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ThePigSite Newsletter - 07 April 2015

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Tuesday 7th April 2015.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor




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US Tackles Antibiotic Use; More Firms Opt for 'Stalls-Free' Pork

Smarter and more judicious use of antibiotics as well as a 'One Health' approach to disease surveillance will help to slow the emergence of resistant bacteria.

These are two of the main targets for tackling antibiotic resistance in the United States over the next five years, as laid out recently in the 'National Action Plan for Combatting Antibiotic Bacteria'.

The policy recommendations follow a reports from the US President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST).

Over the next year, the US is expected to double the amount of funding for combating and preventing antibiotic resistance to more than $1.2 billion.

The secretaries for Health, Agriculture and Defense added that because antibiotic resistance is a global problem, it requires global solutions and so the US will engage with foreign ministries and institutions to strengthen national and international capacities to reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance.

In Norway, two pig herds in Nordland are suspected of harbouring livestock-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA).

The move to rearing pigs in large, indoor groups occurred at the same time as the emergence of bacterial meningitis, a disease affecting both pigs and humans, new research shows.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK have examined the evolution of Streptococcus suis bacteria since the 1920s, and made the link between the emergence of a group of strains causing meningitis in pigs and the human with the introduction of indoor rearing of pigs in larger groups for meat production.

In other news, two companies have announced they will be using pig meat from "crate-free" sources in future – Dunkin' Donuts and the Hilton hotel chain.

In news of porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED), new outbreaks continue to be reported in the US. Although the rate of new cases is slowing down, a professor at Purdue University has said the virus remains "a significant threat" while the National Pork Producers Council's veterinarian has warned producers not to drop their guard.

New outbreaks of African swine fever have been reported in the last week in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

And last but not least, we would like to welcome Nutriad to ThePigSite. To find out more about the company and its feed additive products, click here.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Swine Influenza: Unexpected Pattern of Infection in a Nursery
Swine influenza hit the nursery unit studied by University of Guelph researchers in a series of waves, Juliana Bonin Ferreira reported to the Centralia Swine Research Update 2015.

Impact of Various Parity Groupings on Welfare and Productivity in ESF Housing
In a large herd with group housing and electronic sow feeding (ESF), there were significant benefits when younger sows (parities 1 and 2) were housed separately rather than mixing them with older sows, according to a report by Y.M. Seddon, F.C. Rioja-Lang and J.A. Brown in the Prairie Swine Centre Annual Report 2013-14.

Carcass Quality and Uniformity of Heavy Pigs Fed Diets with Reductions in Crude Protein and Amino Acids
Research from Italy on the dietary protein supply for heavy finishers reveals that lowering the protein content does not impair carcass quality.

How to Troubleshoot Water Delivery Systems
Tip on the maintenance of drinking systems for pigs from Tom Guthrie of Michigan State University Extension in the 'How-To' series from Pork Information Gateway.

Sow and Litter Factors Influencing Colostrum Yield and Nutritional Composition
Colostrum yield and fat percentage were found in this experiment in Belgium to be affected by gestation length, litter size, genetics and sow parity.

Company News

VIV Asia 2015: Business Centre for the Whole Region
THAILAND - Animal protein business leaders from every single Asian country came together at the latest VIV Asia held in Bangkok in March 2015, according to independently verified data now available for the global trade fair.
Keeping Your Herd Protected
US - There was a decline in cases of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) virus this past winter but producers should not let their guard down, says Harrisvaccines.
Feeding Trial Outcome with Hypor Magnus
US - The versatility of Hypor's Magnus was confirmed in a recent feeding trial, the company reports.
MSD Animal Health Launches Vaccine in Europe to Protect Piglets from Two Prevalent Respiratory Infections
EUROPE - MSD Animal Health has introduced PORCILIS PCV M Hyo, the first ready-to-use single-injection combination vaccine in Europe that protects piglets against both Porcine Circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections during the finishing period.
BIVI Awards Further Grants for PED Data Sharing Programmes
US - For the second year, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI), has awarded US$50,000 in Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) research grants.
High-quality Antioxidant Improves Pig Growth, Meat Quality
US - New research shows supplementing pig diets with a high-quality antioxidant optimises growth and meat quality, reports Novus.
Novus International Hosts Latin America Key Opinion Leaders
GLOBAL - Last month, nearly 40 poultry industry professionals gathered to discuss the latest technologies in enzymes at a Novus Forum in St. Charles, Missouri.
New Biomin Web Site Now Available in Russian, Slovak
GLOBAL - Biomin has now launched a Russian and Slovak version of its new corporate web site.
Market Reports

