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Monday 29th September 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor


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PED, Hogs & Pigs and the Importance of Biosecurity

The regular weekly update on the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) situation from the authorities in the United States is not available but the disease has received a good deal of attention in comments on the latest USDA Quarterly Hogs & Pigs report, which was published late last week.

In summary, on 1 September, the US inventory of all hogs and pigs was down two per cent from a year ago, while sow numbers are up two per cent. There were three per cent fewer market hogs than 12 months previously but seven per cent more than last quarter.

The June-August 2014 pig crop too was one per cent lower than 2013. The average pigs saved per litter was 10.16 for the June-August period compared to 10.33 last year.

During a teleconference about the report hosted by the US National Pork Board, industry analyst cast doubt about the very positive prospects in the report. The as-yet unknown effect of PED virus this winter is worrying the industry.

Dr Ron Plain of the University of Missouri pointed out the very optimistic farrowing intentions for the fall and winter in the USDA report. Those numbers – four per cent growth in the fall and three per cent growth in the winter – appear to ignore the threat of PED, he said. However, he thinks the disease will cause fewer losses in the coming months than last year although pig prices are likely to fall.

Daniel Bluntzer, Director of Research for Frontier Risk Management in Texas, said the industry could take two years to get back to pre-PED levels. He expects volatility in prices ahead.

Ontario-based livestock and meat market analyst, Kevin Grier, commented that PED had little impact on the Canadian market, where the focus is on finding alternative destinations for pig meat exports following the Russia ban. He too agreed the US figures seemed optimistic.

Warnings to increase biosecurity measures as cooler seasonal weather approaches in the northern hemisphere were made all the more urgent by an announcements last week of a new outbreak on PED in Manitoba, Canada. This was the third outbreak in the province; it was on a sow farm.

A new research paper from the US proves that the PED virus can be carried in animal feed, which the authors say is the first evidence of this suspicion.

While the virulent form of the PED virus currently circulating in the Americas and Asia presents no imminent threat to the United Kingdom pig industry. However, a threat it is certainly is, as is the African swine fever virus spreading westwards from Russia.

Picking up on the urgency to protect the UK from this disease duet, theBrisiths Pig Executive (BPEX) last week held a workshop for farmers and vets on biosecurity at Flaxton, near York.

All the speakers – veterinarians Susanna Williamson (government animal health agency, AHVLA), Derek Armstrong (representing BPEX), David Chennells and Jake Waddilove – in turn stressed the vital importance of maintaining the highest possible standards of biosecurity throughout the food chain.

The primary aim is to keep these viruses out of the country but if they do appear, then they need to be contained in the area and farm and eliminated as soon as possible from there.

Transparent communication between and among agencies and farmers was seen to be key, based on the experience of a successful effort to eliminate swine dysentery from East Anglia.

Participating through the medium of video from Iowa was swine grower, Harold Lee, who outlined his experiences of a PED outbreak on his farm last year.

His evident distress as his story unfolded should be a lesson to all those in the pig industry to exercise the highest possible vigilance in biosecurity.

We would all do well to learn these painful lessons from someone who has experienced the devastation that these deadly viruses can bring.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Success with Group Housing for Sows
At the 2014 London Swine Conference, Jennifer Brown of the Prairie Swine Centre and Laurie Connor of the University of Manitoba explained the differences in sow management between group and stall housing, and how to prepare for and make the most out of managing sows in groups.

Emerging Threats Quarterly Report – Pig Diseases - April-June 2014
Among the health issues featured in this quarterly report from the Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) are vitamin D toxicity in sows, a rare birth deformity in piglets and an increase in the rate of E. coli diagnosis, as well as an update on swine coronaviruses in North America.

Effects of Pellet Diameter during and after Lactation on Feed Intake of Piglets
A new Dutch study revels that young piglets prefer pellets 10 or 12mm in diameter to the smaller pellets commonly used in commercial practice.

Single Dose of Commercial Anti-gonadotropin Releasing Factor Vaccine Has No Effect on Young Boars
New research concluded that a single does of anti-GnRF vaccine given to 16-week-old boars has no effect on testicular development, sexual behaviour or sperm characteristics.

Pig Meat Sector in Australia
Australian pig meat production increased for a fifth consecutive year in 2013-14, rising by one per cent and a similar growth rate is forecast for the coming year, according to Robert Leith in the ABARES Agricultural Commodities report for the September 2014 quarter.

Company News

Genesus Focuses on Pig Growth
US - Genesus collects information from many sources internally as well as collaborative work with other stakeholder companies and the academia.
Expect More from Hypor's Pioneering Work on Genotyping
THE NETHERLANDS - The QuickSNP chip enables more accurate and faster selection of the best breeding pigs by analysing more than 100 genetic markers, according to Abe Huisman, Director of R&D at Hypor.
Mycotoxins a Hot Topic at the Upcoming World Nutrition Forum 2014
GERMANY - An expert panel session at Biomin's World Nutrition Forum will set the tone for emerging issues and critical research in the development of novel strategies to manage the worldwide mycotoxin menace.
Biomin's FUMzyme® Receives EU Positive Vote for Authorisation
EU - FUMzyme® from the well-established Mycofix® product line of Biomin is slated to become the first-ever purified enzyme authorised by the EU as substances with proven mycotoxin-counteracting properties.
JSR Farming Conference Hailed as the Best in 25 Years
UK - After 25 successful years, the final annual JSR Farming Conference took place in York on Tuesday 16 September, with JSR Chairman, Tim Rymer, hailing it as the best since the event began.
Novus International Launches Web Site for Latin American Customers
LATIN AMERICA - Novus International has launched three new versions of its global web site for customers in Latin America.
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