig meat.

European farming union, Copa-Cogeca, has suggested advanced delivery of direct payments, establishing alternative markets for produce and speeding up promotion campaigns to stimulate extra demand as part of a range of ‘extraordinary measures’, should the market warrant it.

Predicting EU Commission action on fruit and vegetable prices to be inadequate, Copa-Cogeca said prices had begun ‘spiralling out of control’.

This is according to Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen, who outlined Russia’s 10 per cent share of the EU market as being worth €11 billion annually.

Mr Pesonen said: “The ban is hitting many countries across Europe hard. Farmers and agri-cooperatives are already confronted by serious challenges like poor weather and this is the last thing they need. The dispute is not our fault yet its our sector that is being hit the most.”

Farmers' groups from across Europe will gather in Brussels later this to discuss the impacts of the ban and to formulate further action.

In Russia itself, there has been a new report of African swine fever in a wild boar near Smolensk.

Reporting on a recent visit to Russia, Jim Long of Genesus noted: "African Swine Fever can be devastating. We met people who had several thousand pigs affected and had to have them destroyed. They calculate a US$25 million loss. A real risk in pig production Russia, there is insurance to be bought but expensive and varied collection results. African Swine Fever is a real damper on pig production investment in Russia."

Also on the BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China - recent government policy changes in China have the potential to boost US agriculture, particularly the corn and livestock sectors, according to Iowa State University economics and finance professor, Dermot Hayes.

Speaking at Kansas State University’s 2014 Risk and Profit Conference, Professor Hayes said that there is some uncertainty about China's agriculture and its impact on the rest of the world.

However, he said, if China frees its people and urbanisation moves forward, it will need as much as 140 million tons – more than five billion bushels – of corn, which is bigger than the impact ethanol has made on the market.

If China moves to a more free market for its livestock markets, a large proportion of its future needs will be imported, he said.

“The impact of livestock product imports on world markets will not be as severe as the alternative policy of importing grain. Chinese livestock have poor feed conversion efficiency because Chinese consumers have complimentary preferences to consumers in the West,” Professor Hayes added, noting that the Chinese prefer parts of the animal that US consumers do not.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Canadian Swine Industry is Positioned for Success
Speaking at this year's London Swine Conference in March, Kevin Grier of the George Morris Centre in Guelph said that Canadian hog producers can look to the future with a sense of promise.

Analysis of Salmonella Pre-harvest Control Strategies
A panel was concluded it is unlikely that any Salmonella control intervention assessed could be recommended to swine producers as any benefit is likely to be outweighed by the cost, according to Annette O’Connor of Iowa State University in a report for the US National Pork Board.

Risk Factors and Epidemiological Characteristics of New Neonatal Porcine Diarrhoea Syndrome
New research from Denmark reveals that the incidence of New Neonatal Porcine Diarrhoea Syndrome (NNPDS) in young piglets varies between herds and that it was higher in litters from first-parity females than from older sows.

Study Looks at Calcium in Canola Meal as Part of Pig Diet
Phytase does not affect endogenous losses of calcium in diets including canola meal, according to Professor Hans Stein of the University of Illinois, and these losses need to be taken into account when formulating diets for pigs.

Porcine Pleuropneumonia: Importance of a Broad Vaccine Induced Protection
Porcine pleuropneumonia due to Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (Ap) is a highly contagious disease which still remains causing significant losses to the swine industry, writes Roman Krjci, Swine Corporate Technical Manager, Ceva Animal, France.

Planting for Hope Reaps Benefits of Good Harvest and Celebrates New Pigsties
Apollo Saku is a farmer, agricultural academic and project leader for Planting for Hope Uganda, a sustainable wealth-creation programme aimed at empowering rural communities through farming and cooperative schemes.

Company News

Novus Launches Innovative Phytase Enzyme in South Asia
SOUTH ASIA - Novus International hosted an informational enzyme forum to formally introduce its next-generation phytase enzyme, Cibenza Phytaverse, to the South Asia market in Negomba, Sri Lanka from 27 to 29 August.
New Proposed Maximum Levels of Fumonisins in Maize
GLOBAL - The current report of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (FAO) on contaminants in foods includes a new proposal for maximum levels for fumonisins in maize and maize products, according to Biomin.
New Vaccine from BIVI Doubles up Against Salmonella in Pigs
US - Veterinarians and producers now can protect pigs against two of the most virulent types of Salmonella with a single, convenient oral dose administered by the drinking water or oral drench.
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Global Pig Industry News

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Irish Company Patents New DNA Testing Technology
Pig Prices Drop Again in Ireland
Irish Call for Immediate EU Response to Russian Exports Ban


Agribusiness Expert Sees Big Potential in China for US Corn, Livestock Exports
Chinese Farm Produce Prices Rise


Wheat Fungal Disease Impacts Pig Feed
PED Expected to Create Opportunities to Lock in Profits Into Spring 2015
Lower Than Expected PED Losses Drives Drop in Live Hog Prices
Manitoba Moratorium Boosts Interest in Expanding Hog Production in Saskatchewan

   United Kingdom

Pig Industry Biosecurity Seminars Scheduled
Good Progress Made in UK on Pig Disease Preparedness
Increased Supplies, Strong Pound Influence Scottish Pig Price

   European Union

Strong Improvement in Operating Results for ForFarmers
Farmers Issue Support Plea after Russian Ban
EU Pig Prices: Situation Well Balanced and a Positive Mood
Spain and Portugal: Hog Markets

   Cote D'Ivoire

New Outbreak of African Swine Fever Reported in Ivory Coast

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Group Profits Return to Normal
African Swine Fever in Smolensk Region
Pork Commentary: Russian Road Trip - Week 3


Main Institutions of Brazil's Animal Protein Chain Support FIPPPA


Conflict Will Not Leave Ukraine Hungry


Economist: India is Shining Star in BRIC


Swaziland Moves Towards Commercial Farming


Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Detected in Chinese Taipei


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