AHDB BPEX Pig Market Weekly - 2 April 2015
Irish CSO Reports - Livestock Survey December 2014
USDA Agricultural Prices - 31 March 2015
BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 31 March 2015

Global Pig Industry News

   European Union

EU Pork Prices to Remain Subdued in 2015
EU Pig Prices: Markets in Balance – Steady
Prices Anticipated

New EU Meat Labelling Rules in Force from 1 April 2015

   United Kingdom

Farmers Union of Wales Unveils Election Priorities
How Far Can Big Discount Supermarkets Expand?
Warming Climate Mainly Beneficial for UK Farming
Disease Jumped from Pigs to Humans with Rearing Changes
How to Make Sure You Slapmark Your Pigs Correctly, Clearly
NOAH Calls for Evidence-based Decisions on Future Legislation

   United States

Tailoring Sow Diet Could Lead to Improved Piglet Health
Purdue Webinar to Provide Latest PEDv Information
CME: Port Dispute Partly to Blame for Poor US Meat Exports
February US Pork Exports Better, Still Lag 2014
Hog Outlook: Hog Slaughter to Stay Well Above Year-
Ago Level

Dunkin' Donuts Moves to Gestation Crate-Free Pork
Update on Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease in US
USDA Report Prompted Higher Hog Prices
CME: Is the Hog Situation This Fall Tight Enough to Cause Trouble?
US Plan to Combat and Prevent Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Lean Hogs Futures React to Report as Expected
CME: USDA Hogs Report Supportive for Deferred Futures
NFU Call for Hold on COOL Talks Until WTO Ruling
Pork Commentary: US Price Expectations


More African Swine Fever in Poland


Hilton Commits to Stall-free Pork
World Health Day: Can 'FoodKeeper' Application Reduce Waste?
Asian Demand for Meat Drives Animal Feed Innovation
Time-out on Trade Talks, Global Negotiations Stall
Further Outbreaks of ASF in Russia and Lithuania
WTO Sets Up Disputes Panel over Russian EU Trade Tariffs


Swiss Must Knock Down Trade Barriers, Says Report


OIE Joins World Health Day Celebrations


PEDv Vaccine Released in China


Canadian Pig Nutrition Requirements Ignore New Technology
New Humane Society to Protect Animals in Saskatchewan


Survey of Indonesian Pig Farmers Reveals Need for Training


Classical Swine Fever Reported in Latvia
Further ASF Outbreaks in Latvia Reported

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Buys Pork Complex in Lipetsk


India Changes Import Requirements for Pork, Pork Products


Further LA-MRSA Suspected in Norway


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
5m Farm Supplies
Antimicrobial Resistance
Biomin - Surveying the Global Mycotoxin Threat


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Harris Vaccines - Re Think Animal Health
Biomin - Naturally Ahead
PIC - Never Stop Improving

Hog Slat - Grower Select
Circovac - Vaccines against PCV2 and PMWS.
Enterisol Ileitis - The oral vaccine against ileitis


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Genesus - The first power in genetics
Nutriad - We Know Pigs
ECO Animal Health
AB Vista Feed Ingredients - integrated supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for animal feeds
Hypor - The world's local breeder
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