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Monday 13th April 2015.
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor



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Weekly Overview: Global Focus on Food Safety

World Health Day last week had as its theme Food Safety – which is inseparable from strong and efficient animal health systems, says the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

At the launch of World Health Day 2015, the three standard-setting international organisations on food safety, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) met atthe Rungis international market near Paris, France. They were joined by the country's Minister of Agriculture and representatives from the private sector, from the Ministry of Health and from the French agency responsible for food safety.

With the advent of globalisation and growing demand for food, ensuring the safety of food products is a key challenge for all countries in the world, they stressed.

The officials attending the launch saw at first hand how the French veterinary services take care of food safety along the whole food chain.

OIE head, Dr Vallat, said: "The existence of well-trained veterinary services, supported by governance structures, legislation and adequate human and financial resources is a pre-requisite to guaranteeing the security of food of animal origin."

A new survey in the United Kingdom reveals the level of consumer confidence when buying meat and the roles played by quality assurance schemes and provenance in that trust.

When asked in the BPEX survey to rate a range of food outlets in terms of their levels of trust in the meat they supply, 92 per cent of respondents said they trusted independent butchers either "a lot" or "a fair amount". Supermarkets were second with 69 per cent and fast-food outlets were least trusted.

Two-thirds of meat buyers agreed it was important they know where the meat they buy comes from and Red Tractor was the label most used by consumers to provide reassurance about country of origin and quality.

In Viet Nam, market pig numbers and the demand for pork just before Tet (the New Year Festival) were higher than first estimated, reports Genesus, and there was an adequate supply of pork for the holidays.

Another report from Genesus explains the chaos in the pork industry in Ontario, Canada, as the result of a strike at a pig slaughterhouse.

Also new this week is a report from VIV Asia in Bangkok last month.

On news of porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED), the number of pig farm samples in the US that were confirmed positive for the virus in the most recent week was 48.

Latvia, Lithuania and Poland has reported new outbreaks of African swine fever in the last week – all in wild boar. In Spain, new research has demonstrated the feasibility of designing a safe and efficient vaccine against the virus in the near future.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Chinese Danbred Unit Exceeds 30 Pigs Weaned Per Sow Per Year
At the Danbred International Seminar at VIV Asia 2015, Jørgen Lindberg of Danbred explained how more than 30 pigs per sow and year are achieved at their farm in China using a successful combination of Danish and Chinese appreoaches to pig management. Stuart Lumb reports for ThePigSite.

An Investigation of Iron Deficiency and Anaemia in Piglets
Delegates at the Centralia Swine Research Update 2015 heard from A. Kubik from the Univeristy of Guelph that today's large and fast-growing pigs are often iron-deficient and possibly anaemic at weaning and this could be adversely impacting post-weaning performance.

Dietary Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio Impacts Nursery Pigs
Altering the omega-6 (n-6) to omega-3 (n-3) ratio, not the absolute intake amount, improved nursery pig performance and protein deposition in two experiments at the Prairie Swine Research Centre, reported in its Annual Research Report 2013-14.

Role of Dietary Fibre in Diets for Growing and Finishing Pigs
A review of current research by the University of Minnesota Swine Nutrition Group on the impact of dietary fibre in diets for growing and finishing pigs by the University's Pedro Urriola, Zhimin Huang and Gerald Shurson.

Inactivated Vaccine Made from a US Field Isolate of PED Virus is Immunogenic in Pigs
The results of this US study demonstrate the immunogenicity of the porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDV) inactivated viral vaccines with a US strain.

Effect of Short or Standard Periods of Oestrus Suppression on Oestrus Synchronisation and Fertility in Gilts
A shorter-than-normal period (for 10 to 12 days) of progestagen-induced oestrus suppression followed by exogenous prostaglandin-induced luteolysis resulted in fertility comparable to that of gilts suppressed for the more usual 14 or 18 days, according to a new study in Italy.

Effect of Feeding Ractopamine Hydrochloride on Growth Performance and Responses to Handling and Transport in Heavy Pigs
This experiment from the US confirms that ractopamine improves the performance of pigs and that aggressive handling can have negative effects on their physical, metabolic and physiological responses. The highest dose rate led to a higher incidence of non-ambulatory, uninjured pigs after transport.

