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ThePigSite Newsletter - 13 October 2014

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Monday 13th October 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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PED in Feed, Manure and in the News

At the risk of boring you to death over Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED), it has been an interesting week for news of this threat – and that other familiar disease, African Swine Fever (ASF).

Starting with positive news, there is as yet no sign of an increase in PED outbreaks in the United States. The number of swine accessions positive for the PED virus now stands at 8,560 – 53 more than the previous week – but the count is moving upwards only slowly. In all, 31 states have reported one or more cases; Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois are the most affected states.

The pig industry in Canada – also affected last winter – is taking every precaution to prevent a recurrence of PED in the coming months. Alberta Pork recently held a teleconference, at which there was a strong emphasis on tightening up biosecurity generally and on the proper management and handling of manure.

PED continues to affect countries outside North America, as new cases have been reported recently in Japan and in Colombia, the disease was blamed for a spike in pigs slaughtered in April this year.

The role of feed in the transmission of the PED virus has been contentious since the first outbreaks in Canada. Last month, there appeared to be clear evidence that the virus could be transmitted in feed, while the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) last week announced that pig blood products such as dried plasma are not a likely source of the PED virus.

Of course, it is feasible that both of these statements are correct; dried plasma may be a safe feed ingredient but feed could become contaminated with the PED virus at any point from feed mill to feed trough, which takes us back to the vital importance of effective biosecurity.

A new study in the US shows that an already-approved liquid antimicrobial can reduce the risk of PED infection through contaminated feed.

Turning to news of African Swine Fever, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has joined with two African organisations to develop a regional strategy for the control of African swine fever (ASF) for the continent.

New cases have been reported in the last week in wild boar in Estonia and Russia, while vets in Germany are tightening their resolve to keep the ASF virus out of their country.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Infection with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus
A new Technical Factsheet from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) describes the aetiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and control of porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED).

What Should I Look for When Choosing Sows and Gilts That Will Be Kept Outdoors?
Desirable genetic traits for pastured hogs are very different than those for confinement operations, explains the US National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA).

Short Term Outlook for EU Pig Meat Market 2014-2015
There are the first signs of a production increase after two years of reduced pig meat supply, according to the 'Short Term Outlook for EU arable crops, dairy and meat markets in 2014 and 2015' from the European Commission.

Feeding the Sow: Comparison of Gestational and Lactation Programmes
Paul H. Luimes of the University of Guelph described his work comparing two feeding programmes during pregnancy and three during lactation on sow health and productivity over three parities to the 2014 London Swine Conference.

Surveillance for PRRS Virus, PCV2 and Influenza A Viruses among Smallholder Swine Farms in Viet Nam
Virological and serological analyses confirm endemic co-circulation of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and influenza A virus (IAV) within one province in south Viet Nam. The researchers there also found oral-fluids collection shows promise for future field research on respiratory porcine viruses.

Risk Factors Associated with Leg Disorders of Gestating Sows in Group-housing Systems in France
Factors identified in a French study to raise the risk of lameness in sows were a concrete slatted floor, housing in large groups, dirty floors, a high ammonia concentration, severely restricted feeding and a high number of sows per stockman.

Company News

Novus CEO Sums up Sustainability
US - Francois Fraudeau, President and CEO of Novus International, talks about the company's latest sustainability report.
New Aspects of the Impact of Fumonisin on Pig Health
GLOBAL - Results from the latest Biomin Mycotoxin Survey 2014 (January–September) confirm that fumonisins are globally most common in corn (maize).
Profit Growth by PIC Helps Genus Annual Results
GLOBAL - PIC's parent, Genus, has published its annual report for 2014, with the acquisition and successful integration of Génétiporc hleping to strengthen PIC leadership as one of the business highlights of the year.
Novus International Releases Sixth Annual Sustainability Report
US - Novus International, Inc. has released its 2013 Sustainability Report, which documents and measures the company’s comprehensive social, environmental and economic sustainability programme.
Robertson Leads Newly Created Ceva Swine Division
US - Gary Robertson has joined Ceva Animal Health as Director of the newly formed swine business unit.
New Producer How-To Guide for Sow Group Housing
US – As the global industry moves to a sow open housing system, Hog Slat reveals new information about the types of group housing available in an effort to assist producers who are implementing this change in their operation.
Ceva Santé Animale Reinforces Its Production Capacity
FRANCE - Ceva Santé Animale has invested €18 million in renovating and extending its sterile products plant in Libourne. The new industrial facility was inaugurated on 3 October and will increase injectable drug production capacity.
Market Reports

USDA GAIN: Russia Livestock and Products Annual 2014
BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 10 October 2014
USDA WASDE - 10 October 2014
GB Animal Feed Statistical Notice - August 2014
AHDB Pig Market Weekly - 9 October 2014
BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin 3 October 2014

Global Pig Industry News

   United States

PED-Positive Farm Samples in US: 8,560
CME: Currency Exchange Rates Can Affect Meat Supplies, Prices
Antimicrobial Reduces Risk of PED Virus Infection in Young Pigs
US Pig Farm Samples Positive for Porcine Delta Corona Virus: 393
US Poultry Exports to Taiwan Increase Due to High Pork Prices
‘Bearish’ Report Results in Minor Changes in Forecasts, Lean Hog Futures
Increase in US Meat Export Value Despite Decrease in Volumes
Upcoming Meeting on Animal Welfare at End of Life
CME: Decline in US Exports of Fresh/Frozen and Processed Pork
New Report on Antibiotic Use in US Livestock
Quarterly Earnings Down for Cargill
Report Projects Positive Outlook for Pork Producers and Consumers
CME: Hog Slaughter on the Rise

   United Kingdom

AHVLA Reports Neonatal Pig Deaths from Klebsiella in July 2014
Positive Results with Oral Fluid Sampling for Pigs
UK to Create Centre of Excellence for Pigs and Poultry
New Members Appointed to UK Agriculture Board
Fund Announced for Upcoming Bioscientists in UK
Soil Management Added to BPEX Pig App
Cranswick's Half-year Results in Line with Expectations
UK Moves from Deadweight Average to Standard Pig Price
NFU Prepares for the Next Generation of British Farmers
Launch of UK Animal and Plant Health Agency


Workshop Held for Southeast Asia Animal
Feed Professionals


Regional Strategy to Control of African Swine Fever in Africa
Feed is Not Source of PED Infection, Says OIE


Antimicrobial Use in Danish Pigs Continues to Increase


Warning of Fusarium Head Blight Infection in Canadian Wheat
Importance of Open Trade Highlighted at Tri-National Meeting
Foreign Employee Policy to Limit Added Value for Canada's Meat Processors
Wet Weather Impacts Feed Quality
PED: Managing the Risks of Manure Movement
PED: Watch That Biosecurity!
New Hog Movement Reporting Requirements in Canada
Crop Yield Up, Crop Quality Down
Risks Associated with Feral Wild Boar


Higher Pig Slaughtering in Central Colombia Blamed on PED

   Russian Federation

Three New Outbreaks of African Swine Fever Confirmed in Russia


German Vets Tighten Resolve to Keep out African
Swine Fever

   European Union

Prospects in EU Arable Crop, Meat and Dairy Markets Mixed
Which Antibiotics Are Used in Animals in Europe and Why?
EU Pig Prices: Downswing Continues
Next Era Probiotic Solutions on Show at EuroTier


Intermarché Takes over GAD Pig Slaughterhouse


Chinese Farm Produce Prices Rise


Zagreb Symposium to Address Food Animal Welfare around Slaughter

   Viet Nam

One Week Until VietStock Expo


Heavy Metals May Contribute to Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria


African Swine Fever Detected in Wild Boar in Estonia


Japan's Pig Industry Troubled by PED Again


New Charter of Farmer Rights - A Substantial Improvement


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Biomin - Mycotoxins
5m Farm Supplies
VIV Europe Digital 2014
EuroTier 2014
VIV Asia 2015


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PIC - Never Stop Improving
Circovac - Vaccines against PCV2 and PMWS.
Call-Inn - The Best Invention Since Pig Equipment
Novus International - Performance Unleashed
Circumvent® PCV-M G2


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