Company News

Feed System Checklist for Hog Buildings
Most producers have a checklist for basic equipment repairs between groups to prevent costly and time-consuming problems later, writes Hog Slat's Scott Bauck.
Viet Nam Hog Markets
VIET NAM - The market pig numbers and the demand for pork just before TET (the New Year Festival) were higher than first estimated. There was an adequate supply of pork for the holidays, write Ron Lane, Business Director for Asia Pacific and Meggie Vo, Genesus Marketing Representative in Viet Nam.
Osborne Acquires International Electrical Safety Certifications for the Stanfield Pig Heating Pad
GLOBAL - Osborne Industries Inc. has been awarded international electrical safety certifications on the Stanfield® Heat Pad, the company’s electric heating pad for baby pigs.
Nutriad Continues Sales Team Expansion in Europe
SPAIN & PORTUGAL - Nutriad has appointed Antonio Vila as Key Account Manager for Western Spain and Portugal.
Hypor GGP Breeders Sent to Taiwan, Philippines, Sri Lanka
ASIA - Hypor has recently sent three groups of breeding pigs to Asia - to the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.
Enzyme Characteristics Critical When Choosing a Superdosing Phytase
UK - Enzyme characteristics are critical when choosing a superdosing phytase, says AB Vista.
Canada Hog Markets
CANADA - Last commentary I wrote about how 2014 was truly the “Year of the Pig Farmer” and one for the record books with an unprecedented $60 margin average for farrow to finish on the year, writes Bob Fraser – Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario.
Market Reports

BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 13 April 2015
AHDB BPEX Pig Market Weekly 10 April 2015
USDA WASDE - April 2015
GB Animal Feed Statistical Notice - February 2015
BPEX Weekly Export Bulletin - 8 April 2015
BPEX UK Pig Meat Market Update - April 2015

Global Pig Industry News


Final Steps in Nutreco Take-over Go Ahead

   United States

CME: Pork Prices Are Down this Year
Hog Outlook: Prices, Exports Down on the Year
US Expands Pork Trade with Mexico and Peru
Update on Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease in US
CME: Brief Rally in Hog Futures Stalled
Refinancing, New Investment for Smithfield Foods
Search Begins for America's Pig Farmer of the Year
US Meat Exports Start Recovery from Port Strikes
National Pork Board Embraces Steps to Curb Antibiotic Resistance


German Survey Shows Salmonella Falling But No Drop in Campylobacter


LA-MRSA Confirmed in Further Norwegian Swine Herds


Quarterly Earnings Increase for Cargill
WH Group Sees Profits
Food Safety at Heart of World Health Day
FAO Food Price Index Drops Further in March 2015


Michael McCain to Address Manitoba Pork AGM
Public Enjoy Royal Manitoba Winter Fair Pig Exhibit
Researchers Strive to Improve Rations for Newly Weaned Piglets
Strong Working Relationships Needed to Address Challenges
Suspected PEDv Outbreak in Saskatchewan Highlights Biosecurity Importance
Soap Use Encouraged to Keep Canadian Farms PED-Free
Canadian Pork Industry Continues to Face New Challenges
Canada Livestock Manure Application Begins Early
Lower Live Hog Prices Slow North American Herd Expansion


Spanish Researchers Paving the Way for African Swine Fever Vaccine


Chile Develops Vaccine to End Surgical Castration of Pigs


More African Swine Fever Detected in Poland


Brazilian Pig Sector Fell in March 2015
Santa Catarina State Looks to Export Pork to the EU


Belarus Considers Buying Russian Pork


How to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Asian Pig Production
VIV Asia Reflected Growth of Livestock Farming in Asia


Still Time to Register for European Pig Health Meeting


Breeding Programme to Use Pen Mate Genomics to Improve Pig Behaviour
Shoulder Ulcers Affect Sow Maternal Behaviour
Tail Docking Changes Nerves in Pig Tails

   New Zealand

NZ$7.8m Allocated for Sustainable Farming Projects


More African Swine Fever in Lithuania


More African Swine Fever Reported in Latvia

   United Kingdom

Meat Buyers Trust Butchers More Than Supermarkets


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